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Page 19: Needs Blood

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Another page! Thanks to Kaezrer for the color help!


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76 Responses to “Page 19: Needs Blood”

  1. Keenan Says:

    ya but i wouldnt think if on average with a new page every month or so, that you tould get into a big story until you would get a profit out of it. at least thats how i would do it.

  2. Bobby Crosby Says:

    The amount of money made and the amount of new pages per month doesn’t affect the story being told at all. Either way it would be the same pages.

  3. Keenan Says:

    oh, i had the wrong idea then. i still would really like to get the story all at once rather than in terms of a week or month. its good to know i wont be dragged on though.

  4. Frost Silvertongue Says:

    Love the story Bobby. I have to say I religiously come back here ever week to check for a new page. I can’t say I’m disappointed with the lack of pages.
    Someone in your position is likely extremely busy, and we should be content with what we have so far. : )

  5. Einar Says:

    We’re just anxious to see what happens next. Some people aren’t as patient as others.

    I mean, I would LOVE to see weekly updates but I accept the fact that I’m not paying for this and thus have absolutely no say in the slow update rate.

  6. Die-ana:D Says:


  7. U_Any Says:

    AT LAST! I’m in this page xD! took me an ‘eternity’
    But, well, love the comic so far…
    though, yeah, the zombie and vampire topic is kinda a overrated in movies/comic, but you put if off quite good (awsome, rly)
    the storyline is pretty damn good, and I love the drawings
    and the whole ‘we gonna protect the human, so we can live’ is amazing, it’s a refresing twist´
    And, lol, I just love Mac, he’s EPIC. He and Murdo are my fav characters in this comic xD

    BTW, great effort of Devian.
    Love her new dress.

  8. Die-ana:D Says:

    come on?!?!?
    MORE PRETTY PLZ!!!!!:(

  9. ace1169 Says:

    nice this could be a cool game you start by disighning youer vampire then pick a wepon and move on from there

  10. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    Somebody better get her some blood somewhere alone the line or there’ll be nothing left but vampire dust by the next update!
    @Die Ana:- Don’t think he heard you love, try throwing something at him

  11. d Says:

    I bet you are losing a number of readers due to the lack of promised regular updates. I almost forgot all about this site it’s been so long since I checked it. I thought there might be a lot more pages, but no, only two new pages in the many months gone. You’d be better off charging for the comic and updating regularly. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  12. Daed4 Says:

    When Lost Blood actualizate, god cry…

  13. Dave Says:

    Excellent. MORE!!! MORE!!! WE NEED MORE!!!

  14. Uman Says:

    I hope the previous storyline bit where ol’ grandad sullivan (not so old) pulls his army out his pocket (ass? no, it’s his biting did that, hm, hamsters’ cheek pocket thing.. oh well, pocket’ll have to do) will not be forgotten. Zombies with guns vs… zombies… not with guns… plus a buncha vampiers. I would not be surprised mac felt obliged to give little flying girl more blood (yes part of the olde storyline too – not to be forgotten either) and ends up mistakenly turning into a vampire. (notice all she can bless him with is flight? but he allready has some strength, so no overly-strong for you today if that happens… well, not today, whenever it happens…)

  15. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    I’ve had a great day so far, and you guys are making it better, thanks for the laughs! Oh, and i agree with Daed4 “MAKE GOD CRY PLZ!!!!!!!”

  16. Deejay Says:

    @Rovage I might be wrong, but if I remember correctly, Bobby said that special abilities of vampires aren’t transferable. Their sense of smell and stuff is, but not the unique abilities of certain vampires, such as super strength, super speed or flying. If I’m wrong, someone will correct me.

    It’s great to see new pages. This is by far the best vampire comic ever. Good work, Bobby.

  17. Deejay Says:

    Correction: That post wasn’t meant for Rovage, but rather Uman. My bad.

  18. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    @Deejay. Was wondering what the heck you were talking about, knew I wasn’t the one who made that comment

  19. Jabber Says:

    Oh, great! Delighted to see the new pages. Also cool that the humans are going to have to actually donate some blood- so far the vampires have been protecting it, but nobody’s actually gone in for a snack. (That we’ve seen.)

    Happy to see the comic’s still alive! Thanks for the update.

  20. Uncle Matt Says:

    Please… Please more.
    What will it take? Shall I sacrifice a chicken to the gods? Name the god, I’ll do it. Seriously. I have a chicken handy, and hell it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve choked a chicken.

  21. Amy B. Says:

    I can’t wait for the next update. I absolutely love this comic. When you have so many cliche vampire and zombie stories, this one makes for a wonderfully refreshing change of pace.

  22. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    @ Uncle Matt…SNERK!!!! Yah! Too Much Info Dude…………….SERIOUSLY!

  23. Darby Says:

    O my gosh why aren’t there any new pages, I really, really need to know what happens next. PLEASE, PLEASE new pages!!
    p.s. this comic is amazing, the story line and the art is awesome

  24. Tsapki Says:

    @ Amy B.

    I agree so much. So many people are obsessed with vampires being unstoppable and unbeatable and just so very fantastic and beyond mortal concerns without any actual vunerabilities that they become one dimensional. Last Blood has that, with vampires who can cut a swath through opponents, don’t burn up in sunlight and aren’t repelled by the older substances legend often says, but gives actual substance. Yes, the vampires are powerful, but this zombie infestation is threatening them with something far worse then death (you may recall one chose suicide rather than the chance of suffering this fate) and there is no quick and simple way to fix it even with all their power brought to bare. They are vunerable, they have this weakness and we have seen these vampires die in their desperate attempt to fight back. And through it all, I never forget that the vampires are at their core, beasts. Albeit, intelligent beasts that know they need to work with their food source as symbiotes rather than predators due to the current situation, but still beasts. That is something I find so lacking in most vampire ‘stories’ out there today.

    Fantastic work Bobby. Sad to see it updates so slowly, but real life comes first along with a big line of other things I imagine. Watching eagerly for when the next page comes along.

  25. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    Just read thru the entire archive AGAIN, I’m being honest man… this comic rocks out loud, REALLY hope it gets made into a movie someday,would become an instant cult classic

  26. Handgunman Says:

    I think that mac will feed her some of his god blood and she will taste it and it will be delicious.

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