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Page 20: Mac’s Blood

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I’m at Comic-Con now, but look, another page!


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166 Responses to “Page 20: Mac’s Blood”

  1. Snw Says:

    Omg been waiting for a new page!!

  2. Snw Says:

    YAY a new page !!!!

  3. khaotic Says:


  4. Diego Nei Says:

    Don’t keep us waits this long… the withdraw side effects are… unpleasant… :P

  5. MarauderDeuce Says:

    About bloody time! In terms of pure story I’m as keen about this one as almost any I’m reading online! And I’m ready many of them.

  6. Alan Says:

    Hey! Awesome!

    And do you always go to comic-con? Like you get a booth?

  7. Lanna Says:

    Finally! What’s it been, two months?
    Whatever, I’m just happy there’s an update. :D

  8. Bothic Says:

    ’bout bloody time

  9. The Fett man Says:

    This is a very well drawn and written page, it raises a few very interesting questions, was Mac genuinely shot or has he beeen infected? More importantly could this be Grady’s last stand? I certainly hope the answer to both is “no”

  10. Bobbles Says:

    wow, thank you for updating!

  11. Cicero Says:

    Heck yeah, baby! New page! Worth the wait.

    I am surprised, though, that Mac got shot. I figured he’s so awesome the bullets would just bounce off. They probably would have done so if they had been fired by an ordinary human.

    Hey, if the girl vampire drinks Mac’s blood, will she turn back into a human? You know, cause he’s so awesome.


  12. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    From the placing of the rounds in the last page, i think it’s highly likely that Mac really DID get shot by accident,probably just a flesh wound. With that CRAZY axe of his there’s a good chance he’ll escape free and clear, not so sure about Grady though…………..

  13. lecter_fan Says:

    “Did they bite you?”
    “YOU shot me _________________” (add your favorite curse or bad word here), hahaha.

    Amaaaazing page! keep them coming, please!

  14. Keenan McKintyre Darcy Says:

    i remember first hearing about last blood, i thought it was a eastern or asain comic. i was a little odded out about it being western but pleased. i enjoyed it and am glad we got a new page. thank you bobby.

  15. ahcrin Says:

    the end …… it looks like it anyway ….no more taxes … but death still waits/…/ runs swiftly .. …

  16. Chris Says:

    sweet new page. very cool and action packed. I find the sketchier zombies in the second to last panel seem to give a much more scary auro than the more detailed ones previously shown. interesting new style.

  17. ThatGuy Says:

    Woah! An update!!! Hopefully we’ll be able to continue without too many hiatuses now?

  18. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    And if we’re lucky and we behave……..we MIGHT just get to find out what happens to Mac before the end of the year!!!

  19. Jerusalem Says:

    Nice. Love the comic, wish you’d update it more often. :) I also wonder how the movie is coming along.

  20. Tessa Says:

    Huzzah, new page! So, now that “Dreamless” has been (beautifully) wrapped up, does this mean we’ll see more frequent Last Blood updates? ;)

  21. Amy B Says:

    Yay! An update. It was well worth the wait. I hope we see a lot more updates in the near future.

  22. Amy B Says:

    I went back to page 18. I saw a zombie coming at Mac’s back, but no blood splatter from a gunshot.

  23. Dave Says:

    Heh…what can I say that hasn’t already been said. Thanks for the update. Hope there’s more coming!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    AWESOME!!! Can not wait for new pages. Best web comic in my opinion.

  25. Temeriki Says:

    If you look back a few pages you see Mac about to get bit on his arm, then u never really get a good look at his arm until now. Just sayin.

  26. Keenan McKintyre Darcy Says:

    @Amy B it could be either the blood of the zombie is so mested up there is no splatter, or something stuff like that. also it could be the bullet didnt go throw all the way, which i doubt. i asume it was just neglected, but lets keep that to ourselves.

  27. charles Says:

    It wasn’t until page 19 that Sullivan started shooting, and then Mac turned away in the next panel so we couldn’t see his arm. I’m a little worried about the possibility that a bullet hit the zombie behind him and then passed on to hit his shoulder and poison him but it seems a bit far fetched. If he is poisoned, I’m sure the other Vamps will smell his blood changing soon enough. Heck that vampire “cure” of Payne’s might even work on him if he takes it before changing.

    Again, I think he probably hasn’t been poisoned/bitten. It might work to their advantage if the vamps are more attracted to someone who’s bleeding since it’d be a hell of alot easier for the vamp and Sullivan to defend Mac than the entire group of humans. I wonder how far away Sullivan’s zombies are.

    For that matter I wonder if Matheson is going to be alright on his own now that sullivan’s left him. I guess Murdo and another Vamp were headed towards him and Matheson can no-doubt handle himself fairly well.


  28. dirty k Says:

    @Amy B
    I saw that, too, but that zombie gets shot on page 19. Although, there’s also a zombie who’s not getting shot at but I think it looks like Mac’s axe is going right through his head…
    let’s just hope Mac says the truth :3 can’t wait for a new page.
    awesome work, dude, keep it up :)

  29. Juan Navarro Says:

    But its a hell of a cliff hanger!

  30. Amy B Says:

    @dirty k
    Mac? Lie? What a thing to say! :P

    I hope so too. I really really like Mac. He’s probably my favorite human.

  31. J.L Says:

    HOLY CRAP!. just read this whole thing, like from start to finish in two days, laughin at people who sed they have to wait coz they read it when it first started, now i have to wait :@ this is by far the best comic i have ever read, which tbh isnt a lot but still, AMAZING. The art is great and cant wait to see more, does anyone now how long we have to wait because i think im addicted. cant wait for the movie xD

  32. Anonymous Says:

    man we waited this long to get a new page? the arts not even as good as usual. IMO they need to stop working on so many different projects and just pick 1 and finish the damn thing -_-

  33. Batbreakr Says:

    This is clearly one of if not the best and most awesome web-novel I have ever read…. It is no mere web-comic. I have several web-comics i am addicted to, and this is so far above them it surpasses them entirely. Now onto pressing matters… The wound on Mac’s arm is that caused by a bullet going completely through, and clearly just a flesh wound… he is far too awesome for it to slow him down. So at present, no danger for Mac turning……..Grady is the one to worry about, and he is pretty good on his own… so it is probably not going to be his last stand. I really hope this gets updated soon, as in yesterday at noon…..

  34. Gijett Says:

    AWESOME comic, I must say. Just read all of it in one go when I found it…. Has anyone else noticed that Grady (thats the name of the guy in the second last panel, right?) looks alot like Bill from L4D? Seriously, looks so much like him!

  35. drlaza Says:

    This is the most fascinating and enjoyable webcomic i have ever seen. Cant wait to see more of it

  36. dave Says:

    when will the next page come out?

  37. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    I hate to say this after the glowing reviews posted by every body after Juan Navarro but……………………….you have a long wait my friends. Last Blood sometimes updates only three to four times per YEAR. Mr Crosby is apparently a very busy man and does not often have the time to indulge his myriad fans. Hopefully we should see an update sometime before Christmas or early next year. Till then there are other webnovels and comics to satiate our hunger………………………………….

  38. Sharxz Says:

    holy crap! an update!

  39. Sharxz Says:

    and, i gotta agree with the st laurent dude.

  40. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    Merci, Monsieur Sharxz… your agreement is most welcome

  41. Metaldude Says:

    And here we see the ever elusive Last Blood update. This is a very rare creature, not often seen on the internets. Sightings have been few and far between, so each one should be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest.

  42. SinomeRae Says:

    MORE! We cry for more!

  43. Uncle Matt Says:

    …I swear he keeps us waiting out of sadistic glee. OK, I don’t really believe that but, I HATE cliff hangers!!!

  44. Gryffon Says:

    ***sigh*** Another cool webcomic that rarely gets updated. ;( Started reading webcomics a couple months ago and in that time have stumbled across many, only a few have I liked, this being one, but half of the ones I like rarely update. ;( Zed Reckoning and Lackadaisy are 2 such. Zed I think is dead in the water and Lackadaisy seems to update twice a year.

    Oh well, I’ll just check in once in awhile in hopes for the next scene, luv the comic.

  45. Narfen Says:

    I swear, if Mr. Norris was to make it in a new film, he would be doing it as Mac in this.

  46. SteewpidZombie Says:

    This comic is AWESOME. I’ve read every single page up until now, in about 1 hour. THANK GOD I stumbled upon this flowing sea of Epic zombie goodness.

  47. Diceman Says:

    This is only getting more awesome.

    Also, what’s happening to the movie? It just kinda seemed to stop :/

  48. The L Says:

    I doubt Mac got infected from a bullet. Mythbuster’s proved that liquids like sperm and blood can’t be transferred via bullets.

    Though, blood from random zombie gore getting in the wound….

  49. Smile. Says:

    Love the comic, gotta ask though how scary are your nightmares? This seems like a living nightmare to me, so I’d love to hear about what scares you at night! Keep up with the good stuff!

  50. wew Says:

    Awesome! hope updates will come faster.. it’s slowing down..

  51. Derrik Says:


  52. Uncle Matt Says:

    Seriously, who do I have to shag to get the next page to this story?

  53. Zombie lover Says:

    Epic comic! Going to buy it! Can’t wait for the update!! DX

  54. Kevin Says:

    wow i never really read comics but this is good! i can’t wait for the movie! i’m so buying the first volume

  55. Rebecca Vaughn Says:

    I love this comic I just read, and caught up on the comic. I hope that Mac makes it out of this along with Rex, and the kids, and Math along with April.

  56. Ingo Says:

    Whoa. New page.. every few months?
    I hope there’ll be another page this year. -_-;

  57. phenix Says:

    wow great comic hope to see more some day. I read a lot of web comics and this has some great art, and a new twist on a overly popular story device is nice to see

  58. Gryffon Says:

    Hmmm it says a new page every Saturday at the top. Missed a few Saturdays me thinks. Gots ta cut back on those Friday night parties. :p

  59. shauno Says:

    man put some stuff

  60. Dave Says:

    Seriously, I think this is the greatest webcomic out there, but this is ridiculous!!

    Can we maybe get it to a Page a month? Maybe??!! Please???!!!!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    were is the new comic



  63. Uncle Matt Says:

    Seriously you guys.

    You guys.


  64. Jan Says:

    i started to read 2 hours ago.
    and i was like WTF when i read the date of this page.
    one page a year or what?

  65. Eltharrion Says:

    People, serious.
    Yes, it is an awsome series.
    And yes, we all want to read it as much as possible.
    And we want to know who dies in the next 2 pages.
    But it’s still a free comic. So, shouldn’t you guys just give the people out there a break? Every writer/drawer/singer knows what a “writer’s bock” is.

    …Then again, half a year IS quite long time. But eh, let’s just hope the next page is double.

  66. Blackjack Says:

    Just read entire comic from start to finish. Noticed a few things. 1 when will we see April again? 2 while this page was put up in July, it is now December.
    3 this seems to be the same sort of situation as with marry me wch I have been reading for a long time. 4 if you kill Mac then I will kill you.

  67. xitsxsandx Says:

    Ookayy I literally read this whole comic in about 4 hours…I’m addicted and come to this page and find out that its the last one…. :( not coool! I need some more of this crosby comon!!! !:O

  68. Bobby Crosby Says:

    About a week after this page went up “Last Blood” was optioned (again) and I recently finished the screenplay for it. I’m fairly happy with it. Decent chance of the film going into production somewhat soon. More details later. No clue when the next comic page will go up. Thanks for your patience.

  69. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    Hope you get some decent actors for it & some cutting edge C.G.I, none of that Twilight sparkly fuzzy shit, even at my age that’s sickening, also…just stick to the plot line of the comic & you should have a great movie on your hands………..

  70. Lovely lemon Says:

    Great news, Bobby! If I ever see a commercial for a last blood film I’d probably crap my pants. Good luck!

  71. Bobby Crosby Says:

    The comic’s garbage. The movie will be totally different.

  72. Blake Says:

    You’re joking … right?

  73. omgwtfpirates Says:

    I just read through the archives in a few hours, and I can honestly say I think this is a very well written story, and the drawings are amazing. I am very much looking forward to seeing the movie.

  74. Same Crap Says:

    Same ol Bobby. Still not keeping regular updates?!? Still not giving two shits about the readers of this comic at all? I wish I could find the quote of Bobby saying he’s only making money off of all the readers who come here to check for a new update and find nothing, and hes perfectly happy with it like that, stringing people along.

    Seriously Bobby. All your comics end up like this. Amazing story, great start, and suddenly you get bored or you decided to drop the entire project altogether. Seriously. WHAT the fuck is wrong with you? I seriously hope your movie doesn’t get greenlighted, because with your track record, it won’t make it past Post-Production

  75. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “I wish I could find the quote of Bobby saying he’s only making money off of all the readers who come here to check for a new update and find nothing, and hes perfectly happy with it like that, stringing people along.”

    LOL. The same quote (which I’ve said many times) first and most importantly says that these extra pages past the end of the graphic novel are done as bonus treats for the fans. When starting “Last Blood” and “Marry Me,” there were no plans for sequels. As I’ve said many times, the only purpose of these graphic novels is to help with movie deals and once the “first” book is done, the FILM’S STORY, nothing more can help with that. But because of high demand, we make some more comics every once in a while. Obviously it doesn’t hurt that that SLIGHTLY helps to keep some people coming back to the site for a tiny amount of more ad money, but if I cared so much about ad money, I’d be making three pages per week and making 50 times more money off these comics than I am now. You’re the horrible type of moron who only hears what he wants to hear. Some things in life are COMPLICATED. Sometimes there are more than 50 legitimate reasons why one thing is happening, but you only hear the one you like best and you think there’s only room for one reason for anything because you don’t have a working brain. You’d hate me (and this probably goes for everyone in your life) no matter what I did. With “Dreamless,” I’ve clearly stated that it’s almost certainly done and that there are no plans for future updates. What’s your problem with that?

    “suddenly you get bored or you decided to drop the entire project altogether.”

    Again, that’s nonsense. Once the graphic novel is done, the ONLY GOAL, STATED FROM THE START, HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. That’s not “getting bored.”

    Also, as I’ve said a trillion times, I hate the “Last Blood” comic. How could I be “stringing people along” if I’m openly telling them that I think the comic they like sucks? I never suggest that people read this comic. All you’re thinking in your brain right now, though, is “But but but YOU SAID IT, you SAID that you’re making the comics just to keep people coming back for ad money!!!” No, wrong, did not — I said that ad money is one of the many reasons why there are any new comics at all, and it’s about 2% of the total reason. Now please go scream at all the other successful webcomic sites that have advertising. For almost all of them, ad money is a much larger reason for why they make their comics than why I do.

  76. CC Says:

    Please keep us updated on the movie. I promise to contribute to it’s opening weekend box office.
    I love last blood, and as always love that you went off on the idiot. There are plenty of us out here who get it. Thanx.
    And Owen’s graphics rock too.

  77. ThatGuy Says:

    Well, now this might sound crazy, but maybe you should’ve said all that from the beginning, as opposed to leaving the end of volume one on a cliffhanger, and implying that there would be a complete volume 2.

  78. Jay Says:

    Wow, eem, Bobby, now you sound even more like a prick that doesn’t care about his readers. You’re saying that you don’t even care what people think about your work? If this is crap, why would it be picked up for a movie? Why not make something you think is good? Why bother? And seriously, why patronize the shit out of the people that DO like your work?

    Seriously, have some respect, both for your readers and yourself/your own work. The readers of your webcomic will be the first fans that will want to see your movie, but if you keep on treating them like crap, that could turn around on you.

    My 2-cents in all this? If the movie will be anything like the comic, yes it will totally suck. I hope you managed to do some serious rewriting.

  79. Young G Says:

    “I’d be making three pages per week and making 50 times more money off these comics than I am now.”

    I dont know man, i mean it IS human nature to be greedy.

    I’d rake in all the cash I can get if I were you, Bobby.

  80. Andie Says:

    Okay it’s been like a year and I must know what happens now! So update or I will die or hunt you down and force you to draw the next page…. either way.

  81. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Well, now this might sound crazy, but maybe you should’ve said all that from the beginning.”

    I did say it all from the beginning. Look it up.

    “You’re saying that you don’t even care what people think about your work?”


    “If this is crap, why would it be picked up for a movie?”

    Because the concept is gold and because there’s several cool, original elements to it, like the new origin for zombies and how they relate to vampires.

    “Why not make something you think is good?”

    That was obviously the goal with the comic, moron. Do you think I tried to make something that I’d hate??? I failed to make the comic good. The movie will be a million times better.

    And then Jay goes COMPLETELY retarded/nonsensical:

    “And seriously, why patronize the shit out of the people that DO like your work? Seriously, have some respect, both for your readers and yourself/your own work.” And THEN he says, “If the movie will be anything like the comic, yes it will totally suck.”

    LOL, so great. So you’re telling me to HAVE SOME RESPECT for the readers by LYING to them and telling them that I think the comic they like is great, because you’re assuming they all like it, but THEN YOU SAY THAT YOU THINK IT TOTALLY SUCKS! And you’re obviously one if its readers, if you didn’t realize that. Unbelievable.

    “The readers of your webcomic will be the first fans that will want to see your movie, but if you keep on treating them like crap, that could turn around on you.”

    LOL. #1 — If every person who ever read the comic went to see the movie on its opening weekend, that would add somewhere around $0.5 million to the box office, pretty much pointless. #2 — Somewhere around 5% of those people have ever read any of my comments on this site (the vast majority read the comic and nothing else), and of those 5%, at least half of them are like CC and “love that [I] went off on the idiot” and actually tell the truth instead of lying to the readers. Of the remaining people who are upset at these comments of mine, most of them are like Jay and think the comic “totally sucks” anyway and probably wouldn’t have gone to see it, and even if all of them choose to not see it, that would account for somewhere around $800 in box office lost.

  82. Mila Says:

    1. I like your snark. Well done.

    2. I am one of the fans that is checking every once in a while in the hopes of an update.

    3. I would go see the movie despite my dislike of live action gore.

    4. I just reread the whole comic and I believe it is a really good concept.

    5. I hope you find something that undoes the hate of the comic lol. I’d like to see it keep going, but really, not if it’s at the expense of your own enjoyment of life.


    PS: Thanks for what you have gotten done.

  83. Mike Says:

    I know a lot of people who used to read this comic back in the day. I honestly don’t know any of them who would want to see any movie based off anything from Bobby Crosby. If you follow him for a little while you realize he is a total a$$ who hates the people he depends on to support his creative efforts. The guy has a history of not finishing things and making up “It’s going to be a movie. No, really I’m like totally about to be famous.” scenarios.

    He also has trouble keeping artists because they can’t stand him.

  84. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “I know a lot of people who used to read this comic back in the day. I honestly don’t know any of them who would want to see any movie based off anything from Bobby Crosby.”

    So you haven’t read any of the comments from even this page, wonderful.

    “If you follow him for a little while you realize he is a total a$$ who hates the people he depends on to support his creative efforts.”

    Doesn’t make any sense. Give me one example of that.

    “The guy has a history of not finishing things and making up ‘It’s going to be a movie. No, really I’m like totally about to be famous.’ scenarios.”

    More nonsense. #1 — I’ve finished every graphic novel I’ve started, finished “Last Blood” in under a year (112 pages), “Marry Me” in 16 months (91 pages), and “Dreamless” in 18 months (weekly, 70 pages). Please name one project that I’ve started and not completed. #2 — How does posting articles from “Variety” and “The Hollywood Reporter” about my movie deals = “making up” that a movie’s going to be made? And even right now, when it’s the closest it’s ever come to finally becoming a movie, after killing myself for four months working on a script that I’m happy with, all I said was that there’s a “decent chance of the film going into production somewhat soon.” How does “decent chance” = “Yay, it’s going to be a movie and I’m going to be so famous, yay!”? I’ve also said that I’d make the movie myself eventually if it’s not made before that on a grander scale, but that’s certainly nothing to brag about, risking lots of your own money to make what would probably look like a crappy B movie (because of the small budget and my limited experience in filmmaking). I’ve never once said anything about how I’m going to be famous and I’ve never made up anything, unlike you.

    “He also has trouble keeping artists because they can’t stand him.”

    Again, what the fuck? I’ve worked with four artists and lost ZERO of them and they all seem to like me. What’s the point of trying to spread these lies that don’t make any sense, that anyone can easily check if they wanted and see that it’s not true? There are so many comics out there where the art is constantly changing because new artists are being brought in because of them quitting on the writers, but you don’t see that in any of my comics for some reason, and that’s with me never having a signed contract with any of them, so they could quit at any time.

  85. Lucas Says:

    C’mon guys, no need to fight like that.

    I’ve always found this comic to be amazing, can’t see why you hate it, but if you say that the movie is going to be even better, guess it’s going be really good. Keep us updated on movie news.

  86. Rebecca Vaughn Says:

    Yeah! I hope you do keep us updated! I like this comic and was hoping you could finish it. but I understand if you dont! You are a great story writter, and I hope you come up with a new one!

  87. Uncle Matt Says:

    Bobby, I can’t speak for everyone else here, though from what I’ve seen most agree with the assessment that your comic isn’t crap. Thus far I’ve addicted 10 people Last Blood, and everyone agrees that it’s brilliant. Of course, being the author you’ve every right to consider it crap. Hell, I know more artists who are their own worst critics than you could swing a dead cat at.

    Anyhow… If the movie does get done, please please please don’t let Hollywood make it suck. Given the chance, they’d have Uwe Boll directing, it would star Shannen Doherty and Keanu Reeves, and anything even remotely resembling soul would be sucked right out. The way you have it is fantastic, the characters and story are wonderful. “Walking Dead” is a fine example of a comic brought to the screen which managed to keep mostly true to the comic and yet not suck wads.

    Oh, and BTW, just ignore the trolls and the stupid. Consider them nothing more than a queef let loose on a crowded street during a windstorm. Hardly noticeable and certainly troubling to no one.

  88. Deathmouse Says:

    Although I might not have put it in quite so vulgar a way, I agree with Uncle Matt. Screw the people who bitch and moan about you or your comics. though you have admirably refuted all their claims, I wouldn’t even waste my time answering them in the future. These are the soul-less; let not their eerie calls, nor their desperate, desolate tauntings tempt you.
    Seriously, though, allowing that you can say whatever you like about your own work, your a fool to think this comic was a failure. It’s awesome. I just read it through in about an hour, and the only thing I DIDN’T like about it was that it stopped. Maybe, out of the kindness of your heart, you could round it off for us, call it volume 2, and shut up some nay-sayers at the same time? Give it a thought.

  89. Peter Houlihan Says:

    Great work! Sorry to hear you’re not working on it, theres some really nice stuff in there. Best of luck with the film :)

  90. OBEY ME Says:


  91. The Pragmore Says:

    I am leaving this note to tell you to forget the critics. They are only mad at the fact you have actually created soemthing this good.
    The concept is original and weather or not the writing is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it still has a lot of catchy aspects.

    For those of you who do not know, The Pragmore is the name of my production company, newly started and blooming in eastern Canada. Look out for many zombie and horror movies in the future.

    If they do not make your movie, Email me and we will talk.

  92. Lovely lemon Says:

    Not sure if they were trolling or are complete morons.

  93. Waskindahopingforacontinuation Says:

    Really hope you at least finish this issue. It’s alright with bits of awesome in it (with the latter popping up more frequently as of lately) and I hope that this comic will get proper closure.

  94. PernRider Says:

    I came across this the other day, and was like “Wow.” Not my usual choice for webcomics. I actually read all of Marry Me a couple of years ago, came back across it, and got here from there.

    For the most part, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this one. A couple of elements both in the art and in the story has me going “Eh … “, but for the most part …

    And my mom’s across the room from me as I get to this page wondering why I’m cursing my comp once again, not getting the whole “It’s the end so far …” reaction.

    Seriously, keep up the good work, and if this IS a movie, I’ll be there with friends. :) Same for Dreamless, although I think it’d be a different group I’d end up there with …

  95. Havenok Says:

    This is an amazing series but did you just forget that you need to work on this? Six months is just beyond lazy…

  96. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Not reading my comments on this page before asking stupid questions is way lazier.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    can’t take the criticizm without grace, shouldn’t be an artist.

  98. Bobby Crosby Says:

    It’s not criticism when someone says “Fuck you for not giving me more free comics,” moron, and it’s definitely not criticism when someone flat out lies about you or your work. I’m one of the best in the world at taking criticism, especially for “Last Blood,” since I hate it so much.

    And if you’re actually referring to Havenok’s comment, where he said that six months without working on “Last Blood” is beyond lazy, then again, read my damn comments on this page, where I explained how I’ve done more work on “Last Blood” in the last six months than I had done in the previous four years combined.

  99. Xander Says:

    Bobby Crosby,
    I just wanted to say the work that you’ve published on the web has been Brilliant. I’ve loved Last Blood since I first started reading it years ago. Any sane person would realize that outside of your website there’s a human being who has a life to live and many other projects to work on. I come here every so often hoping for a new page and when I don’t see one, I just remind myself to come back another time. I’ll keep coming back until the day you publish a the end on every one of your stories. Don’t let the Anonymous mob of children get you down good sir.
    I look forward to seeing more of your work both in comic form and hopefully on the big screen.

  100. deadpool_qc Says:

    Don`t let those fools get to you booby, just do something you like and that will be good enough for me and more than a few others. By the way if your movie comes out, I for one will be looking for it even if it;s a B movie, cause it`s the story that truly counts . Don`t give up, your true fans are always behind you !!

  101. Marky Mark Says:


    Dear sir first may I say I have followed this comic for a couple of years now and have always enjoyed it.
    I have never fully read any comments before until now and am very suprised to hear that you hate this. If you havnt allready said a hundred times on previous pages could you please enlighten us with what it is that you hate and what you hope to change for the film?

    also maybe on the title banner remove the new page every saturday comment? may stop a few complaints about the frequency of the updates.

    once again many thanks


  102. AnnMarie Says:

    I just wanted to say I love your work! I hope Last Blood does get made into a movie I think it would be awesome. Don’t listen to the people that have no patience to wait for another page to come up when you have the time to put one up. Marry Me and Last Blood are the greatest graphic comics that I have come across online. I read them over and over again and every time I get amazed that you do this all on your own time. Thank you for your work and keep up the good work. You (seriously) rock!!

  103. Uncle Matt Says:


    Cheers man on whatever your choice is with the comic long term, and good luck with any film adaptation of any kind with this. Just… What did you see happening / happens to the old dude there making a stand? S’all, just a hint. Pretty please?

  104. Bobby Crosby Says:

    SPOILER: Matheson comes driving in with the truck/trailer and runs over the nearest zombies and picks up Grady (and then lots of other humans).

  105. Uncle Matt Says:

    Right on….

  106. Kyle Says:


    If you hate the comic so much, why do anything past the first novel? Do the 1st graphic novel, say you’re done and be done. There are no expectations for any further work and then no one is upset. You don’t have to keep working on a story that you hate and you don’t keep any fans of Last Blood hanging on hoping for the conclusion of a new story that will never come. Seriously, be done and let everyone know you’re done. You’ll be able to continue doing what you love without having so many people upset at you for what they feel was promised (a complete second graphic novel).

  107. Bobby Crosby Says:

    You seriously believe there’d be less angry people if we did zero extra pages instead of the 20 we’ve done so far? If so, you have mental problems. There’s way more angry “Dreamless” fans than there are “Last Blood” fans, and I did exactly what you just suggested with “Dreamless.” The “Last Blood” fans who are genuinely upset at me because of a lack of new comics are too stupid to live. Again, you’re welcome for the occasional free comics.

    “hanging on hoping for the conclusion of a new story that will never come.”

    It’ll almost certainly be finished eventually, and if the movie goes into production (decent chance that will happen soon, as I’ve said), then there’d be a great chance that we could sell a ton more “Last Blood” books, which would inspire us to finish the second volume quickly.

  108. Leon Says:

    It’s almost refreshing to see an author openly abuse his fans. Almost.

  109. JokersFlame Says:

    Quite frankly I think Bobby is one of my favorite comic writers.

    First off, he is open with his fans, he almost always responds, he has a chat function that you can use when ever, he is an awesome writer, and he tells it how he sees it.

    I’ve read Last Blood, Marry Me, and Dreamless. Trust me, no one is more upset by the lack of pages in all three of these comics then me, but all of their initial stories are done and now we’re just being treated to a little bonus.

    I’d fucking LOVE a film for this, that way I can say “Yeah I read that comic back online, I even talked to the writer once or twice.”, and better yet, it means the comic here would be finished.

    But if its not, then its not. Not much else we can do.

    @ Bobby

    Do you have any new comics planned lately we can follow?

  110. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Lots of ideas for new comics, but haven’t started working on any of them yet. Hopefully soon.

  111. Sk8er Girl Says:

    Can we please have a new page soon????

  112. Ana Says:


    “There’s way more angry “Dreamless” fans than there are “Last Blood” fans, and I did exactly what you just suggested with “Dreamless.” ”

    i loved Dreamless, but i dont know what you’re talking about, why were people mad? what did they suggest?

    Also, why do you hate last blood? if you hate it why did you write it? was it that you use to like it but not anymore?

    im not fighting here, i just really wanna now, sorry for the inconvinience.

  113. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “i loved Dreamless, but i dont know what you’re talking about, why were people mad? what did they suggest?”

    Might want to read the comment that I was responding to. It’s right above it and would take like 20 seconds to read it. They’re mad because they want more comics and I told everyone there was almost no chance that there’d ever be any more of “Dreamless,” which is what he suggested I do with “Last Blood,” even though that’s not true with “Last Blood.”

    I’ve answered your other questions 8,000 times in these comments, including on this comments page.

  114. Ana Says:

    oh sorry, i read some of them, but not all, anyway, thanks a lot! i’ll look it up

  115. Vinny Says:

    I gotta admit, I miss seeing this comic update. When I first discovered it, it was easily the coolest thing that ever was to me. Still is, even though it hasn’t gone anywhere new comic-wise.
    I am glad that you are going ahead with making it into a movie, though. I’m an artist myself, and I know it can take forever to get inspired…I do amazing work with miniature painting when I’m feeling it, but once that creative buzz is gone, it can take anywhere from six to nine months for it to come back, and until it does, I just can’t be bothered to pick up a brush.
    The Internet is a whiny, whiny place. I doubt any artist has ever loved every project they’ve started or finished, and precious few have been able to work on the same thing forever. I love your work, man, and I’ll always check back every few months to see how things are going with Last Blood. Keep slayin’ ‘em, Bobby.

  116. hey? Says:

    hey bobby,
    whats going on, whay havent there been any new comics in months. i mean, im sure some fans would be able to help if your that busy.

  117. Scriptwolf Says:

    Wheres the next page???!!! i read through the whole thing today and it stop’s here :( sad face so much :(

  118. Luco Says:


    I read Last Blood all in about an hour. It hooked me. I did have to take a double take on this page though, thinking where the hell is the link for the next page. So unlike many others I actually read the comments, and I would have to agree if you hate it why do it. Ya I am a little disappointed that there are no more for now, but life will go on. Can’t wait to hear about the movie. You have made me a true Last Blood fan. I will keep checking back every now and then to see if there is another page. Thank you for the amazing story and I will also check out some of your other comics as well.

    You should really read the comments. He does explain so many times why he is not doing this anymore……

  119. Seriously? Says:

    Do either of you read any comments before posting? or do you just try and get him to tell u over and over again so you can say to all your 2 friends that Bobby yelled at me?

    hey? and Scriptwolf, read before posting, it is common courtesy in the world of forum posting.

  120. simply bored Says:

    wow.. read the whole thing in an hour’s time… i actually didn’t know there could be novels online.. this is the first time that i ever did this.. and i got addicted to this.. wow.. even started reading the dreamless in another window.. simutaneously…

    and i do read the comments… about 50 percent of it.. but i read the comments for this page.. 100%..

    at first i wondered how come there was no “next comic” command button.. upon noting the dates… i guess there really were no further comics after this…

    i liked the story line..fell in love with “MAC” and now i am so very curious with what happens next… i hope you could give a little summary? even if it’s just a few sentences? :)

    anyway.. thanks so much for the great story.. i really loved it.. wow.. also.. i am one of those people who do watch the movies i read in books.. and if this goes into movies.. i’d definitely watch it..

    couldnt log in to the wo… website.. since i am not from the US.

    that’s it..to keep the note short….

  121. simply bored Says:

    another short note.. you mentioned previously that you had finished “last blood”..

    where is it? i am not sure .. maybe i didnt get it right.. or didn’t follow the instructions on the internet right or something.. that other people were able to read the next few pages.. and i didnt?

    thank you

  122. Noah Xifr Says:

    Very interesting premise using scarcity to link humans & vampires and then vampires & zombies, and of course humans & zombies. Finished reading all pages, thanks. Any ideas on linking werewolf origins or other monster species? I am working on 2 horror graphic novels and have been doing research, writing, drawing & pondering. Best, N

  123. Road Virus Says:

    did the well run dry or something? i read the whole comic recently and was dissappointed to see that there hasn’t been an update in forever. i can understand promoting the bound version of the first part of the story, but keeping the the strips from the second half up is a tease when there hasn’t been any progress for almost a year. it would be better to just take the second half down until progress is being made on finishing it.

  124. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Try reading the comments.

  125. Aux Says:

    Loved the comic and think its insane how stupid some people can be they will post over and over that they want more comics and your this and that name for not posting but they dont bother to read and notice that hey guys this project was a lead in to something bigger im not a web comic writer im a movie writer that uses webcomics as a medium to introduce the ideas to people. I read through your other work too and really liked the ideas behind them keep up the amazing work and I’ll be sure to check out any new projects that go up :)

  126. Thailya Says:

    I LOVE your work and cannot wait for what you come up with next! Just thought I should share.

  127. S8ergirl Says:

    Why have there been no updates???
    I LOVE this comic and I’d really like to see one
    Before grad cause I’d like to see how the story ends

  128. Daggyr Says:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think people are ungrateful or unreasonable in looking for updates. We got hooked. It’s a great story. I wish there were updates every day but such is not the case. The fact that people are returning to this page 8 months after the last update speaks not only to the power of the tale but also to the faithfulness of the fan base. It’s all good. I only check in one every three months or so and that keeps my expectations properly caibrated. I look forward to seeing the idea brought to the screen.

  129. PsychicD3m0n Says:

    I have recently read through both Marry Me and Last Blood and i just want to say that you are a true artist the concepts behind your creations are pure gold and it does sadden me to see no completion to an amazing story. I pray that Last Blood does become a movie, I know it could achieve greatness. Thank you for all the work you put into these comics. You are an inspiration.

  130. TackrenRahl Says:

    Ok Bobby i agree with you for the most part abou those readers and them bein freaking trolls but i dissagre with you in the fact that this comic has some major potential. The end of it really left you hunting for more id say its because of all of the suspence that Last Blood generated as a whole. Any way great job with it and good luck with the movie Deal. i hope it all pans out.

  131. ReadItAll Says:

    Now what? Is there a third first zombie? I thought those dead guys don’t run unless they’re being controlled.

  132. Bobby Crosby Says:

    With a name like ReadItAll, I’d hope that you’d actually have read every page, like this one that answers your question:


  133. AKissAndAGunshot Says:

    Argh! WANT NEW PAGE!

    Seriously, the only zombie graphic novel I’ve read that could contend with this awesomeness is Dead Winter.

  134. Zack Kemper Says:

    I just read all of your pages starting yesterday, I sure hope you post another soon.

    Btw Owen has some pretty badass artwork, I’m interested in getting a tattoo designed by him.

  135. Zack Kemper Says:

    I just read a lot of the comments, and I think people need to shut the hell up, I enjoy the comic, and if you are reading the comic and you aren’t enjoying it, then why read it? I’m glad he made it free for us and I am grateful.

    Thank you Bobby.

  136. Katy Says:

    Damn, I haven’t been here in a year and only one new page! But at least they’ve been coloured – what happened to that awesome sepia tint?

  137. Katy Says:

    And y eah, I will freely admit I haven’t read through all the comments – I seriously don’t have the time or energy right now. You don’t have to answer me about the sepia tint – obviously you decided it would be better coloured and that’s fine. I just miss the comic – the first one was so awesome! But I’ll check back periodically, see what’s new, etc. I know writing webcomics is a thankless job – people expect so much of you just because you’ve given it before. If you aren’t making money on it, I suppose there is no real incentive to keep at it unless you genuinely love what you do.

  138. Sam Says:

    Dude sorry but this is a load of bull
    This is worse than what happened with +EV because this actually left us hanging for like a year!!!!!!!!

  139. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “+EV” recently went 10 months without updating (but now it updates twice a week). “Last Blood” has never gone that long without an update.

  140. Jon Says:

    Hey Bobby, thanks for the pages, I decided to reread Last Blood and Marry Me after being without internet for over a year.
    My brother read the newest page after I told him it was up and he jumped up shouting “Mac was bit?!? WTH?!?” Nearly went deaf listening to him shout.

  141. ReadItAll Says:

    Oops, must have been late. Should have known the fat printed run really meant run and not just run. So what chances could they have now with even one less badass killer vampire and a shot Mac? I imagine settling on an empty island wouldn’t be too helpful considering the first scene. Constant change of location would be needed, but that might be too stressful not to mention the increased drain of resources. I suggest living on ships, occasionally raiding some town’s stores like they used to.

  142. Sam Says:

    Um Bobby what I meant was this has a story line for more than 5-10 Pages (no offense) and sorry I was having a bad day but the comic rocks updated or not

  143. CatMom Says:

    Bobby – Thanks for the comic. I’d love new pages, but after ‘reading the comments’, I understand now that these are just bonus pages. Makes it a less aggravating to not see new pages, but no less disappointing. I’ll keep hoping and checking, good luck with the Hollyweird crowd. I hope to see Last Blood – the Movie soon.

  144. Patrick Says:


    This is the first time I’ve read through the comments, and I have to say, “Haters gonna hate.” Don’t let ‘em get you down, and may all your projects go well.

  145. Jack Says:

    Just making my monthly pass through and decided to read all the comments (on this page) again because Bobby’s responses never fail to entertain, and I stumbled upon this:

    “‘Last Blood’ has never gone that long without an update.”

    Now, for a brief, shining moment there, I took it to mean that it would never go that long without an update, and since the ninth month is nearly here, that there might be an update soon. That was a cool feeling, but then I thought about how fucking awesome it would be to see this concept (if not the comic itself) in theaters. I really, really hope it comes together.

    Best of luck Bobby. I know you’re going to make an absolutely killer flick, just please for the love of god don’t let Hollywood water down the ending at the last minute like they did with “I Am Legend”.

  146. RegularRazor Says:

    I’ve gotta say. Reading “fan” comments on this page is like witnessing Vultures tear apart a carcass and then call it selfish for not having more meat.

    I’ve been following this comic since it was started, Yeah there’s a couple hundred years between regular updates, Who gives a fuck. If you really love the comic so much that you can’t sleep without it; I’m sure if you send some $$$ Bobby’s way, you’d see some more updates. And No, its not selfish; its the fucking world of work. I don’t do my job for free either.

    And I do agree. He does openly abuse his “fans”.
    But only because they’re mostly dumb assholes.

    -Razor out-

  147. Sam Says:

    Ok normally I talk about thus sort of thing on haypi kingdom but it involves this so I’m posting it here
    My day has been on fricken scary memory, experience or thing I imagined after another, first I heard this song on the radio which has the scariest video I have ever seen, then I came close to drowning at a pool, then I almost got hit by a car, which led me to think about what could have happened, and finally I lay down and tried to sleep and started to think about last blood (dun dun dun) and imagined zombies bursting through the door, I jumped out the window (I’m on the second story and a major wimp so it would be worse in real life) so I stick the landing only to find more zombies, then the flying vampire came and picked me up, only to be shot with some sort of stake gun and fell to the ground, so I climb onto my roof and like jump from house to house and then suddenly a rope ladder falls and I see a helicopter, I climbed up the ladder only to find it filled with zombies, I look down zombies are climbing the rope so I took the only option, jumping into the crowd of zombies

  148. Sam Says:

    You know what? Your awesome, it’s just to do something like this like you had to completely make up an origin for zombies (and if your anything like me that would take 5 million years:P) do like 120 pages in less than a year make me switch from werewolves to vamps (again :P ) all while balancing a life (you do have a life, right?) oh yeah and get a sponsorship from pokerstars it just makes you awesome

  149. Bob Says:

    Why not take money for updates? How much would you need per page? Paypal for the win.

  150. Jay Says:

    God you people make me sick, stop complaining that he’s not working on this comic, since it’s god damn free and the original story has already ended. Bobby’s clearly stated many times that he hates the comic, so the fact that he’s even carried it on past the original story is a blessing to the readers. If he doesn’t want to continue his work that’s his own business, and unless you all plan to start paying him to work on it, you have no right to insist that he continues to make them. Frankly I’m just happy that he continued the story after the original at all, because I did love it. I look forward to seeing how Bobby adapts this into a movie, and if you don’t plan on seeing it that’s your own business. The fact that you think Bobby would care at all that you arn’t is pathetic, especially since he’s stated himself many times that the amount of people who read this comic is a mere fraction of those who would go to see the movie.

    Bobby, if you feel like adding more to this comic it would be appreciated, because there are those who love it.
    If you don’t, that’s your own business and everyone should just shove the hell off.

  151. Sarah Says:

    I only started reading this like a week ago, and after totally not paying attention and repeatedly checking for updates (I am ridiculously unobservant) I finally read the comments section.
    I don’t understand why everyone is going mad, not everything can carry on exponentially and as published comics such as The Walking Dead have proved, even if they did it would end up getting absolutely ridiculous and repetetive, to be honest I think the bonus material for this is unnecessary and a writer shouldn’t have to bend before his squealing ‘fans’ who have just given him grief over something they supposedly enjoy – be happy with what you have!
    I’m a little upset to find out that you really don’t like your work, but to be honest I agree with you to an extent, the concept is much much better than where the comic went – I’m not being horrible with that, I just think its true.
    Thanks for an awesome and creative new concept and a bit of reading joy in a webcomic genre that to be honest is pretty thin on the ground with decent material! Hope everything goes well for you x

  152. Ariel :) Says:

    Ok… so i’ve read the comments like everyone has said to, so sorry if i forget something or go back on my words or whatever cause you guys seem pretty savage and I’d like to have my head remain on my neck, thank you. 8D

    Bobby, You’re saying that you think the comics crap, and that you’ve achieved the one goal that was there from the start. It’s pretty awesome that you have an opinion as such on your own work, and that you’ve finished what you’ve started, but you said that you only updated these few pages due to fan demand, if i’m right? :)

    that’s really nice of you, so thanks, and even though there’s the rage of some of the fans not reading comments and just saying “GIMME MOOOOAAAREEE”, it’s sort of due to the cliffhanger, so I think it’s a little understandable. xD

    anyways, I live in Australia and love this comic, as well as my sister. I’m not sure what it is about the comic you think sucks, but both my sister and I really love the characters and story line. :) so thanks for going this far… just wanted to say that… :p
    bbye now, and good luck with the movie, would love to find it somewhere here in Australia. :D

  153. S8ergirl Says:

    Ummmm I just like to say that its been
    almost a year and still no update???
    What the heck!?!
    This is an awesome comic and I’d
    really like to see it continue so….
    Pritty please update soon :P

  154. Edd Says:

    Got nice story inside it! I’m just new and finish it in a day all your “Last Blood” pages. Needed 5 hours. The first story is bit scary tough… Because I like zombie stories, this is giving creepy for those who survive the last.

    And I realize this not update for 11 monts. Almost a year.

    I found this when I’m searching “Last Blood”
    Gonna wait it! :D

  155. Edd Says:

    @Bobby :
    Sorry if you become upset because of my second paragraph (Both 1st and 2nd replies).

    Before I checked all comments, I was thinking ,”All of the comic is stopped maybe because it’s already finish, no need bonuses.” After check the comments, need to say sorry I think.

    This is not a bad comic. (You know why I like it)
    Better not said ,”The comic’s garbage”. Better said ,”I did not really like it”. It’s more polite. :D

    Don’t forget to check this :

  156. AlphaBeta Says:

    Go Bobby. Can’t say I agree with comic sucking, but considering how good marry me and dreamless was, I am grateful for the freebees I already got. Hope Last Blood won’t eat all of your time and we will see a new project from you soon. Keep up the great work. Hope the movie works out, then I ll bring two friends to the theatre and then the volume may be 1 mil instead of .5?

  157. Sam Says:

    Yeah not to pester or anything but it’s been 10 months

  158. AlexKnight Says:

    Check once a month because I love the originality of your story. Thank you for all your hard work thus far.

  159. MEAWHILE... Says:


  160. S8er girl Says:

    Please update soon it’s been 10 months
    :( :p

  161. Blake Says:

    People, stop complaining, you didnt pay for it! This dude has heaps of stuff to do, as he said, this continuation was not originally planned, and entirely for the fans. I personally think its better for him to put more energy behind other storylines, because I’ve read Dreamless, Marry Me and now Last Blood, and loved them all so far. Cut him some slack, hes busy making a freaking movie of this.

  162. Ana Says:

    Almost a yr!!! Please hurry!!

  163. S8ergirl Says:

    It’s been almost a year please update soon!!!

  164. BTams Says:

    Never posted a comment before, and never read them (not because I’m lazy, but because I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself if I read some stupid comment on here), but I read all of them for this page just to see why it hadn’t been updated.

    Saw what you had to say about the comic being over, and how you hated it, and what other people had to say about you not doing it anymore (not pretty). I’ve also noticed you haven’t posted your own comment on here for a while, which means you’ve either given up on trying to explain things to people, or you haven’t bothered to check the comments because of that fact, which means the post is for naught, but alas, I’m going to post it anyways.

    Well, all I’ve got to say is that the comic belongs to you, therefore you hold the exclusive rights to not continue the bonus pages, for whatever reason you have (and you gave a pretty good one). Also, its fine that you hated this comic, since the creator probably knows more about the direction he was trying to take it than his fans did. I’m surprised at the people who are surprised that you hate it. I’ve never made any judgments about people over the internet, since its hard to know somebody through a computer screen and a keyboard. I also don’t know where I’m going with this post anymore, so I’m just going to say, I liked it, good luck with any future comics, and I hope the movie does well, though I’m probably not going to go see it. Crowded places like theaters bug me, so I’ll probably just wait to rent it On Demand or something.

  165. damastech Says:

    … updates?!

  166. Fester Says:

    Holy sh1t, going on two years with no new pages. Love the comic, but a dead comic is a rotten comic. Enjoy life, screw us unhappy readers.

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