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Cool New Art + Last Blood on the iPhone!

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

It’s not a new page, but it is very cool art from Owen Gieni! Considering using this as a standee for the San Diego Comic-Con booth, which is just a couple weeks away! You can purchase the Last Blood graphic novel through this link or just come to San Diego (July 22-26) and find the Blatant Comics booth (#1328). Anyone who is cosplaying any characters from any of the comics I write will get a free book of their choice!

28 Responses to “Cool New Art + Last Blood on the iPhone!”

  1. Scotty Macloud Says:

    Awsome page. Love Bad ass Mac!

  2. Lydia Says:

    Holy crap, it’s been so long I actually did a double take at seeing those familiar faces again.

  3. Sim^moN Says:

    Oh my gawd… I pissed my pants… and again… and… wait…

    Anyways – cool art – glad you still do anything with LB. Im following the updates weekly, so please – surprise me with more new pages!

  4. Drakoneano Says:

    excelent art! great evil smile from rage 😛

  5. Jimbo Says:

    New art now set as desktop background, only wish it was wider so it could take up the whole thing. freaking awesome pick, and now I eagerly await a new comic.

  6. TuJu Says:

    Math’s pose + the background = win <3

  7. Sim^moN Says:

    @Jimbo – great idea
    Hello Mr Gieni – is it possible to make some Last Blood wallpapers?

  8. Bill M. Says:

    This is awesomeness! Mac & Rage look like they should be doing a pose just by themselves.

    It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I could afford an iPhone.

  9. Mercer Says:

    Looks good. Keep it coming this time.

  10. Nuin Says:

    And just incase anyone forgot the big bad guy in flames is Francis Murdo Sr. a whinny little bitch oh and first zombie. Now going clockwise starting with the flying vamp. 1. Devian 2. Mac 3. Murdo 4. Matheson 5. Rage 6. Valerie

    Figured i’d get it out of the way before someone ask, and you know someone was going to ask. Someone is probably still going to ask.

  11. Dannyboy Says:

    OH NO WAY. this is the first time ive checked on this site in like, a year, and its finally back! albeit updating just as slowly as before from the looks of things, but ill take what i can get.

  12. achrin Says:

    the gangs all here . … or Schools out .. forever … either way good art

  13. Sinai_WinterWolf Says:

    I love LB. I know, that sounded very flat and bored-sounding, but I do. I love it. I had to do a double take also when I saw the poster instead of the scary scene of running zombies. At first, I thought I had missed an update, but I was wrong.

    Don’t lose heart, Bobby! I know it’s rough-going trying to get the will up to continue a project like this, but it’s been so awesome. Don’t let people try to rush you, either. Yeah, I know what everyone’s saying right now: “Nuuuuu! Don’t give him an excuse to stay off doing an update!!!” But you can’t rush a work of creativity. To put it bluntly, this shit takes time. Yeah, I know you’re good at writing scripts and can dish them out like nothing, I’m just trying to give you some pep talk-y words or whatever. You know what I mean. 😛 Just trying to be helpful to the process. (Blame my lack of sleep for my crazy wording…)

    P.S., I also love DREAMLESS. Great stuff.

  14. sco3tt Says:

    Hey Nuin, any idea who all those people are? Didn’t want you to be let down, heh.

    Awesome work and my new wallpaper!

  15. Nuin Says:

    Well thank ya for not letting me be let down sco3tt. Your neato.

  16. sco3tt Says:

    I do what I can.

  17. fireryone Says:

    nice poster… so good you posted it twice 😀

  18. Harry Says:

    Is this the end!? ‘0’

  19. Dan Mayer Says:

    Harry: I was thinking that myself. In case it’s not, though, I’ll keep watching the RSS.

  20. Johhny D Says:

    The chick vamp on the left looks kind of sloppy (man hands, awkward body stance, poor shadowing on face), but other than that everything else is really neat.

  21. Inanna Says:

    Upon closer inspection…Math appears to have a crotch bulge. A very NICE crotch bulge.

    Cheesecake for us wimmin’ folk maybe?

  22. Galsor Says:

    Blast the recording didn’t start untill the end of my question :/


    Oh and I started reading Last Blood because of the panel…good comic, keep up the good work *thumbs up*

  23. Jackson Says:

    Everyone is wearing skin tight pants.

  24. Selina Says:

    So. I just read through all of LB and I must say…goddamn.
    Storyline is cool, art is beautiful and dialogue is truly witty.

    Tharrfor, WHERE IS NEW PAGE!? 😀

  25. Grusel Says:

    bad cas of turkey! need moar hurry up pls?^^

  26. Bleak Says:

    I have just started reading this yesterday and finished it today… And I seriously just shitted shits when it abruptly stopped… I hope you guys get back to this soon! Zombie-apocalypse stories are my most favorite genre, I love reading them or playing them in video games. It gives you that feeling of apparent helplessness, stress on the word apparent. But I hate the likes of games that seriously just fucks you up, that’s why I go for L4D or DMC(although not exactly zombie-esqu, but still.)

    Anyways, I hope you guys continue this! You’ve inspired me to try my hand at writing a book in this genre, I’d try webcomics or any sort of graphic novel too if only I could find an artist to work with me. Keep up the (insert word befitting yor work here when said word is finally discovered) work!

  27. elendu Says:

    I’ve read your comics some time in may, but didn’t comment. I visited this site regularly since then, waiting for more. I love the comics, it’s interesting and funny, but also serious when need be. I can’t wait for updates and hope you won’t abandon it now. So good luck and lots of inspiration 🙂

  28. Hchano Says:

    Is this comic on Hiatus atm?

    Loved the art…been checking back every couple weeks to see if it’s been updated… =(

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