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Page 17: Head Game

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

I want to cut off a zombie’s head!

16 Responses to “Page 17: Head Game”

  1. Mewt Says:

    … For some reason, I now expect Zombie-Head Soccer and other such related zombiehead sports.

    Fourth panel, the head on the right looks like it’s having the time of it’s life…

  2. Tzion Says:

    Looks like a good concept for a Wii game.

  3. Lydia Says:

    I appreciate their sense of humor. But then I realize that time after time, men get all the cool outfits, and the females get….. a g-string….. >_

  4. garfalk Says:

    i seem to remember a comic strip about that somewhere…darn. now i forgot where.

    thats to the above ^

  5. Owen Says:

    This page is funny because I started out with a really strong first panel and then my art gets progressively weaker until the totally crap panel at the end. Weird.
    I’ve actually got a cool coat for Val to wear, but it’s too bulky for fighting. I also wanted to counter April’s “sweetness” look with Val’s “sexy” look if that makes sense. No G-string though, she’s wearing 70’s style bell bottoms, I just haven’t drawn a clear shot of em yet.

  6. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Owen said everything I was gonna say, although I didn’t realize they were bell bottoms, but I knew they were pants! I was worried, however, that people would think she wasn’t wearing any pants. Also, as you’ll find out later, the look does work for this character, and so would going naked. She’s a wild one. And it’s not like clothes matter much anymore after almost everyone in the world has died.  And she’s a vampire!  So who knows how they dress.

  7. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Tzion, I like the Wii game idea, ha.

  8. Jeff Says:

    I’ve been very busy lately, and, after seeing this… I WANT TO DO IT! Might be a good way to relax after a long, hard day.

    Oh, and Bobby, are you planning on showing us the whole, complete cast list once it’s done?

  9. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Not sure what you mean by cast list. I can think of at least three different possibilities.

  10. Lydia Says:

    Oh, I see her pants now that I look closer. ^^ My mistake. Actually, I was just thinking, “Maybe she’s got a coat in the car.” But the cool outfits vs. skimpy ones still holds true for many other cases… Yay for pants!

  11. Plite Says:

    I assume it becomes clear later, but is it day or night?

  12. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Early morning, sun just coming up. Mac left early to try to avoid being out at night with zombies around.

  13. doctor-x Says:

    This is why I always say blades are better than guns against zombies.

  14. Raikoh_Minamoto Says:

    @ doctor-x:

    That’s only true if the local sport shop doesn’t sell cricket bats. 😉

  15. Altair Says:

    I love the grinning zombie head. I only just noticed that now…. heh…

    and yes. Zombie head sports. How come the survivors haven’t thought of that yet? You’d think that in a school, they’d have a gym. How bout some zombie head basketball?? 🙂

  16. Tegu Says:


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