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Page 18: Mac Attack!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Great job by artist Owen Gieni on this page.  Love it.

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  1. Mattman243 Says:

    AH! An update! Thanks Bobby!

    This comic is awesome! I actually just got done reading it from chapter 1 a couple minutes ago :D

  2. Primarch359 Says:

    well this is a rss feed id forgotten about think i reread it

    keep it coming plz

  3. Chelle Says:

    Awesome to see an update. I’ve been a big fan of this comic since Lee at Indie Badger recommended it. The artwork is amazing and I’m loving the story. I’m looking forward to more. :)

  4. Hereticus Says:


  5. Krey Says:


    Also, great to see an update, can the next one be less than 5 months from now?

  6. Altair Says:


    So happy to see a new update! My day has officially been made. =D This is so insanely badass… can’t wait for more.

    (Also, movie news? Anything? Maybe?)

  7. Tim Says:

    This was a welcome update indeed

  8. Sim^moN Says:

    A new page! Wow – Keep the updates flowing! We’re here for your writing Mr Crosby and you drawing Mr Gieni!
    Damn… Mac’s going to get bitten – but he’s so awesome that he’ll cut off his arm to save himself!

  9. Joe Says:

    Thank you so much for an update! It’s pretty interesting to see the differences in your style after all this time. I’m going to be buying a novel, when I finish the ones I’m on right now.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The last panel is one of the best in the entire comic.

  11. Irot9791 Says:

    weee update..my night has been made, now just gotta wait for marry me

  12. Cooki Says:

    YAY! 12th post!…


    ;_; I will /CRY/ if mac is bitten. That’s just not fair. He’s awesome. Awesome people should not be bitten.

  13. Cooki Says:

    And yes, movie info would be very welcome.
    My brother’s a movie producer, so I’d love to call him up and ask if he’s heard anything, but he’s in the middle of making a new movie as is, and that means he’s busy and probably hasn’t heard anything for the past few weeks. X)
    If you need any actresses, please let me know. ;D

  14. Willy Says:

    Behind you!

    Actually I was thinking his mate (Bernie?) should have Mac’s back covered. Hopefully I haven’t just jinxed him…

  15. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Anyone notice the odd shape in the sky in the right top corner of the last panel? Looks pretty interesting.

  16. Sim^moN Says:

    Yeah dude! You’re right – I thought it was just some debris that got to the air in the fighting. Devian to the rescue =)

  17. Andrew Says:

    Great to see an update! Style is amazing on this one

  18. Keenan Says:

    great art, love how Mac planted the axe! haha nice!

  19. Dr Lecter Says:

    Yes! Our yearly update and is soooo awesome! Great drawing style, I want to see what happens next!

  20. potsandpans91 Says:

    This is awesome. Art is amazing and Mac’s Bad Assness is great.

  21. Delirium Says:

    Yay! An update! Love it! The last panel has me worried, lol. Mac is sooo my favorite character, so I hope that Grady (or mysterious shape in the air, lol) will help him.

    Props to the artist for the gradual transition of the day from sunny to stormy. I didn’t notice it at all until this new page. Great work!

  22. Casey Says:

    Make it every Monday please please! : ) I love this comic way too much!

  23. Nicolas Says:

    Wow! Thanks guys, i’m a new reader and i love Math! He’s the good damn guy (wait a sec… he’s no more damned… mmmh… got to review it one of these days…) and i was afraid that awesome comic was going to be closed…
    So: whew!! XD

  24. Allan Says:

    Finally an update. I love your work, I am an avid reader of both Dreamless and Last Blood. Keep up the good work.

  25. ivan Says:

    Is it just me or does Mac look more badass than usual in the second panel. I think Grady’s probably going to save Mac in the next update.

  26. Alan Says:

    After re-reading the whole comic I can say I honestly enjoy this comic 3 times as much.

    I know get and remember most of the jokes.

    Such as the scotch how Mac cutting 3 heads off is a throw back to teh very first “Mac attack”.

    Keep them coming guys!

  27. Jimbo Says:

    WOOT update, today just became good day

  28. sco3tt Says:

    Seems like I say this, or at least think it every time, but this is Totally Worth The Wait!

  29. jackal Says:

    sweet. love the update! thank u guys for keeping this webcomic alive…somehow. hehehe keep the updates coming:) love ur work!

  30. Cat Says:

    Ah, Last Blood. How I missed ye…

  31. daniTRIO Says:

    You guys are alive! Fabulous! It’s grat to see an update, I love the story and the art. Can’t wait to see the next one =]

  32. Eltharrion Says:

    Yup, kinda saw somethin like this coming. There just were too many of those bastards. Next we have 4 possibilities:

    1. Devian saves Mac and their already weird relationship-kinda-thing gets updated.

    2. Mac does ultimate spinning strike with the axe and slaughters 25 zombies in the process.

    3. Mac gets bitten by zombie and demands that he is to be killed before he turns.

    4. Mac gets bitten by zombie, but then Devian bites him and turns him into a vamp, thus neutralizing the zombie virus thingie.


    Don’t know, maybe we should hope for the 1st possibility? or 2nd… Last too are just too sad. Especially the 3rd. Mac is not meant to bleed (at least not a lot, just so that Dev can lick it off)

  33. Chula Says:

    What is that in the skys background over Dev’s head?!

  34. Tim O Says:

    YEA!!!! Thanks for the update. I havent been able to check for a little been really busy at work and all. I just gotta say if I ever win the lottery I will fund this commic as long as I can with the money I win. But the chances of me winning are not that good. The gambeling gods hate me. Still this is fricking awesome!!!

  35. Keenan Says:

    first off its a body.don’t know what kind.

    second, i found a website which some of you guys might be intrested in, for advertisizing this or what ever,i normally don’t advertise so this is wierd anyways: http://forums.comicbookresources.com/index.php , it has a last blood thread up i think, so you guys could go there and talk about this, im just trying to help out.

  36. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Keenan: Just link to the “Last Blood” thread.

  37. Willy Says:

    Hey, I just noticed there’s no voting button (that I can see anyway) for the toplists. I enjoyed the BTS artwork rewards. Any chance of that coming back?


  38. AL_Tech Says:


    Awesome update tyvm!!!

  39. Keenan Says:

    oh, i wasnt sure, just doing what i can

  40. Zippy Says:

    Irot9791 Says:

    February 6th, 2010 at 12:34 am
    weee update..my night has been made, now just gotta wait for marry me

    It seems like Marry Me updates more frequently, but all of his comics are worth the wait. ^_^

  41. John Says:

    Awesome! Hope to see another page soon. And I’ll probably cry if Mac gets bitten!

  42. kwesi Says:

    mac turns up and mayhem ensues. would love to get the next update before easter.

  43. Schazmen Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Mac looks just like Addison Payne?

  44. Keenan Says:

    cant help but think about it’s always sunny in philadelphia when i hear mac, also i when i hear mac in IAS i think of lastblood

  45. Aieon Says:

    Oh noes! I still think it might be Rage.
    running through a really big tree and hitting the (ex)stump of the next one, taking flight and with his superior reflexes (needed to do any-effin’-thing with his speed) he turns the spin of DEATH into a spin of Death! with blades and lots of bodyparts! … of others!

  46. Aieon Says:

    btw where’s Jon Pander? eh? gave up?! NOOOOO!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Keep the series going!

  48. DennisK Says:

    well this is a pleasant surprise. Please continue making the comic.
    also, is it just me or have Mac’s eyes sunken and his face become a little longer since the beginning?

  49. Kimmu.. Says:

    I want the next page T.T

    This is one hell of a comic…Congratulations >.<

  50. CatVonVampFan15 Says:

    Whoo Hoo! Go get ‘em Mac. Great job everyone, well worth the wait. Any new movie news?

  51. jim Says:

    this comic is awesome

  52. Sam Says:

    Entire Comic
    One Day
    Make More

  53. Gearoid Mac a Bhaird Says:

    anyone know if volume 2 is gona be avalible for the iphone and if so any idea when (i’m in Ireland if that makes a diferance to the date) cant wait to see the full thing love the color or colour for you american’s lol!

  54. Lvl 50 Fighter Says:

    Whew today I read Marry Me Sore Thumbs and this…a lot of comics for my day off work. I have to say I loving this one. Can’t wait to see what happens next with Mac. This is by far the best Vampire and Zombie anything i’ve seen. Vodka cures vampire-ism…so awesome.

  55. tatz Says:

    finally an uptade!!! >w<!!!
    thank you, keep going please!!
    great job thanks for the story is awesome xD

  56. Sharxz Says:

    Upadate plz >_< im gonna die if i dont see the next page of what happens to mac!!!!!

  57. Kirsten Says:

    I FINNISHED ALL of your comics and am patiently waiting for AWESOME updates
    This one just might be my fave…………

  58. RegularRazor Says:

    You people are so fickle… all for the cussing and insulting when there’s no update, but as soon as one pops up, all that Bad blood is gone xD

    Amazing comic though, it’s just a shame the Last Blood comic isn’t popular/successful enough to be reeling in enough dough that it could be a main project.

  59. Bobbeaver8 Says:

    Is bobby’s stuff getting less popular? It seems to me that the extremely slow update speed for last blood and marry me are affecting its popularity. I find this to be a shame because I find the writing to be far superior to Sore Thumbs. Shame.. shame… ;)

  60. L33tchica Says:


    Hooray! an update! and awesome, too! Love this comic, please keep it up! =D

  61. Theoneguy Says:

    Wow, I don’t come here for 7 months and there’s one new page…and it’s two months old. Maybe I’ll check back in 5 years for a few more pages… :’(

  62. Keenan Says:

    is this buyable in normal comic shops? aand hows the screenplay coming along?

  63. Aylaya Says:

    Like Bobby said – Last Blood is a side project and doesn’t update as much as Dreamless. A while ago someone actually donated 100$ because he enjoyed the comic so much that pretty much translated into a new update. So it might help if people began donating a bit. If not…just enjoy what you get for free :D .

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