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Big Movie News

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

This is a large reason why there hasn’t been a new page in many months. I don’t know when the next page will go up, but there might be exciting news on that front soon. Feel free to buy the first volume and to ask me any questions, in the comments or through instant messages (when available):

And don’t forget to check out my other comics and Owen’s comics. Marry Me and Dreamless really need to be movies as well. Both are available, to anyone who’s interested!

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  1. Anna Says:

    Is there any chance you guys will be continuing the comic? It took me over 4 years to find this comic again, and I’m sad to see how little it has progressed. I plan on watching the movie, too, but I really would like to read more of the story before it comes out. It has been one of the best comics I have read in ages, even better than all the mainstreams out there. Please continue?

  2. Jürgen A. Erhard Says:

    Comic looks to be dead (yeah, pun not intended). Movie… stuck in development hell? Ah, financing hell. Same difference.

    Or am I wrong?

  3. Anjetto Says:

    I’d love for you guys to update. I love this comic. I’m glad you’re getting a movie but I’d like more comic too!

    I’m greedy.

  4. JCMK Says:

    While it’s good news that the movie is actually still underway it IS taking forever for updates. You’d think he’d start to miss drawing it or something after awhile. And get some posts out there….

  5. Bystander Says:

    To the fans and author:

    Nice to see the support here of the great idea, and congratz to the author on his successes.

    Dont let the trolls get you down , and let the story come to you at your own pace, on your own ideas. If you dont think it right or are not properly motivated , leave it. You can always come back to it. Take constructive critisim and positive support. Tell the rest to STFU and forget about their envious As$es.

    To the trolls, my post on deadline seems appropriate to reproduce here.

    “So we can sum up what the trolls are saying:

    -OMG some other fail series with promise called mutant chronicles is just like this story I dont know the ending of and a movie I havent seen because its based on this story.


    The movie will be what they make it and may or may not have the failings you percieve in the comic already published or the story you allude to (mutant chronicles)

    -It sounds like day breakers redux.

    *Maybe to you*

    Saving private ryan sounded like another forrest gump to some but was turned into a box office smash somehow.

    -Keep the idea lose the comic.

    *Why? Its the reason why everyones exicted enough to try to pan or troll the idea. Id understand no new comics until the movie comes out, but I hope the author has retained enough rites to make the coice to parody the movie in the comic or go his own way, and should he come to want to keep writing (and I hope for the same reasons he started it in the first place), wether its this or another story entirely, I congratulate you on your imagination, artistry and origional ideas. Dont be put off by the trolls.. you cant avoid them.. especially on the internet where you have this level of anominity.*

    -Please write more

    *I totally agree – let the poor guy breathe though and buck up. Its up to him and it wont happen unless he wants to, or can depending on where the story rites have gone here in the movie production, in which case you may see another story entirely later if anything at all.*

    To the author:

    Well done! Congratz!

    To the movie producers: dont be greedy , nurture the artistry and your movie will have the benefit of your creator’s origionality, and possibly a sequal down the road if you dont muzzle him by locking the rights away in some file cabinet.

    To the trolls: dont let your envy , bitterness and general goofy nature bugger yet another good thing on the planet. If you dont have anything nice to say just take a tall glass of STFU and move on.
    Comment by Bystander — Saturday November 17, 2012 @ 7:25am PST Reply to this post “

  6. John Cruz Says:

    Came back after a couple of years of neglect, re-read the comic and was sad to find only a couple new pages.
    Best of luck to your current goals mate, we all know free web comics don’t put much bread on the table.

  7. Eric Says:

    I just found this comic today and read the whole thing in one sitting, just could not stop! I can’t wait to see the movie, you guys did an amazing job!


    I thought I would make the first comment of this year kindly asking you to tell us whether the comic is fully dead or if the possibility remains that you will continue it. It is your comic and you are fully entitled to stop working on it whenever you feel like for whatever reason, but telling everyone whether we should keep checking after all this time or quit bothering would be common courtesy.

  9. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “but telling everyone whether we should keep checking after all this time or quit bothering would be common courtesy.”

    I’d say something if there was something new to report. My last words on the subject were I believe something like, “No clue, we’ll see what happens,” because that’s what I always say, and that remains the case. If the movie goes into production, there’s a good chance we’ll start updating the comic again. Chances of it going into production in the next year are anyone’s guess — I’d say somewhere around 40 percent at the moment, but it changes all the time.

  10. charles81 Says:

    Sorry to hear the movie production is bouncing around a bit with timelines.

    But on a happier note, let me offer late congratulations on your wedding. Looked like a wonderful event and I hope you and the beautiful bride are happy together for the rest of your days.

  11. scott Says:

    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase finish the series even if the movie flops. its my favorite

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