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Friday, March 16th, 2007

This cover is awesome. Probably my favorite piece of Last Blood art so far. Owen’s also really happy with it, and he’s a big fan of my mouse-drawn MS Paint sketch for the cover.

40 Responses to “LAST BLOOD #2 Cover”

  1. Alex Says:

    Scary O_O

    Does this eamn one of the kids is turned into a Zombie?

  2. Alex Says:

    In fact that Zombie kid looks like Jimmy!


  3. Lydia Says:

    Potential spoiler alert!!

  4. Mewt Says:

    Poor Jimmy…

    Iono. The ‘Zombie with a bowlcut’ kinda makes me giggle… But very well done irregardless.

  5. Nara Says:

    *shrieks and runs under covers*

    i hate zombie kids the most….

  6. Alex Says:

    Holy crap I guess it without even voting… it is Jimmy! Check the mouse-drawn MS Paint sketch.

    Wonder how this sitation happens? Kids go somewhere they shouldn’t?

  7. MB Says:

    Gee, that’s scarying ! o.o but amazing as well, Owen is brilliant
    TFZ wandering in bushes + kids playing on the grass = jimmy get bitten and becomes a zombie

  8. Ledd Says:

    that is a fuckin cool picture

    ya, i bet some kids sneak out, cause theyre too young to actually
    comprehend whats goin on
    and jimmy gets a chunk ripped out of his neck

  9. Wil Says:

    Hi !

    I thought that we couldn’t see a vampire in a mirror … 😉

  10. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Spoiler: Nope, doesn’t get bit outside! Math and April aren’t THAT incompetent. They were watching the kids the whole time.

  11. MaxwellEdison Says:

    You’re all wrong. Jimmy turns because a mosquito bites TFZ and then bites Jimmy. The zombie strain is a lot like malaria. Very few black zombies due to the frequency of sickle cell anemia. That and they’re in South Dakota. . .

  12. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “I thought that we couldn’t see a vampire in a mirror …”

    You thought wrong! That’s a silly tradition that only the bad stories use! This is a unique story doesn’t stick to several vampire myths.

  13. Hyshinara Says:

    but Wil is right, vampires have no reflection in the mirror
    that’s because it was believed that a mirror reflects your soul and since vimpires have no souls, you can’t see them in mirrors…

    but i also agree with bobby: “this is a unique story doesn’t stick to several vampire myths”

  14. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “but Wil is right, vampires have no reflection in the mirror”

    You say that as if it’s some sort of fact. Have you ever met a vampire? They’re fictional characters and their stories have been told in many different ways.

    “and since vimpires have no souls”

    Says who?

    And where does it say that zombies come from vampires who haven’t drank blood in 65 years? Only in this story. And aren’t vampires supposed to be bad guys too? Not in this story.

  15. Euphoria Says:


    Little girl- “Say Jimmy, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
    Jimmy- “A blood thirsty zombie with a chunk missing from my neck.”
    *everyone stares at Jimmy*

    That is so amazing O_O
    Everytime I look at it I see a new detail. Wow. Also, freaked me out a bit xD

    Best art I think i’ve ever seen in a webcomic.

    Oh yeah, you can’t see Jimmy’s reflection anyways, he just happens to be standing infront of a mirror =]

    Eee. So the zombies are going to somehow infiltrate their sanctuary…

    P.S. Math > You =D
    P.P.S. Math

  16. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I think we’re at an angle where Jimmy is perfectly blocking his own reflection.

  17. Euphoria Says:


    I just realised…the fact that Jimmy’s mouth is smothered in nutricious and delicious blood means he’s killed someone.

    The question is…who?

    *crosses fingers* Mustachemustachemaaaaan xD

  18. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “I just realised…the fact that Jimmy’s mouth is smothered in nutricious and delicious blood means he’s killed someone.”

    That actually might be an incorrect assumption. Covers are sometimes made to be more dramatic than the actual situation that happens in the comic. He might, though! Spoiler: And don’t worry, Mustache Man will die, and he’ll be screaming in pain all the while!

  19. MaxwellEdison Says:

    I hope Mustachio doesn’t die too soon though. The longer you delay the gratification of him dying a painful death, the sweeter it will be to our bitter and wicked souls.

  20. Euphoria Says:

    Ahh, touché, I hadn’t thought of that.

    Sorry for asking but how many people are actually living at this place? (sorry, I remember reading it somewhere but I can’t find it >_

  21. Euphoria Says:

    * >_

  22. Bobby Crosby Says:

    No official number yet, but it’s between 30 and 35. On Page 21 Math says that there are 13 people in the gym, and we assume that the rest of the survivors (not counting Mac) are in that room with him at the time, and there are about 20 in the room.


  23. Euphoria Says:

    Ahh, thanks ^^

    And ugh, my comment got cut off TWICE lol.

    Btw you’re doing a great job with Last Blood, keep up the good work!

  24. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on with cut off comments. It’s never happened to me, but I keep hearing about it. And thanks (“great job”)!

  25. Bumtown Says:

    Math looks ultimate bad ass in that cover.

    I’ve always been a supporter of heroes who don’t dress like heroes. I love the bad ass characters that dress poorly or just casually.

  26. Paul Cowan Says:

    Ooo, you can’t regenerate the human race from that number of people, You get inbreeding issues after three or four generations. Plus some of those people are elderly. Sayonara mankind!

  27. Mewt Says:

    The problem with cut off posts is that, people are using the left-pointing arrow, the greater than sign. It triggers the beginning of HTML code, despite not being HTML. It’s an annoyance, but what’ll you do?

    As for the ‘Antihero’ thing that Bumtown is promoting, that’s an American thing. As Americans, our country was born of ‘Rebels’, who stood for what they wanted and believed in. At least, that’s how we’re raised to think. As a result, we naturally promote the rebel, the antihero figure. The mindset carried through the West, and it can be seen in all of our folklore. Huckleberry Finn is sort of an ultimate glorification of the rebel stereotype, and how the rebel usually can and will go against society simply to do what’s right.

    Sorry. I just woke up and I’m feeling more intelligent than hyperactive and silly. It’s a side effect of not eating sugar yet.

    I dunno why, but I absolutely hate the glowy eyes… They just… Bug me…

  28. Vo Says:

    Ok, so Jimmy goes Zombie inside the school (which make you wonder who else turns/dies) and we know that Ron Jeremy will die a horrible screaming death! I can’t wait to see evil zombie children.

    OOOOO. What are you doing for a soundtrack for the Movie? Please don’t make it like every other movie and do rock. My vote is for whatever seems to fit the least properly wih the most creepiness at the time. Like some sort of nursery rhyme for zombie kids.

  29. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “What are you doing for a soundtrack for the Movie?”

    Not sure yet.

  30. Paralda Says:

    “…maybe leading to fan speculation that this means they will die.”

    Heh, priceless.

  31. R3d Ra66it Says:

    hmm … eyes that burn into your soul … nice effect!!

    awsome cover though! i may be a little out of the loop or just not read the right pages but whats happenign about your movie? i’ve heard about it the odd time in posts but nothing more.

    i also still stand by Mac, i think he is awsome, come on a man with an axe!!

  32. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’ve said a couple times in the comments, but I’m not sure which pages and it would take a while to find it. Anyway, nothing much can happen until the Free Comic Book Day book comes out (May 5th) and I have at least most of the screenplay written, both of which are at least seven weeks away. Then I can start actively trying to raise money for the film, but I also want to try to just sell it directly for the big bucks before that. I may wait until the first “Marry Me” issue (24 pages) is printed (May), which will give me some more ammunition to try to get a good agent. If I film it myself, it could be pushed back until early/mid October, before the weather gets too bad in South Dakota, so there’s a bit of time still.

  33. Wil Says:

    “You thought wrong! That’s a silly tradition that only the bad stories use! ”

    Dracula with Bella Lugosi … a bad story ? No …
    I believe that you speak about the traditions and beliefs … not the stories.

    But it doesn’t matter. The reflection in the mirror was just a detail for me and doesn’t shock me.
    I just wanted to know if this detail had posed problem to you or not for this cover.

  34. Bobby Crosby Says:

    It posed a problem for Owen — he hates it. I don’t mind it in the slightest.

  35. Owen Says:

    Hate is to strong a word, I would’nt have drawn it if I hated it. Besides, Bobby obviously made the right design choice because this ended up being one of the strongest covers I’ve ever done. I’m quite proud of it, but I would never have come up with the design on my own.
    For the record though. Stoker’s Dracula isn’t stupid in the least, the whole book is a metaphor, the mirror thing included, but I know what Bobby’s trying to say.

  36. just-us Says:

    can you buy these comics?
    i got #1 from free comic day but would love to purchase the rest

  37. Bobby Crosby Says:

    just-us, please read this post for more info —


    It’s a bi-monthly series, with issues coming out in July (#2), September (#3) and November (#4), and so on. I’ll also have the comics available to buy on this web site, but we really want you to get it from your local comic shops. Please call them and say you want them to carry “Last Blood”!

  38. RegularJoe5 Says:

    hey, that kid lives on my street! 😀


  39. Tegu Says:


  40. wisp Says:

    O_o is it me or do child zombies look WAY more angry than adult zombies?

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