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Page 17: Wake Up!

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

New page, nice!  Flat colors by Kaezrer.

Look, someone stole one of my videos and put it on break.com (front page now) and then that was linked on digg.com and now it’s one of the most popular topics on there.  Digg it for fun!

And hey, Last Blood is finally on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), thanks to the new ratings system. Go download the first issue for free! Subsequent issues are $0.99 each, with only the second up so far (more soon).

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Go check out Dreamless, my latest comic.

138 Responses to “Page 17: Wake Up!”

  1. RevTech Says:

    WAKE UP! finally, it’s started again.

    btw, no.1

  2. zimpup Says:

    WHoot first comment…nice pages guys

  3. Prilidian Says:

    At last

  4. achrin Says:

    wake up WAKE UP (BANG) ok ok i am awake
    that will get your attention fast enough

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Sleeping vamp’s hands are on backwards when he wakes up… just a heads up.

  6. Krim Says:


  7. Amy Says:

    YAY! An update!

    Love the page! Anonymous is right about the arms being weird, but that is a tough pose to draw and he’s vampire so maybe he can contort himself.

  8. Owen Gieni Says:

    Oh wow! I can’t believe I did that! Backwards hands, embarrassing. Lets pretend reverse thumbs are his special ability until I fix it. His guns are specially modified.

  9. DawnStar Says:

    YEAH! I’ve been waiting for an update and that one was AMAZING! Well worth the wait!!!
    Also, I don’t think I’ve commented on this website… But this comic is AWESOME and the single coolest idea ever! The movie will rock and I can’t wait for it to come out!
    Cheers to the creators! (you rock!!!)

  10. Irot9791 Says:

    wee a new last blood and marry me..im in heaven

  11. Kez Says:

    Yaaaayyyy!!! Thanks Bobby, Owen and Kaezrer for the new page! It is made of awesome to the third degree!

  12. John Says:

    Woo-hoo!! A new page!! I’d so love to see more soon.

  13. JoYe Says:

    Woho! \o/ Update!

    And a great one as well =oD

  14. SEA Says:

    That’s one way to wake him up. XD

  15. Aieon Says:

    Huzzah! Looks like they’re rowing down ole shit creek :/

  16. nathan Says:

    this is my favorite comic.. any actual date for the movie release date?

  17. bakannal Says:

    let’s get it on bro! mac continues his awesomeness.

  18. Beech Says:

    i’d love to check out the new comic, but i dont think i could handle another one of your sporadically updated comics, i prefer ones that are updated AT LEAST monthly ;)

  19. Concert Pi Says:


    You COULD try being a little grateful that there is even anything this remotely good in existence on the internet. I mean… FREE! And freakin AMAZING! I will wait for updates if they only happen once every six years, this is so good!

  20. potsandpans91 Says:

    This is awesome. So glad the comic updated. Cant wait till the next one.

  21. Jimbo Says:

    FUCK YAH!!! Now I beg of you please keep updating at least once a week so i can keep my sanity, it’s too good to only get such a small trickle like this, although I suppose a small trickle is better than none at all.

  22. Anon Says:

    You know Beech, I’m sure Bobby will get at you for this…but have you EVER read the comments sections? Taking shots at him for being busy and not going “Oh shit! I have to update my comics! Lets drop anything else I may have or want to do and get down to that!” will not get him to suddenly have magical update powers. Enjoy the releases when they come out, check out other comics, even if they’re not Bobby’s, until then.

  23. Endless Says:

    @Pi and Anon

    He’s got a little winky smile at the end there, he’s partaking in some playful ribaldry not launching an angry tirade against Bobby’s non-existent update schedule. He’s poking fun not “taking shots” calm yourselves.

  24. Beech Says:

    Woah. The venom. Hey, i wasnt “taking shots” or being angry that “he’s busy,” just stating that i don’t like reading stuff that isnt updated regularly, but the problem is, like it or not, i’m hooked on this series even though it isn’t moving nearly quick enough for my tastes. Therefore, instead of getting hooked on another series and chancing the agony of waiting for updates i prefer to find other things on the interweb to draw my attention. This applies to you “concert pi,” you make it sound like this comic is the pinacle of human achievement and there’s nothing else worth reading on the internet. Believe me, i do like this comic, but there IS tons of other stuff on the web as well (including other comics about zombies, and one where they’re against a physician who’s also a ninja).

  25. J Says:

    Welcome back guys and thanks for a cool update

  26. Meredith Says:

    AHHH! Dreamless?!? I love that comic, read it all in an hour! I found this after dreamless, and I kept feeling like I had read something that made me feel the same way…duh! same creator! I am a huge fan, keep up the amazing AMAZING work! Jimbo can shut his big fat gob, btw. as long as you update eventually I’m happy!

  27. Earwax Says:

    Do like the update cheers mate.

  28. sco3tt Says:

    That’s a helluva way to get woke up. Happened to me once, and yeah, knocked my hands clean backwards for about 15 seconds.

    Cool update, thanks guys!

  29. LadyViolet Says:

    ummm this comic is TOTALLY worth
    waiting for…especially in
    colour =D

  30. Chester Salient Says:


  31. Corscaria Says:

    LMAO, that’s one way to wake the dead!

  32. Serefina Says:

    Good page! LOL Wake up! That was funny. Too bad that the zombies are active again. That sucks. But I love your comic and this page!

  33. Sethaius Says:

    Now I’m just eager to see what Bobby has to say about the ranting and raving…. His capacity for rebuttal is -almost- as amazing as this comic. Long time ready, first time commenter, and honestly, I’ve gone through this series many a time on subsequent visits simply to ready how Bobby replies to these comments. The positive ones make me smile, and the replies to any flames he unduely receives simply leave me giggling. I love it. The man is on my top 5 list of Web-Comic creators, in my honest opinion, and I’ll continue to check back to read his comments, and most importantly, view his work.

    Keep on, Good Sir, do what you do. :-D

  34. Drakoneano Says:

    Nice way to wake up someone, sadly that won’t work with the same efficacy on humans =/

  35. Chrisimply Says:

    Just found this comic a couple of days ago, finally caught-up with the story… Been Hooked all along, Truly brilliant work!

  36. Ariella Says:

    OMFG!!! best comic EVER!!! i LOVE the characters!! me n my sister were reading it for ages and when the zombies were shooting at each other, my sis was just like “PLOT TWIST! PLOT TWIST!!!” she loved it! lol!

    EXCELLENT ART!!! i can understand how long it would take to do all of these pictures!! aaah! i would kill to have more pages updated (literally which is really concerning. O.o) but what you guys are doing already is AMAZING!!! even without colour it was so awsum! love the story line, the characters… and this is the first time I’ve ever commented so please peeps… be gentle if your wishing to criticise this as i see you people do to other comments. O.o

    but yes.. .AWESOME COMIC!!! mac’s just like “Oh! theres a leetle buggy on yah! LET ME SHOOT IT FOR YOU! HMWAHAHAHA!” >D…
    well… not really but he’s just plain awesumness.

    AND ILY 4EVA ADDISON!!! *fan girl squeel* XD

    kk’s… i depart nows… bye!!! =3
    xx, Arielle

  37. amaria Says:

    I’m so excited!! Terrific job, as always, Bobby and Owen!!

  38. Bobby Crosby Says:

    To those new readers: I suggest trying “Marry Me” and “Dreamless” too.



  39. Rakshas Says:

    But I’ve been caught up on those comics for the last 3 months Bobby! :)

    I really enjoy all of your comics. They’re only a few of the total I read online, but I always look forward to updates.

  40. Altair Says:

    “You are.” LOL =D YAY LAST BLOOD IS BAAAACK! Happyhappy. In between updates, I’ve gotten five people hooked on it. =D

  41. Altair Says:

    @ Beech : Yes! Doctor McNinja is epic.

  42. minishaw Says:

    really hopeing for an update on this one. one can only wish for a run of 4 or 5 updates in a 2 month period but dreams are dreams

  43. EmpoftheEarth Says:

    Hi Bobby,

    Emp loves the comic…He commands an update! He is relishing the story but is sick of seeing Mr. Clean every time he clicks on the sitepage. Need any help?

  44. Hchano Says:

    Ahh yay. Glad this is getting updated again. I missed it :<

  45. Amy Says:

    I’ve gotten a friend hooked on this comic this week. In one day he read through it all, even going to classes!

  46. Ariella Says:

    it’s not too hard to get hooked to this! My sister and I read through it together when i found it. It’s pure awesumness!!!

  47. DennisK Says:

    excellent, this battle will look great in the new color I hope.

  48. Cyric Says:

    Too bad that only the zombies will get to see the end of it … as we will freaking die of old age before the next page comes out. :D

  49. niukal Says:

    ok dreamless is part of
    am i missing something every 1 else allready knows ?

  50. Cooki Says:

    Wah, I want the killeh killey!
    Make the killeh killey happen, Bobby!
    Or I’m no longer your best friend. D:
    You too, Owen.
    Or mebbeh just Bobby.
    Owen has pretty pictures. ;D
    lotsa love,
    But you better hurry up! ;}

  51. Nick Says:

    I just found the Last Blood app on my iPhone, went through it. Liked what I saw. Went to this site and was HOOKED! And now we play the waiting game….

  52. EmpoftheEarth Says:

    Hmmm…when should we expect the next update? Is the author ok? It has been a long time since the last time it was updated. Anyone know the author?

  53. Nick Says:

    When WAS the last update? Sorry, I’m knew to this series. This would make a pretty good movie. I hope it would be a movie. I hope Sullivan’s undead army destroys the other zombies. I mean c’mon, zombies with guns seems kinda interesting=)

  54. matt Says:

    Come on!!!! NEED MORE PAGES been waiting 4 awhile…. I Cant take it anymore!!!!!

  55. J. Says:

    Well, I have to say that Last Blood’s irregular update schedule may very well be hurting it somewhat. On one hand, this is Mr. Crosby’s comic, and he’s entitled to update whenever he damn well pleases. On the other hand. . .well, this update was on Sept. 5, and I’m only reading it now. In other words, I stopped caring about this comic and only came back to it when reminded by an ad on another comic I was reading.
    Frankly, I’m probably going to forget about this comic again. And that’s a shame, because it’s quite good. But if the story doesn’t move along at a regular pace, what’s the point, you know? Other things to do. Given that Mr. Crosby seems to be involved with other projects himself, I’m sure he understands.

  56. Cyric Says:

    To the people asking when the last update was … check out the date of the first comment on this page, it might give you a good lead. *wink* *wink*

  57. Hommewithnoname Says:

    I read it through in one go too. Perhaps I should have taken it slower. But it was sooo gooood! Zombification and Vampyres too? No chance of taking it easy with that combo. Hahaha.

  58. brunettegoboom Says:

    So I just saw a recent trailer for a movie that sounds a LOT like this comic…can’t remember the name of it and I’m not sure if it’s yours or not.

  59. brunettegoboom Says:

    DAYBREAKERS! That’s what it’s called…

  60. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “ok dreamless is part of
    am i missing something every 1 else allready knows ?”

    I’m the writer of it. Sarah Ellerton draws it. What are you confused about?

  61. Murphy Says:

    Love the comic, seriously one of my favorites of all time, I’m just wondering if we can expect an update soon or not, either way is cool with me, but if you could give us a heads up Mr. Crosby it would be very appreciated, thanks


  62. some dude Says:

    there is only one webcomic that can get away with never updating, and yet drawing me back every week or so to check on it. That would be this one.

  63. Blaise Jones Says:

    wow, finally caught up, took awhile. dude, i love zombies and i love vampires (not the gay ass twilight versions though), and i abso-fucking-lutely love this comic. i’ll be on the look out for it the next time i got to a book store. i hope the movie turns out well.

  64. damzturat Says:

    ya know, mac is honestly the most awsome character… besides francis(awsomely a whiny little bitch), then its rage.
    come now ‘i want to check just how awsome i am’ and then waking up vampires with a bullet to the chest?! wtf amazin, jest amazin
    if grady and mac were in one vamp body… rage would be blown out of the water.

  65. damzturat Says:

    in regaurds to the guy that posted before me… i love humans, imagine what kind of people they were like before being vamps.
    i could see val as a hooker, but not one of the hookers with a heart… just kinda fits… francis as a peeping tom, and rage as a typical happy-go-lucky serial-killer/neckbreaker.

  66. Disappointed Says:

    I find it sad that its taken you about 5 months to put up a single page. You’ve neglected all your comics and fans, and disapeared to do god knows what. Whatever happened to the movie deal? Or the script? Everything seems to be barely updated and its taken over a year to get, what has it been, 4-5 pages? Year and a half maybe.

    Bobby, your a disappointment

  67. Bobby Crosby Says:

    You haven’t been reading “Dreamless” apparently (37 pages since January). And there’s been seven “Last Blood” pages this year, not four or five in a year and a half. There’s been 14 “Marry Me” pages this year and 20 “+EV” strips. That’s 78 total comic pages in the past 10 months. Still not very much, but a lot more than you’re saying. Been busy trying to launch a bunch of other projects and working on film/TV possibilities.

  68. Allan Says:

    Just curious, how can someone steal a video that you put up for free on the internet?

  69. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Allan: Don’t understand the question. What do you mean? Same way they can steal these comics and put ‘em on their own site or print ‘em and sell ‘em. The guy who put my video on Break made $400 from that apparently.

  70. Allan Says:

    “Steal” implies that there was some degree of ownership. Since it’s in the free section of the site (I assume) that means you were distributing it free. If someone took something you were giving away, and managed to spin money out of it, isn’t that a good thing for them? It’s like an artist buying a can of baked beans and using the label in an artwork they do. Sure, they didn’t make the label, but they used it in a creative way.

    Unless he claimed the video was his, or that he made it, can’t really steal something that is being given away for free.

  71. Bobby Crosby Says:

    What the fuck are you talking about? I shot the video, I caught the ball, I posted it for people to enjoy on YouTube, then this guy posts it on another site and makes money off it. Obviously it’s a good thing for THEM, while it’s obviously a very annoying thing for me. (It’s also kind of cool to see that it’s so popular, but annoying that this thief would not contact me about it at all or offer any of the money to me.) Are you the one who stole it or what???

    And this is just what the fuck: “It’s like an artist buying a can of baked beans and using the label in an artwork they do.”

    How is it in any conceivable way like that?

    “Sure, they didn’t make the label, but they used it in a creative way.”

    What? They didn’t alter the video in any way — they simply stole it and posted it on a different site where they made $400 off it. You’re calling someone who steals the video and posts it on another site an ARTIST???

    “Unless he claimed the video was his, or that he made it, can’t really steal something that is being given away for free.”

    LOL, what. So you think there’s nothing wrong with the guy who recently used a ton of webcomics without permission in an iPhone app that he was selling? He never claimed that he made the comics, but he had to quickly remove the app when the creators of the comics found out and threatened to sue him because he was doing something very illegal.

  72. Strigoi Says:

    Stumbled upon the comic a few days ago and I haven’t been able to stop reading it since. Can’t wait for another update.

  73. Pwntatochip Says:

    Bobby C. I just wanted to say thx for the amazing comic. I really hope it gets a TV/Film treatment. I understand that you are busy and hope you find time in your busy schedule to continue this amazing story.

    One last thing, in regards to the worries about a viable gene pool for the human survivors, tho they run the risk of lower genetic diversity and recessives traits they do have more then enough people to create a viable gene pool as shown by this article where a 400 person tribe has been shown to have descended from at most 5 original founders.


  74. Ferret Says:

    Just stumbled across Last Blood the other day, had a mammoth reading session – love every page of it. Would definitely go to see a movie adaptation! Thanks Bobby!

  75. Allan Says:

    I don’t know about the legality of it, relevant laws on that change across states, let alone cross-countries. However, I fail to see the immorality of it. To my eyes (and I do recognise I am working from only my perspective, which is limited) you seem jealous. Justifiably so, but I don’t see how getting aggravated will change anything.

    As for my artist analogy, there was an artist in the 70′s who was big into that sort of thing, very successful. I can’t call his name to mind at the moment, I’m afraid, maybe someone who is good on art history could chime in?

  76. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Jeez. It’s clear now that you have some sort of problem with your brain.

    “there was an artist in the 70’s who was big into that sort of thing, very successful.”

    What’s with more artist talk??? What don’t you understand about this? Do you still think this person altered the video in some way? All he did was steal my video from YouTube and post it on his Break account as if he owned it and he cashed in $400 from it because the footage I shot was popular enough to make the front page of the site. But you somehow “fail to see the immorality of it.” And “jealous,” what the fuck. That’s like telling a victim of a robbery that they’re jealous of the criminal who stole their TV and sold it. Anyway, no more posts from you.

  77. Nick Says:

    Hey, I’d like to point out to anyone here claiming that Bobby is ‘A disappointment’ or any of that shit; since when is it your right to receive regular updates to a Free, Online Comic? You don’t exactly pay him to update; so your not losing out on anything here. It’s nobody’s Job just to create constant amusement for you people, So be thankful that you’ve already got so many Last Blood pages, as well as all those ‘Marry Me’s, +EVs, Dreamless, Godmode, and whatever the hell else you want to read.

    If you’re only reading this one comic, and your annoyed that it’s so irregular; That’s like expecting a new Starwars movie every month, and then complaining to Lucas’ That he hasn’t produced one in the ridiculously short span of time they’ve given him. Because obviously it’s his duty in life to make others happy at his expense…

    Oh and Allan. What the Fuck man.

  78. nonsparkleyvampfan Says:

    This has to be among the best vampire-related anything of all time. I’m just sorry this one, the very best of the writer’s various projects (not that Dreamless or Marry Me for instance are bad), has to suffer for others to succeed.

    Like the vampires this comic is about, Last Blood should visciously and violently suck the resources out of less awesome projects and take the web comic world by storm with a sereis of incredible new updates!!!!!

  79. copyrightquestion Says:

    Mr. Crosby, as far as I know, it’s amoral, but not illegal, to make money off of the free work of someone else, as long as the original work is not passed off as being created or designed by the profiteer. As far as I know, if you aren’t losing money by them making money, there’s nothing you can do unless they put thier name on it.

    If he/she is trying to pass it off as his/hers, or he/she is somehow depriving you of profits, then he/she may have a lawsuit on his/her hands if you so chose to pursue it. If this does occur, I wish you the best of luck, and hope the accused thief is left penniless

  80. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I never said the video stealing was illegal, but it’s definitely illegal to take these comics and profit off them without permission obviously.

  81. Nick Says:

    Technically It’s Piracy. Somebody else manufacturing something they don’t own, or have rights to; and making a profit for it.

    And anybody who’s got a DVD player knows that Piracy in any form is a Crime. Mostly people don’t care, Movie directors get hundreds of billions from their films. But considering Crosby’ doesn’t do this for profit, and it’s all he and Owen’s Handywork making these comics; It’s beyond anybody’s morality to steal that.

    You wouldn’t steal a handbag…

    Would you steal a handstiched, hand-embroidered handbag that the old Lady spent a week and a half making?

    If so you’re a sick fuck…

  82. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “But considering Crosby’ doesn’t do this for profit, and it’s all he and Owen’s Handywork making these comics”

    I don’t do the videos for profit, but I certainly do the comics for profit. Four issues of “Last Blood” and the graphic novel were all distributed by Diamond to comic stores everywhere, plus we make money from ads on this site (and the books we sell on the site), and don’t forget movie deals:


  83. Keenan Says:

    start last blood back up! you guys should make t-shirts

  84. Coco Graves Says:

    i know right! i need to see how they get out of this mess! i also wanna see matheson try to fight as a human lol.

  85. TwoTanks Says:

    @Bobby Crosby just wanted to say I love this comic and dreamless. How do you find the time to do all your projects? Keep up the awesome work :)

  86. Alden Says:

    is there any word on when we might be expecting to see prieviews or anything for this?

  87. Altair Says:

    I started reading Last Blood my junior year of highschool. Now I’m a freshman in college, and even though the updates are understandably sporadic — I know how a handful of projects (especially ‘Dreamless’, wow that’s an amazing comic!) can take up lots of time — the wait is definintly worth it.

    About 2 and a half years (I think) after starting to read Last Blood, I keep checking the site at least once a week. I’ve bought 2 copies of the book now, ’cause the first one was read to pieces, and I’ve gotten about 6 or 7 people hooked on it.

    So, Mr. Crosby, your Last Blood fanbase is still alive and kicking…or maybe it’s just undead. Either way, we’re willing to wait for more awesome epicosity, because Last Blood is, well, Last Blood.

    I just wish there was some movie news floating around. I need to know when and where I’ll be able to pour money into my local theater and stare at the screen until my brain melts out of my ears or my head explodes from sheer awesome.

  88. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Might be some very cool movie news soon.

  89. sco3tt Says:

    That’d rock! Good luck with that, I’d love to see this as a movie!

  90. Keenan Says:

    3 great movies:
    Last Blood
    Marvel Zombies.

    started reading Marry Me, not my cup o tea. loved the art and writing, but the story itself not a fan.last blood rules!!

  91. Totalanarchy Says:

    Can i just clear something up?

    The Vodka turned Matheson into a human again right? But how long is this for? I swear Adison Payne was drinking gallons of Vodka in earlier strips; without it having any effect on him.

    Is matheson human for good now?

    And what’s up with Mac? Why is he so damned awesome… is he like a superhuman?

  92. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “The Vodka turned Matheson into a human again right?”

    It was in vodka bottles, but it certainly wasn’t vodka.

  93. Johnny Says:

    Love it. I’m hooked, and craving more. Please to honor us wika more panels.

  94. Truffle Says:

    Its been months since an update to the comic when are we going to start seeing new pages?

  95. Totalanarchy Says:

    It wasn’t Vodka!? Oh god a twist! :D

    But still, Is Mac secretly infected? I swear he should have been bitten by now…

  96. Casey Says:

    Is everything okay? I really like the comics, but it’s never updated :(

  97. An Actual Fan Says:

    Finally decided to read through the comments after this here 3 months.

    I look forward to the upcoming movie news!

  98. Dan Says:

    Dear Santa,
    I’ve been really good this year, and I only want one thing. I would like an update of Last Blood. Failing that, I would like an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.

  99. Tim Says:

    Hey guys when are more going to be released. I check the site in hopes I will get to see more but everytime I am crushed to see it has not happened yet.

  100. sco3tt Says:

    Sweet! 100th comment! What do I win?

  101. Hommewithnoname Says:

    I’m liking the idea of cool movie news. :) Congrats (and fingers crossed for you).

  102. CatVonVampFan15 Says:

    Awsome job to everyone involved. Can’t wait for more, but especially would love to hear news about the movie. Waiting with baited breath (or is that blooded breath).

    To the impatient folks – good things come to those that wait…patiently. I’d love more frequent updates, but Bobby and the others have lots of irons in the fire. Be content he just doesn’t scrap the whole thing so he doesn’t have to read all the griping and get p*@@ed off.

  103. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    This is one of the best web comics I’ve ever read! WHY ARE THERE NO UPDATES? This would make a perfect movie, blow Blade and that SHIT Twilight out into deep space.

  104. Tatiana Says:

    este comic esta increible pero… llevo meses esperando a que pongan algo nuevo :(
    espero que pronto suban algo, gracias por el comic n_n
    feliz año!! espero que tengas mucha creatividad para todos tus proyectos, por cierto, dreamless tiene una linda historia , suerte con ese tambien =D

  105. Lumiere Says:

    How come updates are so few and irregular nowadays?

  106. nikki Says:

    why aren’t there any new comics yet? it’s been months!!!

  107. Keenan Says:

    i want a movie or a new page…. SOON!!!

  108. RegularRazor Says:

    Last Time I checked it wasn’t Actually Cosby’s Duty to provide Regular and constant updates to Last Blood. He is human, and he does have things to do.

    If you want a Regularly updated webcomic; Read something like Sorethumbs or Dreamless. But accept that Last Blood is clearly a side-project; of which the comic is not particularly high priority.

  109. kyle Says:

    can any1 tell me wen they put up new pages im really excited bout the nex 1 also can u tell me wen the movies coming out and whats its name

  110. kyle Says:

    why isnt his shirt ripped or bloodied or something

  111. Symeon Says:

    Not a priority? It’s a feature-film-to-be. Not even Penny Arcade can claim that. How on Earth is attracting more attention to this story not Job One? Human he may be, but shouldn’t this project be the one that gets the lion’s share of the effort?

    I don’t want to start a nasty flame war and I know that negative comments generally get walloped pretty hard on these comment lists, but I have found this genuinely perplexing ever since the Variety filler comic.

    This comic is a fresh horror idea (SO RARE), and it inspired a movie.
    What makes the other projects more important than this one?

  112. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Because new projects can actually help to make new movie deals and because “Marry Me” and “+EV” can make more money online than “Last Blood.” I’m genuinely perplexed by your confusion. New pages of “Last Blood” will not help any with movie stuff and that’s been the case since the first graphic novel was completed over two years ago. New pages of my other comics make more money and/or can help lead to new movie deals. At this point the main reason to do new “Last Blood” pages is to appease a fan base that mostly hates me, and to at least keep a small trickle of visitors coming here to make some ad money. In terms of priority in my mind on a scale of 1-10: “Dreamless” 10, “Marry Me” 4, “+EV” 3, “Last Blood” 1, and any new projects starting now (hopefully some soon) would be like a 9.

  113. thiscomicisOVER Says:

    Ouch, show of hands who would be willing to pay a quarter for new pages of the Last Blood? Look around Bobby, many of us are willing to pay a lot to read these pages. I know we can bring in more than your other online comics. Tell me what do to and I will send you my 5 dollars now(It is worth more than a quarter).

    By the way, the fans do like you, we just think you are a prick and that you need your ass kick, of course only as long as it doesn’t affect your ability to write new pages :)

  114. Bobby Crosby Says:

    PayPal: bobbyc512@gmail.com

    If I get $20 in the next week (by 11:59 PM Pacific time on January 27), there will be a new page up by February 4th, 2010.

  115. DubLord Says:

    Ah…a shame it come to a stop :) very good series. really enjoyed it so far. I thought it might be a bit cheesy to begin with but stuck with it due to the art to begin with but then I was drawn in fully, script + art.

    No complaints from me!

    Any chance of getting an RSS feed for this?

    I wont miss any future updates then, how ever sporadic they may be.

    Good luck Bobby.

    hope you carry this on.


  116. Zaldaran Says:

    “Might be some very cool movie news soon.”

    Any updates on that?

  117. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Not yet. More frustration instead.

  118. Tim O Says:

    Hey Bobby! Love the comic! Its great. I understand you are busy. Everyone else stop givin this guy a hard time. I would like to see any of you come up with an idea like this and then also be able to draw it. Dont piss off the artist or he could just stop all together and then where would we be? Dead in the water. As far as your comment about 20$ I will donate 100$ when I get paid this next check to see more pages. But seriously love your work and I personally appreciate all that you do!

  119. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks, Tim. No donations received yet. Half of any donations will go to the artist, Owen Gieni, by the way.

  120. Keenan Says:

    dude i really wish i had a credit card for donations.and i am sad at the lose of last blood slowing extremely. i have no hard fealings but i think that u should do last blood for the love of the story. not for fans or money.cant wait for the movie man!and to tim,thank you!

  121. thiscomicisOVER Says:

    All too easy…

    Damn, I can hear the Superman music playing in my head as I hit the paypal button. What? Hearing the Superman music in my head too much?

  122. Jnickfury Says:

    I just read every pages in 2 days ( would have done it in one but priority to my kids, gods I love them ). Just can’t find the words …. It’s f£#%*&$ great!! Hope you’ll have some good news for the movie soon. By the way is it me or is the movie Daybreaker a lot like last blood? Vampire transforming if they go hungry, very few humans alive, a famous scientist trying to find a cure…. I can’t stop thinking someone copied you….

  123. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Ugh, didn’t even know those details. Hate the thought of that movie, despise all the people reminding me of it lately. Hate everything, hate life.

  124. K C Says:

    Hey, I just started and now I am hooked. When are the new updates?

  125. Phantom Says:

    Oh K C, you are too funny.

    Maybe you should check the dates of the last few pages and see if there’s a pattern – you’re in for a surprise :)

  126. Tim O Says:

    Bobby! I still plan on donating that to you! I get paid this friday!

  127. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks, Tim, and I’m counting on it, since TWO new pages have been written now, partly because of your pledge, and Owen should finish the first one soon hopefully.

  128. TuJu Says:

    Bobby, maybe you should add some kind of donation-o-meter, so that after certain amount of donations we would get a new page. Progress bar or something like that.

  129. Keenan Says:

    oh yes!!! new page!!!
    and bobby, cheer up im going to blog my f¢£¥ing brains out that this movie is the best and daybreakers is gosh dang bulls¤¥$! im by your side man!

  130. Hey Says:

    What I want to know is did anyone pay, and is this worth more than dreamless is now?

    I also want to know if they have talked to Dark Horse about getting this on their brand and if the movie deal went to New Line.

    I would have went to those to places first.

    Does Bobby even have an agent?

  131. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Have an agent at WME.

    How could this ever be worth more than “Dreamless” before “Dreamless” is done??? I said “Dreamless” is a 10 and this is a 1. You think $20 or $100 could change that? A $10,000 donation wouldn’t even change that. So far $20 has been given.

    Why would anyone talk to Dark Horse? I’ve been publishing my own comics since the early ’90s and that will never change.

    Benderspink had a first look deal with New Line, but I’m not sure if they ever even showed it to them, because Benderspink is extremely horrible and I let my deal with them expire many months ago.

  132. AL_Tech Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Long time since i wrote, I love the comics work you all do…i have read some of the comments here and I just will wait for the movie news for Last Blood.

    I would love to read more but I am sure you all are busy with life too.
    tyvm for what you have created :)

  133. K C Says:

    Well all I got to say is it is you are on the grind and tryin’ to get things done. So I understand that you got multiple things on the cooker. I would love to see anything you and your brother makes as well as the other artists that you guys work with on the BIG screen, Made for TV, or straight to DVD. Your comics have kept me busy for at least a year since I have been playing soccer out in Holland. Can’t wait for updates. I know this sounds corny, but I just had to say it. In highshool I tried to do the same thing that you are doing now, and it didn’t get off the ground. So I say good luck with all of your teams projects.

  134. Tim O Says:

    Sorry about the delay Bobby. But I did send the $100 though paypal. Again I appreciate all your hard work and when ever you can get some new pages that would awesome!

  135. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks to K C and a special thanks to Tim, who actually sent $100. Pretty cool that we’ve now received $120 in donations just from the few people who actually still check all the comments for this most recent page that went up five months ago.

    Keep the donations coming and it will definitely translate into more pages. My PayPal:


    Owen gets half the money.

  136. Tim O Says:

    Hey everyone that reads this comic. If everyone just donates even $10 it will add up. And really whats $10 worth now a days? New last blood pages thats what!!!!!!!!! Donate though pay pal. If we all come together on this we can see more pages and I know thats what you all want just like me!

  137. Keenan Says:

    make a new page for the love of it! not for money! do it for us Bobby! Please!!!

  138. Ville Says:

    Keenan, reeeeeeally?
    Bwahahahahaaa! You have no idea at all (or brains to comprehend for that matter) how Bobby operates.
    I’m all for sending him sweet sweet cash and I just a might any day now.

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