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Page 48: Tired

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Give a hoot, read a book!

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  1. Penguin Says:

    Hmm. Well, 14 hours is a pretty long day, I guess. Heheh.

  2. AD Says:

    I like April as a character! She’s interesting to me, you just need some time to develop her. I hope you don’t give up on her. It’s hard to establish certain things you want in a comic since the pacing can be slow. You’re trying to put a world of information in 47 pages. But you’re doing well.

  3. Brellchild Says:

    Read the comment above about ‘TFZ will explain it himself about pg xx’ and my brain just went TILT for a couple minutes there. To say the least that is going to be a *very* interesting conversation…

    Egad, a perfectionist writer who reads and responds to hordes of commentary from all these strange people who read his comic. I know that syndrome. I have been an avid player of tabletop Role-Playing games for a couple decades, and the best Gamemaster I know personally is exactly like the writer of this comic at times.

    Skins will thicken a bit as time goes on, it really is inevitable. As long as nobody gets to the point where they are arguing just to argue (or to be a pain in the arse) it will all work out in the end.

    Muses love perfectionists for a reason – the end product comes out so good.

    Keep up the excellent writing. I can’t wait to read it in hardcopy.

  4. Courtney Says:

    I wanted to say earlier, but forgot to, what with being so annoyed with Bobby for being annoyed : ) but I think it’ll be really cute that Math falls asleep. : )

  5. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Skins will thicken a bit as time goes on, it really is inevitable.”

    Ha, no problem there, although for some reason many people seem to think there is, just like people think I’m “defending myself” in these comments. Once again, not defending myself, just stating facts and correcting errors.

    “Muses love perfectionists for a reason – the end product comes out so good.”

    Find me one.

  6. Nara Says:

    Id like to back up Bobby by saying when I got confused about the underground zombies he was perfectly courteous with his explaination and I didn’t feel patronised at all.
    Maybe sometimes it just comes out wrong with other comments (although it is perfectly understandable to be annoyed when someone asks a question that has been answered two comments above or something – which happens alot-)
    If you’re confused about something its nice to ask diplomatically, rather than throwing accusations (alot of these misunderstandings start because someone makes a comment accusing Bobby about the story’s lack of coherence). In a regular comic or novel one would have to patiently wait till the end to find out the answers to all the mysteries presented in the story, you should only complain about plot holes if the story has ended and they havent been explained.

  7. Nara Says:

    AH HA!! so TFZ can still talk!!!!! that is going to be an exciting page 🙂
    Bobby Im sorry you hate LB so much, I read ALOT of webcomix and I like yours the best (Girl Genius after that) but I know the feeling, I hate almost all my art from the moment I finish it, I start annalysing and noting flaws that grow bigger and bigger. But I dont really see any flaws with your writing, so please accept that its not as bad as you think 🙂

  8. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “so TFZ can still talk!!!!!”

    We even bought a fancy new font for him in December, before the first page was even drawn. Looking forward to finally using that.

    Thanks for your comments, Nara.

    I also want to point out (which I think I’ve done several times already) that I think I’ve done a very good job on “Marry Me” and that it’s been written well so far. So I don’t just hate everything I do or anything like that. It’s tougher with “Last Blood” because, among many other reasons, everyone needs to be so sad all the time, since about seven billion people just died and the remaining characters are assuming they’ll die soon as well, knowing that humanity will go extinct with their deaths. It’s hard to not have them be boring, really, in a situation like that. But I can’t have them screaming with rage all the time, either, since they’re trying to be strong for the kids, keeping it a secret from them. Still, though, could have been written a ton better, and the screenplay will be hopefully.

  9. Mewt Says:


    It’s Friday, and I lack a comic for my amusement.

    Do you want me to be emo and crying about my pup?! No?! Then get me a comic!

    *Sits in the corner* Mewt will be good now…

  10. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I got Owen the script too late for him to do it last night, but it should be coming within a few hours, I think.

  11. Tegu Says:


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