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Pin-Up: Addison Payne

Monday, March 19th, 2007

While waiting for Page 33, which should be up on Wednesday, please enjoy Owen’s pin-up of Addison Payne, first mentioned on Page 30.  He’s going to end up being a fairly important character, although we won’t see him for a while.  And while I’m giving out spoilers, I should tell you that we are going to meet a new vampire on Page 33!

14 Responses to “Pin-Up: Addison Payne”

  1. Ledd Says:

    Addison Payne
    is a baddasss

  2. Schon R Boll Says:

    More vampires is always good….. Better if they are fightinh orver the left over humans…….

  3. Frauke Says:

    That’s really a cool Pin-Up!

  4. Mewt Says:

    Shit. That would be an -awesome- poster…

    ‘cept the Anarchy As are a little ‘Highschoolish Punk Wannabe’. At least to me.

  5. Lydia Says:

    What an attractive face.. :p

  6. Posalootly Says:

    Awesome indeed! Prints ever?

  7. R3d Ra66it Says:

    What a bloody awsome ‘pin-up’!!! it’s about time we got some mean badass scientist’s out there!

    not only that i want his glasses!

  8. Owen Says:

    Thanks everyone. I’ve been wanting to try something in this style for a while. I’d like to eventually do a whole comic in this art style but for now I’ll just settle on just doing a series of Last Blood pin-ups. Val will probably be next, or perhaps First Zombie, or then again maybe I’ll just do a whole series of Addison Payne pin-ups.

  9. Vo Says:

    Bobby and Owen, I think you should do a Addison Payne mini in this style. Maybe about the first outbreak, eh? I would so totally buy that.

    On another note, anyone read George R.R. Martin’s The Hedge Knight?

  10. Ji Says:


    My curiosity is overwhelming… whats the equation about? (any significance)

  11. Jamie Says:

    What’s with the maths in the background? I thought this guy was a biochemist or similar?

  12. Bobby Crosby Says:

    He’s everything. Smartest person ever born. I’m quite sure math is involved in his work often.

  13. Black Cat Godess Says:

    The equation at the bottom of the picture is exactly what it says it is, the integral of sec^n (x), that is, the sec (x) taken to any power. I’m not quite sure what Addison would need it for, but the again, I’m sure sine waves pop up a lot in the various sciences and such shortcut equations for integrals do come in handy with actually solving the equation. Not to mention it saves you a bit of paper too.

  14. Tegu Says:


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