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Page 47: Jimmy’s Gun

Monday, April 30th, 2007

I like Grady.

46 Responses to “Page 47: Jimmy’s Gun”

  1. Zero Says:

    I love this comic! First post, W00T!

  2. Bumtown Says:

    Damn…is Math gonna try and bang teacher lady (whose name escapes me?) Cause that certainly appears to be the case. And she certainly looks like she wants it.

  3. Orion Says:

    Dear lord I just found and read through this all and a couple of the first blogs tonight o.O
    Just amazing I must tell you XD
    This WILL be made into a movie one way or another XP
    (And yes she does look it >>)

  4. Brellchild Says:

    Nah, he’s just looking for a late night snack.

  5. Penguin Says:

    …I hope that kid’s been taught at least the no-brainer aspects of gun safety. @_@

  6. Lydia Says:

    “And she certainly looks like she wants it.”

    Who wouldn’t want it? :p But Math’s teeth makes me wonder if he’s just really hungry. Although, didn’t he have some of that “Gatorade” earlier in the day? How often does the guy need to feed?

  7. Alex Says:

    How can people even think about sex at a time like that? 😀 lol

    Anyways the kid got his gun, fact lot of good its going to do him.

  8. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Anyways the kid got his gun, fact lot of good its going to do him.”

    We’ll see. He could save others maybe before his untimely demise.

  9. Chris Says:

    “We’ll see. He could save others maybe before his untimely demise. ”
    Ah, the last chance to be a hero. What everyone should hope for. Though it would be bad if he saved someone, got infected, then killed the people he saved.

  10. xeno Says:

    Wow this comic is sick dude!

    A friend of mine gave the link to me and I read it all at ones. Really good story line, it’s already like a movie, where you forget al around you and complete emerge in the story.

    Keep it up man

    P.s. your drawing style is just amassing, some real eye candy 😛

  11. Vo Says:

    I bet he just shoots himself in the leg and can’t get away from the zombies. That would just be ironic. And Murdo is Jimmy’s Uncle? Who be the relative linking?

    Math is trying to “tap that ass” and then drink “straight from the tap.”

    And more…..

    Jimmy’s got a gun,
    Jimmy’s got a gun,
    the whole world’s overrun.
    TFZ is out for blood.

  12. Irish Says:

    Murdo doesn’t necessarily need to be Jimmy’s uncle. It could just be a name they’ve given him during the rough times. That’s a good way that most prison camp inmates cope, by considering each other family.

  13. Sara Says:

    I would be more worried that Jimmy is going to shoot someone.
    Better start teaching him how to shoot and learn where the safty is!

  14. Yanson Says:

    I’m pretty sure they won’t be wasting ammo practicing on non-zombie things.

  15. Tori Says:

    Excellent line by Math there at the end, haha. And I do like Grady quite a lot. Gimme one o’ them guns!

    But yeah… can’t wait for more!

  16. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Jimmy’s already had practice firing guns, like almost all kids in South Dakota probably, especially the ones whose uncles are Marine snipers. Murdo is his real uncle. Murdo’s sister and her husband and Jimmy’s sister were out of state when the outbreak began and never got back. Jimmy’s grandma/Murdo’s mom is in the gym right now, as Math mentioned on . . . forgot the page number, but the one where he explains how he can smell blood extremely well.

  17. Ted Says:

    I like that they finally gave the kid a gun.

    Another quick question, about how fast does a zombie move?

    At what rate do they decay?

  18. Yanson Says:

    It depends if it has a car 😉

  19. Yanson Says:

    …And that’s a lotta hairgel, Math.

  20. Mewt Says:

    I can only see shannanigans coming from Jimmy having that gun. Shannanigans so shannaniganny, that only the phrase shannanigans used repeatedly can fully describe the shannaniganny shannanigans that will ensue as a result of Grady’s shannanigans.

    … *Wanders off to watch SuperTroopers*

  21. Mewt Says:

    Also, to anyone who sees me post often enough and cares, I had to put my puppy down today, a ten year old cockerspanial who got severly sick in the course of a day from cancer that we didn’t know about until five minutes before we had to euthenize her.

    But at least she’s not a zombie now…

  22. Kate Says:

    I want to hug and protect Jimmy forever.


  23. Hawknfox Says:

    This reminds me of Planet Terror… “Whatever you do, don’t shoot yourself in the face…”

  24. OLLLie Says:

    little does jimmy know it
    but that gun will not be savin his ass
    when he needs it most

  25. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Sorry about your dog, Mewt. Sad.

    “Another quick question, about how fast does a zombie move?”

    As fast as he wants to. All depends. No answer to that. If he’s super fat, obviously not moving very fast. How fast does a human move? Same answer.

    “At what rate do they decay?”

    Not fast enough for it to matter to this story, that’s for sure.

  26. Nate Says:

    Like the comic said earlier, they’re severely infected, blood crazed vampires.

    In a lot of other lore, vampires just can’t die. They’re like freakish parasites that don’t die, just go dormant until the right conditions for survival are met.

    What I don’t understand is how the disease spreads, but instead of just making them normal vampires, they instantly go to zombie mode. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    And what happens to the zombies when they do get blood? Why don’t they return to that human-like state of vampirism?

    Maybe that’ll all be ‘splained later. I dunno. Just some of the things that rattle through my mind when reading this story. I doubt any holywood producer would nitpick like me. I’m one of those introspective nerds that read into every tiny detail that I can. Not like I obsess or anything. I just notice stuff other people sometimes miss or forget about is all.

  27. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Not exactly sure what you mean, but I think you’re under the mistaken impression that all the zombies are vampires? Only the First Zombie was a vampire, who then became a zombie from not drinking blood for 65 years, and all the other zombies are just zombies, not vampires in any way, and that all spread through bites. To read more about that, read through the comments for the pages, where I’ve gone into massive detail about it all a million times.

    “Like the comic said earlier, they’re severely infected, blood crazed vampires.”

    No, the comic says that only the FIRST ZOMBIE, the original zombie, is a blood starved vampire.

  28. Alex Says:

    You know Bobby, is there any chance Jimmy won’t die? I mean the can’t you tell off one of the lesser known kids? 😀

  29. Nara Says:

    I am sad. I really like Jimmy. it all part of Bobby’s evil plan.
    *must NOT get attached* waaaaaaaaahhhh

  30. Irish Says:

    I like Jimmy. He’s the hope for the future. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’d give Jimmy a gun, and protect him.

    …until he shot me because he has no knowledge of guns.

  31. Nick Says:

    I definitely sense some foreshadowing with the gun. At least he’ll be able to warn other people of something going wrong when he starts firing. Planet Terror was an awesome movie as part of the Grindhouse package.

    As for the last panel, all I have to say is bowchikawowow. Keep up the good work Bobby. +EV and Last blood has been part of my morning routine 😀

  32. Nara Says:

    Bobby, not to be anal, but I think you just made a booboo. When Jimmy first comes up to the roof Murdo asks him where HIS (Jimmy’s) mom is (he replies in the Gym). So shouldnt it be Gradma or have Murdo say “My Mom” (as in Murdo’s mom and not Jimmys) just to avoid confusion when you print this? I might be confused myself but that how its reads, sorry {:)

  33. nader Says:

    I think what Nate meant is why doesn’t a VAMPIRE that turns into a zombie not turn back into a vampire once they’ve fed?

    From what I’ve read i think it takes quite a while for them to turn (months, at least, if not years), and they’re very much aware of how badly they need to feed obviously. It’s not a case of “oh no i need blood! blarg, too late, now i are zombie…” There’s a large span of time between them beginning to starve and eventually becoming a zombie, but once they turn, that’s it.

    BTW bobby, i love the comic and wish you luck with turning it into a movie. It’s gonna turn out really well once it’s done.

  34. Preatori0us Says:

    Woo! I just found this and read the whole shebang in like… twenty minutes. This is great, beautiful art, and an ass-kickin’ story line.

  35. Nate Says:

    Okay then. But that’s not the impression I got. I read the whole thing so far in one sitting, so I didn’t have time to read the blogs.

    Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

  36. irish Says:

    The blogs are about as good as the story itself. It’s almost like the movie “Serenity” in that the fanbase makes the movie/series.

  37. Lydia Says:

    I am going to do all that is within my power to stalk you this weekend, Mr. Crosby.

  38. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Ha, Nara, good catch there. Often what I say in the comments is just trying to quickly give plausible reasons for things and it’s not exactly official stuff, so it wouldn’t have resulted in an error in the comic, I’m sure, but thanks for pointing that out. I actually planned originally for Jimmy’s mom to play an important/scary role in an upcoming situation, but I somehow forgot about that when making my comment earlier.

    Lydia: It’s only fun to stalk good looking people.

  39. Irish Says:

    Ouch, burn!

    Can’t wait for the next episode, this is becoming an unhealthy addiction. I wish I didn’t have to work so late, I wouldn’t be wishing release days would happen earlier (read – 12:00am). Again, take your time, and keep Jimmy alive! I’m starting to think his mom doesn’t really care about him (since everybody else is going so far out of their ways to look after him, that implies that they don’t think he’s being properly looked after to me).

  40. Christine Says:

    *rolls eyes* he’s been meaning to “check a book out”; right Math, I can see through that!

  41. bumbly Says:

    I would consider this the oft-mentioned “gun on the mantle in the 2nd act.” it will be crucial later on.

  42. Altair Says:

    That was pretty much the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard in my life. Bar none.

    Math, you should be ashamed of yourself. 🙂

  43. Tegu Says:


  44. Toraush Naull Says:

    Now that he has a gun a zombie is going to get into the gym and he’s the one that will kill it

  45. Roque Says:

    I Know this will be a Past comment, but i really think this scene with Grady was the best one ever =)
    It really transmitts the feeling of the world you are creating. Very nice work =)

  46. Atan Says:

    i would want a kukri 😀 awesome knife, and a katana, and handguns, now supply my uncle NOW!!

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