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Page 35: We Want More of that Character!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Hopefully just the re-appearance of Mustache Man can save this page from its bad writing.  It was a bit of a rush job (writing and art), but Friday’s page will be better.

38 Responses to “Page 35: We Want More of that Character!”

  1. Schon R Boll Says:

    When is he going to die………. The more he talks the more i hate him………… Die mustache man die…..

  2. Nick Says:

    I would have been first to comment but my browser crashed. 🙁
    And I agree, the others and mustache man can’t co-exist, kill him off. 🙂

  3. Ken O Says:

    Personally, I would make moustache man zombie bait… Send him out to forage for food and supplies FAR FAR away from the survivors, in the hopes of drawing the Zombie hordes away, of course being attacked by the zombies and turned into one himself.

    Then have him come back as a zombie to help the other zombies with a mass assault on the survivors, and THEN have him killed off permanently by April (who never liked him anyways) – sweet retribution on her part.

    Of course Sending him off to collect supplies would just be shown in little snippets here and there (over the course of 2-3 strips – spread out), then his return as a zombie, and spectacular decapitation with some insanely painful bladed weapon (better yet – a chainsaw with a rusty blade!)

  4. FekketCantenel Says:

    If it were me, I guess I’d also be interested in whether or not the vampires were devil worshippers/Satanic, and if allowing them to drink my blood would damn me. Mustache Man comes across as a little obnoxious only because he’s being very very careful.

  5. Euphoria Says:




    He’s just jealous that Math gets the girls and he doesn’t. In the second panel Jimmy looks ADORABLE! How depressing is that? xD

    The anticipation of his much awaited death is making me twitch.

  6. Sleet Says:

    You know, I have to say, I really don’t understand why everyone seems to hate the mustachey guy so much. I mean, yeah, I understand that he’s supposed to be kind of a jerk, but, I don’t know, up until today he hadn’t done anything that assholish, and even in this comic.. you can’t blame him for hating or being afraid of vampires. I mean.. they’re vampires! Since when did vampires become good guys? When you grow up in a culture where vampires are pretty inherently evil, I think it’s understandable to have difficulty breaking that mindset. And I really don’t recall him actually doing anything particularly unpleasant in the comic, the hatred’s just been built up so much in the comments and whatnot.. Bleh. I don’t know.. I sort of feel sorry for the poor fictional character. Everyone wants him dead so bad, and I just can’t see why.. I guess I’m just a fan of the whole, “Innocent until proven guilty” mindset. Live, mustache man! Live! Unless you turn out to be a pedophile or something! In which case, feel free to, you know, stop living!

  7. ....WoW Says:

    yeah, I agree with sleet, he is not an asshole, he is just afraid, but anyway, we need to see dead people, I mean, It’s a comic about zombies, that means a lot of blood 😛

  8. ashuri Says:

    I know this is a little off topic but I was wondering if in the comic you were ever going to answer the question of how vampires came into exsistance, also why only 50? I’m surprised there aren’t more than that around

  9. Plite Says:

    Full credit to Sleet, they’re Vampires man! Why shouldn’t he be worried they’re gonna drink all his blood? Because they said they wouldn’t?

    Mustache Man is the smartest guy there, and at the end it’ll just be him and Mac, smoking Stogies on a pile of dead zombies.

  10. WolfGrrl Says:

    The more he talks, the more he reminds me of my father. KILL ‘IM OFF, QUICK!

  11. Ken O Says:

    Ashuri – I think I might be able to answer your question as to why there are only a few Vampires around (hope I’m right).
    Vampires need a constant food source, and thus, when the Vampire population gets too large, food supplies start to dwindle, and can no longer support a large vampire population.

    Also, vampire populations need to be small, for the anonymity. If vampire populations were huge, peoples attentions would be drawn to them, and there would most likely be a massive hunt on them. By purposely keeping their populations small, this is avoided, and the vampires can “move in the shadows”, and manipulate humanity unnoticed.

    In this case, the Zombie infestation moved so quickly that there was really no warning, and humans weren’t able to rise up and fight back (not effectively anyways). Now the vampires HAVE to protect the humans, to protect their own lives. I would imagine that there is a larger human population at large out there somewhere (kind of defeats the purpose if only a couple of hundred have survived) – if there isn’t a larger human population, you can be assured of humanities destruction in rather short order – 50 vampires, and even 2-300 humans against what 5 BILLION zombies – hardly a fight that can last long IMHO, but then again, it isn’t my story to tell, I’m just presenting plausible reasons for the dramatically small vampire population.

  12. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’m sad that you guys forgot the horrible thing that Mustache Man did! He (and some other guys) left Murdo and Grady alone to die! Murdo and Grady thought that the other guys were right behind them, but then they chickened out and abandoned them, and Mustache Man is seen as the leader of that group of scared assholes.

    Also, there is no larger population of humans anywhere, and there will be FAR less than 200 alive by the end of the story. I’d suggest that everyone stops worrying too much about re-populating the species. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but it’s really not what the story’s about. Sometimes just surviving as long as possible is pretty damn important, whether or not it can be sustained for hundreds of years.

    Some of you also seem to be forgetting that the vampires already saved their butts and saved Grady and Murdo’s lives, and all the rest of them basically, when they showed up just in time to do what Mustache Man and the others wouldn’t — fight the zombies. Grady and Murdo were starting to get surrounded and needed help bad, and while Mustache Man was comfortably watching from inside a building, the vampires fought and saved the day. They showed superior strength as well, and April SHOT MATH IN THE CHEST and he didn’t even FLINCH, so that tells them that fighting the vampires would be pretty pointless, so what other choice do they have but to trust them? There is no other choice. It’s very stupid to do anything other than trust them and hope for the best. But there’s a lot of stupid people like Mustache Man.

    And about the chances of defeating all those zombies: Keep in mind that the First Zombie is intentionally keeping this town alive for the moment (he’s mostly just testing them with the zombies he’s sent so far) and that Addison Payne is working on a zombie cure and Math says they just need to hold off long enough until it’s done. I’m definitely not saying the cure will work, though.

    About the amount of vampires: I don’t see the relevance of it.  No one knows anything for real about vampires.  To me, the question of why are there so few vampires is similar to the question of “Why does Math have a reflection in the mirror?”  Why not?  Many possible reasons.  Why aren’t there less vampires?  Why aren’t there only 20 instead of 50?  I don’t really understand the question.

  13. Chris Says:

    I think the mustache man is hated because he has a cowardly attitude, shows and voices it. His personality grates against many of ours that understands what needs to be done in survival situations such as this requires less whining and more trying to protect the kids and women in the school. It creates a rift that leads to situations in many zombie/b monster movies where more lives are lost because of the actions of certain individuals over the exterior threat. Your better off with a small group of people who understand that than a large armed group with conflicting personalities.

    I’m just curious and don’t think I’ve seen this asked anywhere, but is there a chance any tourist cruise ships and/or navy ships survived? Most of them are quite huge, can hold large numbers of people and supplies to last longer than the month the zombies have been around, providing proper rationing is implemented, can travel faster than the zombies(presuming they can’t swim) or shoot rocket launchers. I know it doesn’t help the overall human race much but it would be a good way for reinforcements or something. the vampires keep a ship full of armed soldiers as a surprise for the first zombie. Plus i’d like to see a naval bombardment against a zombie army, it’d satisfy most people’s bloodlust i’d imagine.

  14. Bobby Crosby Says:

    ” . . . is there a chance any tourist cruise ships and/or navy ships survived?”

    As a 100 percent fact the only humans left alive are the presumed 200 or so in Mexico and the 33 in America. About the chances a cruise ship would have to survive: None. The First Zombie was flying around in a plane full of zombies (various planes throughout the month) and dropping some zombies down with parachutes in selected areas where needed to wipe people out. He was also dropping bombs where needed, and controlling other zombies’ minds so they could fly planes themselves.

    Basically it’s just this: THE FIRST ZOMBIE KILLED ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE (other than the ones we know about) AND HAD NO PROBLEM DOING IT. When you command an army of six billion and you can fly a plane (he had military experience) and you can control the minds of your troops and smell blood from hundreds of miles away, nothing will stop you or survive, certainly not some cruise ship.

  15. J.R. Says:

    This “Mustached Man” strikes me as the character in these stories who’s confrontational attitude causes him to leave, alone or with a group, causing a catastrophe resulting in a hole in defense allowing the deaths of more than himself. I look for him to try to run, perhaps with a little following, and when he gets into trouble (zombies) he’ll try to get back, leading the zombies straight back to the rest. The most dramatic function of this would leave him alive, but result in the deaths of others, possibly children. I would like to see what the others would do to him in this situation.

  16. Chris Says:

    J.R: I imagine if he did leave and cause such a situation, what the survivors would do to him would not bear seeing done to any other living or unliving creature.

    This first zombie sounds a lot less like a zombie the more we learn about him. I know he is a really thirsty, probably insane at this point, vampire apparently with military experience but he’s doing so many coordinated attacks from the air and land all with his mind. I don’t even know how he gets zombies to fly planes. I wonder if he can talk?

    At this point, I can’t even think of something that could possibly stop him, though I’ll admit I don’t have the imagination that Crosby has shown us with the depth and uniqness of the story.

    Do the vampires know the full extent of the first zombie’s power or only what they have been able to witness by it’s action so far(they might not have seen the zombies flying planes for instance)?

  17. Vo Says:


    ::shakes his head sadly::

  18. Paul Cowan Says:

    I think basically I can identify with Mustache Man because I understand her actions. Why didn’t he run out to help Murdo and Grady? Because they’re fighting zombies man! Like everyone else I like to think that in a survivalist situation I’m wouldn’t turn into the panicky liability character, but the building was being attacking by zombies! Can you really blame someone for hesitating when asked to charge out and fight them off hand to hand? After maybe seeing your whole family die at the hands of these creatures? Wouldn’t you be traumatized? Terrified? While I like to think I’d act like Murdo or Grady, I’d probably be Mustache Man, and hating myself.

    As for the Vampires, true logically they have no choice to do what they say and hope they’re as altruistic as they seem. But trust them? Why would you do that?

  19. Mewt Says:

    Nah. He’s not fat enough for Ron Jeremy.

    I want him dead because he’s got curly, permish hair. 😀

  20. Ken O Says:

    This story presents an even bleaker outlook on life than the Terminator series.. At least in that series, humanity is able to rise up and fight against their oppressors and try (though in the end they may/may not succeed) to defeat the machines.

    I find it difficult to think that only 233 humans and 50 vampires could defeat the Zombie hordes – but I have hope that Addison Payne will find a cure for the curse, and will be able to eradicate most – if not all of the Zombies..

  21. simon Says:

    Is the cure an actual cure? as in inject a fresh enough zombie, wait a few hours/ weeks and you get a human albeit a very sick one.
    or is it more of a bioweapon to kill the zombies or a vaccine so that the existing humans wont get zombiefied with a small non lethal bite.

  22. Nara Says:

    i think the cure will force the existing zombies to stay dead and stop them from infecing other people (and if someone gets bitten by a zombie and is injected before they turn they can be cured) a cure wont cause limbs to grow back i dont think, so the existing zombies with their throats ripped out and ribs showing are all goners. I really really really want to ‘meet’ Addison Payne!!!!

  23. Bobby Crosby Says:


    “I find it difficult to think that only 233 humans and 50 vampires could defeat the Zombie hordes . . .”

    Correct, it’s impossible, especially after there’s only about 25 humans left by about Page 60 (big spoiler, yes).

    About the cure: It doesn’t matter what it’s supposed to do, because it doesn’t work at all (big spoiler, yes).

    In spite of all that, there will be a relatively “happy” ending. I think.

    Also, someone asked earlier if the First Zombie can talk.  He sure can, and you’ll hear a lot from him before the end.  You’ll also probably hear at least one other zombie talk.

  24. Reepicheep-chan Says:

    The writing for this page seems fine, right up untill mustasch says he would not dignify the vamps with a responce. The seems wierd because they are discussing him asking a question of the vamps, not responding to them. Maybe if he said something like “If one tried to talk to me I wouldn’t difiny him with a response” or something like that. I dunno, I just find that bit a little weird. I guess mustasche could just be and idiot who cannot talk right, some people are.

    I am only pointing this out because you say the writing is bad. I think that part is weak be the rest of the writing is good.

  25. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “I guess mustasche could just be and idiot who cannot talk right, some people are.”

    That was intentional. He got extremely nervous and scared just thinking about possibly talking to a vampire, so he said something that made no sense. In the movie, we’d cut to a brief shot of April looking confused at that line, looking at him like he’s a moron, but it’s harder to pull off in comics, especially when you’re trying to cram stuff into one page and cram a million things into as few pages as possible.

    Also, the writing for the whole book has sucked, in my opinion, not just this page, but this one was particularly bad/boring/pointless.

  26. Chris Says:

    I presume from the number of 25 that we lost most or all of Mexico and some people at the school(including poor little Jimmy). Though the vampires there can at least then get to the school to help Math and Val, though I imagine they’ll need a plane or something to get there to be any help in the near future.

    I wonder if the first zombie can project his voice through other zombies? while he can still talk at this point, all the other zombies would seem to be more likely to be extentions of the first rather than be still able to speak after being infected. Probably use one that looks a bit like him to act as a decoy and make some declarations or demands.

    Regarding the Last Blood movie, where does it stand at this point? I remember you had mentioned casting earlier.

  27. Colt Says:

    Well since the spoilers so far seem to indicate humanity is doomed I’d say the vamps are too at this point. Could make doing a sequel a little tricky if this is the case, then again we ain’t seen the whole story yet.

    At this point I’m just hoping TFZ is deanimated (technicaly he’s already dead so I can’t realy hope he gets killed) by the end of the story, though I’m hanging out to see why he did all this to us poor humans.

    I also had a thought, could the vamps delay the enevitable via cloning the remaining humans thus giving them a longer lasting supply of blood, or have I been reading too much science fiction and in reality cloned blood tastes terrible.

  28. Oblio Says:

    I’m also curious about movie progress 🙂
    Particularly, have you thought more about the soundscape?

    btw, I think moustache man should remain unnamed – you could get along fine without anybody directly saying his name, then in the credits we can all laugh as we see moustache man roll by!

  29. Brellchild Says:

    Moustache Man is a coward who refuses to admit to himself that he really is a coward. He’s had his whole world destroyed horribly, and if he doesn’t somehow make himself feel important (at least in his own mind) he will have to admit he has no control at all over his situation. In a safe and structured world he would be reasonably harmless – in this situation he will likely end up like that corpoartion agent in Aliens 2 (abandoning others at critical moment trying desperately to save himself).

    Are we going to see a regular newsgroup for First Blood? It would be a lot easier to keep track of commentary threads that way. Would also cut down on repeating of already answered questions maybe.

  30. Lydia Says:

    He’s just jealous of Math’s lovable disposition and dashing good looks. The only thing better than seeing him die horribly would be to have his ass saved by one of the vampires so he gets that shoved in his face. Maybe a flying one swooping in and picking his fat ass out of a fray…

  31. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Well since the spoilers so far seem to indicate humanity is doomed I’d say the vamps are too at this point. Could make doing a sequel a little tricky if this is the case, then again we ain’t seen the whole story yet.”

    I also said: “In spite of all that, there will be a relatively ‘happy’ ending.” And the only tricky thing about sequels is having the time to write/draw them all. There’s basically an endless supply of sequels/prequels for “Last Blood,” especially after the huge thing that’s gonna happen at the end of the first graphic novel.

    Won’t be any cloning, no, although maybe that might work, I don’t know.

    “I’m also curious about movie progress.”


    “Particularly, have you thought more about the soundscape?”

    I haven’t, no, too early for all that. But I did talk to some old buddies of mine tonight at a Dodger game who work in sound, and one or both of them may end up working on “Last Blood.”

    “I think moustache man should remain unnamed.”

    His last name and job title is revealed in today’s upcoming page.

    About a newsgroup: Not sure what you mean exactly or how to do it. I think this system has worked fairly well, although there are a lot of repeated questions, yeah. Just adding an FAQ would be good, and maybe I’ll do that eventually.

  32. Rune Says:

    So, just HOW painfuly is he going to die eh?

  33. Christine Says:

    Damn you moustache man! Damn you to the vilest (

  34. mac Says:

    Talk to the hand, mustache-man, talk to the hand.

  35. Tegu Says:


  36. ModdyPride Says:

    Yeah… deffinetly want to beat mustache man with a stick. Or a hammer.

  37. Niach Says:

    This isn’t a complaint or criticism or anything, merely a speculation. TFZ was a soldier in WW2, so he has experience with flying planes and whatnot. But those were planes from 65 years ago, and I don’t know anything about planes, but I would think that they’d have changed very much since the 1940s and wouldn’t be so simple for TFZ to use immediately? I don’t know. Again, just a speculation.

  38. Atan Says:

    He’ll be the first to do something stupid, who cares about devilworshippers, THERE ARE FREAKIN ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE and you worry about someone who needs your blood to survive, that he’ll kill you??
    It’s like destroying all food in the world because it could be poisonous wtf…. i hate him, certainly cause he says they are devilworshippers (i dont belive but still) they are just dead and mind their own business and try to survive, pretty much what we do…

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