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Page 16: Trouble!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Look, a new page!  I like it!  Flat colors by Kaezrer.

Click the button below to see my mouse drawn MS Paint sketch of this page!

For fans of Marry Me, you can now download issues of that comic for your iPhone or iPod Touch!


164 Responses to “Page 16: Trouble!”

  1. Nuin Says:

    “is that a Prometheus reference?? Because if it is…geez, you won more brownie points. I’m such a sucker for mythology”

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you got it. You win a cookie. or hand grenades. Keep in mind its a damn good cookie.

  2. charles81 Says:

    While you’re waiting, there’s a new Marry Me page up and it involves knives… Aren’t sharp objects always fun?


  3. CC_the_Wolf Says:

    There’s a whole branch of a cult here that likes short shorts… or at least
    *girls* in short shorts. But round these parts Caity is the one to talk to about that.

  4. an actual fan Says:


    here’s also fat hairy guys like me who like wearing short shorts… they make me feel pretty

  5. Nuin Says:

    “here’s also fat hairy guys like me who like wearing short shorts… they make me feel pretty”
    and everyone deserves to feel pretty so don’t let anyone tell you different.

    “There’s a whole branch of a cult here that likes short shorts… ”
    there is only room for one cult ’round here.

    “or at least *girls* in short shorts.”
    this new cult is obviously novices pander likes his girls naked and in tequila showers.

    ” But round these parts”
    hahahah haha haha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha god i hope your from Texas cause i imagined that said with a Texan drawl and it was great.

    “Caity is the one to talk to about that.”
    Caity know everything its a requirement of being a high priestess. Of course she could just make it all up as she goes and we couldn’t question her cause well she’s the high priestess.

    By the by i miss panders wit around here

  6. CC Says:

    Only cult I meant hun.
    But short shorts add mystery for the few seconds before the naked part.
    I’m a member. I was there for the tequila showers and wet shirt contests… the jello wrestling… right up till some folks got a little too… enthusiastic.
    I said it with a Texas drawl if that helps. I am Florida born and bred though so it was a bad Texas drawl.
    I was bowing to Caity’s greater knowledge and influence, I promise.
    Funny, I miss Pander too.

    (Reverting back to my original name, just realized I’d changed it.)

  7. Mercer Says:

    Make a new f***ing page already. It’s been essentially a month since this one was posted…

  8. cynnamon Says:

    just read the whole archive at once, in the dead of night. I think i like it almost as much as marry me. I like your style dude.

  9. vazhkatsi Says:

    ha, almost seems like a great number of people either don’t read comments before they stick theirs on here, or they post something repetitive and retarded because they like the attention from getting flamed. ahhhhh sado-masochism.

  10. Sigmoid Says:

    “Bobby Crosby Says…”

    Ah, man, don’t listen to the shitholes who flame you for the unfrequent updates. Some of the comments were so disrespectful and rude that they would piss even Buddha off.

    Still, it would be really sad to see this comic die now. 🙂
    Sure I also feel that somehow after the Schaemiac was defeated, the comic has lost much of its focus… You might or might not know fully where you intend to go with it – we readers certainly don’t. When I read the first page of “book 2” with Sophia, I thought this story was set, like, 10 years after the zombie plague or something.

    So I wonder if you intend to actually pick the thread up in a later point, maybe as a proper, printed book instead of a webcomic.

  11. Sigmoid Says:

    …if not, you might do well to place a “The End” page after the interlude with Sophia, and archive these few pages created since as a “cut scene”. 😀

  12. Termonator Says:

    Is is just me, but does the first zombie in the last panel look like Addison Payne? 😀

  13. IrishWren Says:

    Hey wow thanks for the update! and just so you know, the waiting isn’t an issue for me, either (Although I doubt you need to hear that from yet ANOTHER fan.) Just FYI I have been waiting over THREE YEARS for a comic to update, still nothing, but ho-hum, here I am, Still Waiting. Cause Comics rock. And I wish I was talented too.

  14. Path0s Says:

    Now… I’d love to respond to everything said but the plain number of comments made me stop after like 1/2 (It’s late in Germany right now).
    That being said, I’m a total fan of your work Bobby and I really hope you’ll keep up the great work especially on Last Blood as it’s my favourite. I keep sneaking in looks when reading +EV and checknig on the others cause i dont like RSS feeds :D. (To soulless :P)
    I’m looking forward to the movie like many others and honestly it nearly broke my heart when you wrote that LB your least favourite of your comics… I mean it hasn’t got anything of the depth of Dreamless or as much cool wit and poker jokes as +EV but well… it’s kickass at being the greatest zombie comic I’ve read…
    Anyways, I’ll watch/buy the movie and I guess I’ll go and buy the comic sometime soon. (not that much money as a student but that’s just a lame excuse)
    Just trying to be kind of motivational anyways, make some more pages to give me hope that I can buy a 2nd LB comic to go with the first and don’t let the story die please… on the other hand, give it a remotely satisfying ending, put that in another cool comic edition and I’ll buy it without getting on your nerves about LB again :D.
    Your call as always, I’ll simply keep waiting for updates on all your works.

    PS: I know it’s probably tedious, but how about answering some positive feedback more often as well? I don’t mean often but you do seem to pounce on any flamer in minutes(quickly anyways :D) while ignoring praise mostly ;).

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