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Page 18: Cute Meet

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Whoa, April shot that vampire!  That old lady behind her looks pretty shocked.  I think Matheson (Math for short) is used to this kind of treatment, though.  People like to shoot vampires, and do other pointless things.

A scene like this is hard to do in a comic, for me at least.  It’s tough to get the proper feeling of the moment.  The sound, the timing, the blood spurting out of Math’s chest, the reveal of April with the gun, her heavy breathing . . . can’t really do it in this medium.  Looking forward to filming it.

32 Responses to “Page 18: Cute Meet”

  1. Mewt Says:

    While I understand the necessity of it as a sound effect…

    ‘BLAM!’ doesn’t really help either. 😛 It makes it almost oldschool comediac Batman in that effect, except it isn’t ‘KA-BLAM’.

  2. Mewt Says:


    And I love how Val’s smirking off to the side like ‘Hahahaha, you got shot!’

  3. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I like the smirk too — Owen’s idea.

    Would you suggest anything other than “BLAM!”? “BANG!” doesn’t seem any better.

  4. Lydia Says:

    Uhm.. maybe BAM! Best I can come up with. Blood’s easy to get out, but I guess in their world, a washing machine probably isn’t always readily available.

  5. Dmitriy Says:

    That could be a great movie quote.

  6. Bumtown Says:

    Man, a hundred years? They don’t make em like they used to, huh?

  7. Jeff Says:

    Love the smirk.

    Also love the eyebrows in panel 3.

  8. Payahm Says:

    I’m just wondering, wouldn’t that be almost exactly where the heart is on a normal person?

  9. OLLLIe Says:

    DUH payahm
    the hearts a few full centemeters to the right

  10. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Either way, he’s a vampire, so wouldn’t hurt him!

  11. 078136 Says:

    but…dont vampires die when stabbed in the heart…
    or are you going to literally use that in the sense that
    they must get stabbed with a stake?

  12. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Basically everything I’ve read says that bullets can’t hurt vampires, even if shot in the heart.

    They must get stabbed with a stake-like item, yes, in this story.

  13. Gabriel Cohen Says:

    I feel like Helsing had a few instances where vampires were just shot and that was that, they basically exploded. Both Helsing and Trinity Blood have basically massively powerful vampire-killing vampires that don’t so much stab the vampires as they just separate them into many pieces and they die, but that could very well be just when those specific massively powerful vampires do it, not when normal people slice and dice a vampire. I know G vs. E, the show on USA from a few years back, specified it had to be a knife dipped in the blood of a virgin applied to basically any part of the anatomy, though I don’t remember if they were fighting vampires or demons in that. And if you want to get really old-school, Bram Stoker said you have to chop off a vampire’s head even after staking it. I feel like even silver bullets might have some effect. I know they’re designed for werewolves, but I think they’re also effective against vampires to some degree. Not that silver (or bullets, for that matter) are easily accessible in the climate expressed in this comic.

    So basically, you’ve got a lot of options for how they need to be dealt with. Obviously, we’ll trust your judgement, just know that you have some options.

    -Gabe C.

  14. 078136 Says:

    ah, it is all clear to me now

    agreeing with the stoker thing with the chopping of heads, stoker also said tha you had to remove the head and stab the vampire in the heart at the same instant…and then fill the head with garlic

  15. Mr. W x Says:

    I know a lot of the campier mythologies suggest the stake must be left in the heart (if the heart isn’t removed), whereas a bullet likely flies on through? Either way, I think most everyone who does vampires develops, to an extent, their own particular mythology.

  16. Mewt Says:

    Personally, I feel they should be stabbed in the heart with a ‘Blam!’ sound effect.

  17. Grogo67 Says:

    Bobby, the way I see it is it’s your comic, your world, your rules. There’s nothing that says you have to adhere to any pre-established criteria or restrictions when dealing with Vampires, Zombies, or any other thing living or not in your version of the world. Surprise us!

  18. Bobby Crosby Says:

    There will definitely be surprises and things that go against convention. I’ve seen very little vampire or zombie movies and I’ve read zero books on those subjects, and I’m doing one major thing that is totally new, which you’ll first see a little about in a few weeks.

  19. Spencer Says:

    HA!! I love the name! Matheson. Is that his first name? If his last name is Richard…

  20. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Just the one name so far — haven’t decided if it’s his first or last or some nickname or what.

  21. Rumoku Says:

    heh…Matheson. Yeah, I get what Spencer is saying. I’m also assuming that the name is something of an homage as well. Am I wrong? Anyway, sweet idea so far. Can’t wait to see where it’s going.

  22. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’ve actually never read a zombie or vampire book. Artist Owen Gieni suggested the name of Matheson.

  23. Annath Says:

    Richard Matheson, in case you didn’t know, wrote I Am Legend, perhaps one of the best vampire novels of all time, in my opinion. All about the last human left on earth, against a world of vampires, and how he becomes a “legend” to the vamps for surviving

  24. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I did know, yes. Haven’t read it.

  25. Pasta_and_Tacos Says:

    If I remember correctly; fire, decapitation, and stakes made of blessed steel through the heart can kill a vampire, while sunlight can only kill young ones. The older the vampire, the longer they can survive in the sun, with 500 years and older almost invincible. Silver in any form can harm a vampire, but will only kill 50 years or younger. It also matters what type of vamp it is. The Dracula-style vampire is near invincible, and requires very specific events to occur to kill them. Blade style vamps are killed by silver and sunlight and coagulants, which make them explode. The Ann Rice vamps are killed by fire and stakes. A varient of Rice vamps, called revanants, are insane killers and are similar to the 28 days later infected. Yes, I’m a freak about vampires.

  26. Madbain Says:

    While reading through this for the second time (this time scrolling through the comments) it occured to me that (in a perfect world) Brad Pitt would make a really stellar Math. For some reason it’s his voice that I now hear all of Math’s lines in. I didn’t even realize until just now.

    What can I say, the man was born to play Vampires.

  27. Altair Says:

    I love the “This has been my favorite shirt for a hundred years.” line.

    Matheson is cool…. (instant fangirl, just add coffee 🙂 )

  28. Altair Says:

    Oh… and I just noticed Valerie’s smirk in the last panel, and how Matheson is kind of rolling his eyes.

    For some reason, that just cracks me up.

  29. Tegu Says:


  30. Steve Richard Mathieson (really) Says:

    Nice choice for a name if I do say so myself ^_^ (pity there is no ‘I’ for the classic Scottish spelling….)

  31. CyberSkull Says:

    I didn’t think a shirt could last for 100 years. Who is his tailor anyways?

  32. Blue Says:

    Matheson! Matheson! Ooh! It’s an I Am Legend reference, right?

    *gold star!*

    …Oh, Annath already said that.


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