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Page 17: Wake Up!

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

New page, nice!  Flat colors by Kaezrer.

Look, someone stole one of my videos and put it on break.com (front page now) and then that was linked on digg.com and now it’s one of the most popular topics on there.  Digg it for fun!

And hey, Last Blood is finally on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), thanks to the new ratings system. Go download the first issue for free! Subsequent issues are $0.99 each, with only the second up so far (more soon).

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Go check out Dreamless, my latest comic.

138 Responses to “Page 17: Wake Up!”

  1. Hommewithnoname Says:

    I’m liking the idea of cool movie news. 🙂 Congrats (and fingers crossed for you).

  2. CatVonVampFan15 Says:

    Awsome job to everyone involved. Can’t wait for more, but especially would love to hear news about the movie. Waiting with baited breath (or is that blooded breath).

    To the impatient folks – good things come to those that wait…patiently. I’d love more frequent updates, but Bobby and the others have lots of irons in the fire. Be content he just doesn’t scrap the whole thing so he doesn’t have to read all the griping and get p*@@ed off.

  3. Rovage St Laurent Says:

    This is one of the best web comics I’ve ever read! WHY ARE THERE NO UPDATES? This would make a perfect movie, blow Blade and that SHIT Twilight out into deep space.

  4. Tatiana Says:

    este comic esta increible pero… llevo meses esperando a que pongan algo nuevo 🙁
    espero que pronto suban algo, gracias por el comic n_n
    feliz año!! espero que tengas mucha creatividad para todos tus proyectos, por cierto, dreamless tiene una linda historia , suerte con ese tambien =D

  5. Lumiere Says:

    How come updates are so few and irregular nowadays?

  6. nikki Says:

    why aren’t there any new comics yet? it’s been months!!!

  7. Keenan Says:

    i want a movie or a new page…. SOON!!!

  8. RegularRazor Says:

    Last Time I checked it wasn’t Actually Cosby’s Duty to provide Regular and constant updates to Last Blood. He is human, and he does have things to do.

    If you want a Regularly updated webcomic; Read something like Sorethumbs or Dreamless. But accept that Last Blood is clearly a side-project; of which the comic is not particularly high priority.

  9. kyle Says:

    can any1 tell me wen they put up new pages im really excited bout the nex 1 also can u tell me wen the movies coming out and whats its name

  10. kyle Says:

    why isnt his shirt ripped or bloodied or something

  11. Symeon Says:

    Not a priority? It’s a feature-film-to-be. Not even Penny Arcade can claim that. How on Earth is attracting more attention to this story not Job One? Human he may be, but shouldn’t this project be the one that gets the lion’s share of the effort?

    I don’t want to start a nasty flame war and I know that negative comments generally get walloped pretty hard on these comment lists, but I have found this genuinely perplexing ever since the Variety filler comic.

    This comic is a fresh horror idea (SO RARE), and it inspired a movie.
    What makes the other projects more important than this one?

  12. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Because new projects can actually help to make new movie deals and because “Marry Me” and “+EV” can make more money online than “Last Blood.” I’m genuinely perplexed by your confusion. New pages of “Last Blood” will not help any with movie stuff and that’s been the case since the first graphic novel was completed over two years ago. New pages of my other comics make more money and/or can help lead to new movie deals. At this point the main reason to do new “Last Blood” pages is to appease a fan base that mostly hates me, and to at least keep a small trickle of visitors coming here to make some ad money. In terms of priority in my mind on a scale of 1-10: “Dreamless” 10, “Marry Me” 4, “+EV” 3, “Last Blood” 1, and any new projects starting now (hopefully some soon) would be like a 9.

  13. thiscomicisOVER Says:

    Ouch, show of hands who would be willing to pay a quarter for new pages of the Last Blood? Look around Bobby, many of us are willing to pay a lot to read these pages. I know we can bring in more than your other online comics. Tell me what do to and I will send you my 5 dollars now(It is worth more than a quarter).

    By the way, the fans do like you, we just think you are a prick and that you need your ass kick, of course only as long as it doesn’t affect your ability to write new pages 🙂

  14. Bobby Crosby Says:

    PayPal: bobbyc512@gmail.com

    If I get $20 in the next week (by 11:59 PM Pacific time on January 27), there will be a new page up by February 4th, 2010.

  15. DubLord Says:

    Ah…a shame it come to a stop 🙂 very good series. really enjoyed it so far. I thought it might be a bit cheesy to begin with but stuck with it due to the art to begin with but then I was drawn in fully, script + art.

    No complaints from me!

    Any chance of getting an RSS feed for this?

    I wont miss any future updates then, how ever sporadic they may be.

    Good luck Bobby.

    hope you carry this on.


  16. Zaldaran Says:

    “Might be some very cool movie news soon.”

    Any updates on that?

  17. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Not yet. More frustration instead.

  18. Tim O Says:

    Hey Bobby! Love the comic! Its great. I understand you are busy. Everyone else stop givin this guy a hard time. I would like to see any of you come up with an idea like this and then also be able to draw it. Dont piss off the artist or he could just stop all together and then where would we be? Dead in the water. As far as your comment about 20$ I will donate 100$ when I get paid this next check to see more pages. But seriously love your work and I personally appreciate all that you do!

  19. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks, Tim. No donations received yet. Half of any donations will go to the artist, Owen Gieni, by the way.

  20. Keenan Says:

    dude i really wish i had a credit card for donations.and i am sad at the lose of last blood slowing extremely. i have no hard fealings but i think that u should do last blood for the love of the story. not for fans or money.cant wait for the movie man!and to tim,thank you!

  21. thiscomicisOVER Says:

    All too easy…

    Damn, I can hear the Superman music playing in my head as I hit the paypal button. What? Hearing the Superman music in my head too much?

  22. Jnickfury Says:

    I just read every pages in 2 days ( would have done it in one but priority to my kids, gods I love them ). Just can’t find the words …. It’s f£#%*&$ great!! Hope you’ll have some good news for the movie soon. By the way is it me or is the movie Daybreaker a lot like last blood? Vampire transforming if they go hungry, very few humans alive, a famous scientist trying to find a cure…. I can’t stop thinking someone copied you….

  23. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Ugh, didn’t even know those details. Hate the thought of that movie, despise all the people reminding me of it lately. Hate everything, hate life.

  24. K C Says:

    Hey, I just started and now I am hooked. When are the new updates?

  25. Phantom Says:

    Oh K C, you are too funny.

    Maybe you should check the dates of the last few pages and see if there’s a pattern – you’re in for a surprise 🙂

  26. Tim O Says:

    Bobby! I still plan on donating that to you! I get paid this friday!

  27. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks, Tim, and I’m counting on it, since TWO new pages have been written now, partly because of your pledge, and Owen should finish the first one soon hopefully.

  28. TuJu Says:

    Bobby, maybe you should add some kind of donation-o-meter, so that after certain amount of donations we would get a new page. Progress bar or something like that.

  29. Keenan Says:

    oh yes!!! new page!!!
    and bobby, cheer up im going to blog my f¢£¥ing brains out that this movie is the best and daybreakers is gosh dang bulls¤¥$! im by your side man!

  30. Hey Says:

    What I want to know is did anyone pay, and is this worth more than dreamless is now?

    I also want to know if they have talked to Dark Horse about getting this on their brand and if the movie deal went to New Line.

    I would have went to those to places first.

    Does Bobby even have an agent?

  31. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Have an agent at WME.

    How could this ever be worth more than “Dreamless” before “Dreamless” is done??? I said “Dreamless” is a 10 and this is a 1. You think $20 or $100 could change that? A $10,000 donation wouldn’t even change that. So far $20 has been given.

    Why would anyone talk to Dark Horse? I’ve been publishing my own comics since the early ’90s and that will never change.

    Benderspink had a first look deal with New Line, but I’m not sure if they ever even showed it to them, because Benderspink is extremely horrible and I let my deal with them expire many months ago.

  32. AL_Tech Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Long time since i wrote, I love the comics work you all do…i have read some of the comments here and I just will wait for the movie news for Last Blood.

    I would love to read more but I am sure you all are busy with life too.
    tyvm for what you have created 🙂

  33. K C Says:

    Well all I got to say is it is you are on the grind and tryin’ to get things done. So I understand that you got multiple things on the cooker. I would love to see anything you and your brother makes as well as the other artists that you guys work with on the BIG screen, Made for TV, or straight to DVD. Your comics have kept me busy for at least a year since I have been playing soccer out in Holland. Can’t wait for updates. I know this sounds corny, but I just had to say it. In highshool I tried to do the same thing that you are doing now, and it didn’t get off the ground. So I say good luck with all of your teams projects.

  34. Tim O Says:

    Sorry about the delay Bobby. But I did send the $100 though paypal. Again I appreciate all your hard work and when ever you can get some new pages that would awesome!

  35. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks to K C and a special thanks to Tim, who actually sent $100. Pretty cool that we’ve now received $120 in donations just from the few people who actually still check all the comments for this most recent page that went up five months ago.

    Keep the donations coming and it will definitely translate into more pages. My PayPal:


    Owen gets half the money.

  36. Tim O Says:

    Hey everyone that reads this comic. If everyone just donates even $10 it will add up. And really whats $10 worth now a days? New last blood pages thats what!!!!!!!!! Donate though pay pal. If we all come together on this we can see more pages and I know thats what you all want just like me!

  37. Keenan Says:

    make a new page for the love of it! not for money! do it for us Bobby! Please!!!

  38. Ville Says:

    Keenan, reeeeeeally?
    Bwahahahahaaa! You have no idea at all (or brains to comprehend for that matter) how Bobby operates.
    I’m all for sending him sweet sweet cash and I just a might any day now.

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