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Page 36: Principal Howard

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Mustache Man has a title and name (last name at least).

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  1. Wil Says:

    Hehe … this page is the answer to my question about the reflection in the mirror … ??? if yes … glad to have contributed to this comic 😉

    This page is useful to avoid any ambiguity.

  2. Tegu Says:


  3. Mattz Says:

    Just a quick note: Maybe add a bead of sweat to Howard’s face in 3rd panel?

  4. Niach Says:

    I know Principal Howard is meant to be a prick (good name choice for him, by the way), but I can’t help but feel that Owen draws him rather sympathetically at times. The bastard must have a very violent death a’comin’.

  5. moe Says:

    Why howard that’s my last name. So im no better than some jackass principal. By the way I got the comic like a year ago and im late on the website

  6. Atan Says:

    ypu just made him more scared lol, I like him ^^

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