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Page 18: Mac Attack!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Great job by artist Owen Gieni on this page.  Love it.

63 Responses to “Page 18: Mac Attack!”

  1. jim Says:

    this comic is awesome

  2. Sam Says:

    Entire Comic
    One Day
    Make More

  3. Gearoid Mac a Bhaird Says:

    anyone know if volume 2 is gona be avalible for the iphone and if so any idea when (i’m in Ireland if that makes a diferance to the date) cant wait to see the full thing love the color or colour for you american’s lol!

  4. Lvl 50 Fighter Says:

    Whew today I read Marry Me Sore Thumbs and this…a lot of comics for my day off work. I have to say I loving this one. Can’t wait to see what happens next with Mac. This is by far the best Vampire and Zombie anything i’ve seen. Vodka cures vampire-ism…so awesome.

  5. tatz Says:

    finally an uptade!!! >w<!!!
    thank you, keep going please!!
    great job thanks for the story is awesome xD

  6. Sharxz Says:

    Upadate plz >_< im gonna die if i dont see the next page of what happens to mac!!!!!

  7. Kirsten Says:

    I FINNISHED ALL of your comics and am patiently waiting for AWESOME updates
    This one just might be my fave…………

  8. RegularRazor Says:

    You people are so fickle… all for the cussing and insulting when there’s no update, but as soon as one pops up, all that Bad blood is gone xD

    Amazing comic though, it’s just a shame the Last Blood comic isn’t popular/successful enough to be reeling in enough dough that it could be a main project.

  9. Bobbeaver8 Says:

    Is bobby’s stuff getting less popular? It seems to me that the extremely slow update speed for last blood and marry me are affecting its popularity. I find this to be a shame because I find the writing to be far superior to Sore Thumbs. Shame.. shame… 😉

  10. L33tchica Says:


    Hooray! an update! and awesome, too! Love this comic, please keep it up! =D

  11. Theoneguy Says:

    Wow, I don’t come here for 7 months and there’s one new page…and it’s two months old. Maybe I’ll check back in 5 years for a few more pages… :'(

  12. Keenan Says:

    is this buyable in normal comic shops? aand hows the screenplay coming along?

  13. Aylaya Says:

    Like Bobby said – Last Blood is a side project and doesn’t update as much as Dreamless. A while ago someone actually donated 100$ because he enjoyed the comic so much that pretty much translated into a new update. So it might help if people began donating a bit. If not…just enjoy what you get for free :D.

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