In Case You Missed It: Movie News and Marry Me

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Hey “Last Blood” superfans, long time no update! Here’s some news, in case you missed it…

* “Real Steel” and “Shoot ‘Em Up” producer Rick Benattar is now co-financing the “Last Blood” movie! Read about the details here. Wish we could say more about the status of the movie, but we can only reveal what is public knowledge.

* If you’re a fan of “Marry Me” as well, you should know it is now updating with new pages! Go check it out!

If you’d like to see “Last Blood” return with new pages like “Marry Me” has, tell us how much in the comments! We sure would like that…

55 Responses to “In Case You Missed It: Movie News and Marry Me”

  1. flats Says:

    Great to hear! I still have this in my RSS on the off-chance it started back up again.
    New pages would be great!

  2. DFaucher Says:

    Great news! I was just looking over my RSS subscriptions yesterday and about to remove “Last Blood”. Something stopped me. Perhaps it is the the image of the last panel of book one still haunting me – “Twenty-four”. I think this is a fascinating and original story with rich characters. would love to see this come back online.

  3. Dan Irving Says:


  4. David Says:

    Oh snap!
    Please come back.

  5. David Says:

    Hell yeah! Please come back, we want more of these characters

  6. Tomas d'Aberdeen Says:

    Yes, please, come back! I look up this comic at random just to see if anything new is in it… I MISS IT SO!!!

  7. Nesman Says:


    I just randomly checked back today and was really pleased to see this.

  8. Alan (The Super Fan) Says:

    Hey, I’ve been a super long time fan. I’ve always checked for updates.

    I’d personally like to see the whole series collected into one big TPB when the film gets closer to release, and on a website like Amazon if possible.

    I’d also like (at the very least) this current issue of the comic to get finished. I want to find out what happens to a lot of these characters.

  9. JP de la Torre Says:

    Go back one page and read the comments. People are desperate for new pages! I sure am, for almost 3 years now!

    I would start a killing spree for more pages. Please!

    Just so you know, I re-read the entire thing. It’s such an incredible story. Surely the best comic I’ve read.


    I want more Last Blood almost as much as I want an IRL ZA, and I’d love a good ZA.

  11. Tippy Says:

    Hooyaah! Please come back.

  12. Wazza Says:

    Here I was bored out of my skull doing some web-browsing and thought “Wonder if…” fired up the Last Blood link I’ve got saved and SHA-ZAAM there’s an update!

    Great news indeed about the co-financing, and as the other folks here have said; please come back! LB is great fun and bloody… hmmm, how about just call it bloody great fun? πŸ™‚

    Here’s very much hoping for future updates!


  13. Jon Says:

    Weirdly, I was just thinking last night about emailing Bobby to see if the Last Blood movie was stuck in development hell. I’m glad it’s making progress, and I’m way excited to see more Last Blood comic pages!

  14. sammi Says:

    Please please please start updating again? Pretty please? I ended up getting my friends addicted to this comic, and everyone was really disappointed when you stopped updating…. Pwease? O_O

  15. Daniel Says:

    This was one of the best webcomics that I have read and I got really into the story. Please start updating again as I need to know how the story continues!

  16. AJ Says:

    Yes, please update again! Unfinished story lines make me twitchy.

  17. fionajane Says:


  18. Clapton is God Says:

    Please bring it back!

    In the words of the master:

    ” I don’t need no glitter, no Hollywood. All you got to do is lay it down and you lay it down good!”

  19. Hank Says:

    Have you seen The Extinction Parade? More importantly, has Max Brooks read Last Blood? I think that it’s pretty obvious he has.

  20. Angela Cristina Colligan Says:

    I think it’s two tears too late, at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I’d read new pages for sure, but judging by the 18 comments this has generated in 2 months… You’ve lost your readers.

  21. jessica Says:

    I’m a new reader but this comic is great. I would love to see new pages!

  22. Wyverra Says:

    Of course we would, I’m still checking if there’s a new page every few months! It would be a lovely surprise if there actually was one πŸ™‚

  23. mike Says:

    someone just linked your comic in the comments on reddit and I just blew threw every page. Fantastic comic, and a movie!? Can’t wait for that to happen. Don’t leave us hangin’, more pages!

  24. Quinn Bracelen Says:

    I just started and finished this comic today. I’m really sad about the ‘finished’ part πŸ™

  25. DerJabberwock Says:

    Y’know, I’ve commented before and I for one can say I’d love for you guys to continue updates for Last Blood.
    I come back every other month to check for news updates and check for maybe a comic.
    I’ve re-read the comic a few times and I can say, I would love it if updates resumed.

  26. steven balke Says:

    Love the comic. been waiting for the movie for a while now can’t wait.

  27. Daniel Says:

    Still hoping this series will pick back up again.

  28. Leah Says:

    Please bring Last Blood back, I have been waiting month after month after month after month to see what happens, I love the molding of a zombie comic into something less mindless and more structured, so please for the love, bring it back.

  29. ZomBig Says:

    Haven’t checked the site since Jan/Feb of this year and praise be a status update!!! I concur with everyone who has posted before me…BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Rimmon Says:

    Im checking this site for time to time and if there is any chance of bringing it back it would be awesome. So far its the best comic iv encountered over the past several yers, so keep going πŸ™‚

  31. Sheela Says:

    Just went trough the archives, and I can say with absolute certainty, that this comic needs to be revived – Pronto !

    Make it so!

  32. Einar Says:

    Since you’re asking, why yes; this comic should definitely be revived.

  33. Rick Says:

    Would love to see the story continue here…I check every week just to see if there is more to read.

    Looking forward to eventually seeing the movie too!

  34. D. Says:


  35. eca Says:

    I hope things havnt fallen thru..
    I HOPE you are getting money from the IDEAS that are spilling out on TV, from concepts you already made..
    I HOPE you aint signed certain contracts..

    If you had continued producing, you would of had more IDEAS on these pages, that you could of claimed in some of the TV productions, but you didnt..SOMEONE got your attention 3 years ago, and Took you away.

    Good Luck and hope you dont regret it..

  36. Astrocrabpuff Says:

    Well, what news? Please, please, let it be good – more LAST BLOOD!

  37. Zoyacat Says:

    Any new comics? Man I disappear for a couple years and no new comics. πŸ™ I even bought the comic a few years back and got it signed. This was so good it should be updated. I really hope it doesn’t die out that would be a tragedy.

  38. In For Observation Says:

    Please don’t gage the interest in the comic being revived by the volume of comments left here.

    With no updates in three years, there obviously going to be very few people who continue to check for updates on a regular basis, and eventually nearly all of them will stop checking at all.

    Not everyone uses RSS, I didn’t in 2009, so most people will not be notified when the rare update or posting is made.

    So, there have been very few fans who would have even seen this post.

    The comic was great. Even after all this time, it’s still one of the best reads available.

    Start posting new pages. There’s going to be limited traffic at first, but with content this good, the number of readers will ramp up quickly.

    Posing this question to gauge interest on a site that has been dormant for so long is not going to tell you anything about how popular it will be once you restart it.

  39. Tie Toter Says:

    Been waiting a long time.
    Sure would like to see how the story ends…

  40. Geddian Says:

    Also, protip, not everyone reads the text below, especially if the comic isn’t even a comic. I totally missed the request for comments thing last time I checked in.

    I would love to see Last Blood return, and I’m willing to bet it’ll reel in a lot of people with a small ad campaign over the big webcomic sites. I understand these comics are basically just potential movie scripts that you want to see fly elsewhere, but it would be a teensy bit silly to launch the movie before the comic is even complete.

  41. Canti Says:

    I’m a new reader and am wondering two things: Is the movie still in the works? Do you anticipate any new content coming out here?

    Must say I love the story thus far. Great work!

  42. wyvernslair Says:

    Only just discovered it so hope they do more, vampire defending humans lol, very good storyline but almost as funny as foxes in charge of chickens πŸ™‚

  43. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “but it would be a teensy bit silly to launch the movie before the comic is even complete.”

    Volume 1 of the comic is the story of the film and we finished that comic in 2007.

  44. Bailey Says:

    Sooo, ONE new (actual) page in 4 years? Y’all workin hard or hardly workin … AMIRITE? But seriously, like what’s going on? Did y’all sign that movie contract with a gag order on new pages or something? (That’s an honest question, not me being flippant)

    I know there’s a movie (sort of) in the works, but there hasn’t been any actual filming going on so I’m not sure what the hold up is here. Even with your other comic (which is great, btw), I’m sure you can squeeze in more than one LB update in 4 years. Are there even any plans to finish this, or is it basically abandoned now that a movie deal’s been had? Perhaps things on that front would move more quickly if the story was more “fleshed” (LOL I’M SO ORIGINAL) out. Maybe not, but hey, what do I know? I’m just some schmuck on the Intarwebs.

    I absolutely LOVED this comic when I started reading it … 7 years ago. Like, let that sink in. SEVEN YEARS. WW2 was shorter than that. You guys churned out like 120 pages in that first year, and only like 15 in the following 6 (!!!) years. I think you’ve put up more movie news screenshots than actual updates in that time. Now look, I know this is your work and you don’t have to finish sheeit if you don’t want to, but asking people if they want updates is kind of dumb. OF COURSE WE DO. This was one of the most popular web comics around when you were updating it, but then you let it sit … and sit … and sit.

    For a while, I used to come around weekly to see if there was a new page, then monthly, then every few months, and then not at all because there was never anything new. Today, I checked on a whim, expecting to see at least ONE new page after 3 years – but nothing. If you’re waiting for people to comment X amount of times in order to get you to start writing again, then you might want to devise a new plan. This plan’s kind of silly considering you HAVEN’T written anything in years (as far as we know). Hell, even THIS post is a year old. Start updating. News will travel and clicks will be had. Don’t wait for us to prompt you to start up again. We’re all already here … waiting.

    *whispery voice* If you write it, we will come.

  45. Michelle Says:

    Is this comic ever going to be updated again or is it dead? I absolutely love it and have been following it for a long time(years) but it never updates. I even bought the book and got it signed at a convention.

    It’s such a great story it would be so sad to see it die like this…

  46. vZ Says:

    The question is not whether we would want to read it, because we obviously would… The question is, if you even want to write new pages. Clearly, if you had any interest in running this project, there was enough time to put few new pages. Stop teasing the readers and make up your mind. After few years without new page, nobody thinks you’re serious about your last sentence.
    Also, on that note, making a movie clearly is bigger effort than making few pages. I think only very optimistic few believe in that movie ever seeing a light of day.
    And if it is about gag order from movie companies, why not let your readers now? Readers and viewers are clients. Clients are business partners. Trust is hard to buy back.

  47. Wyverra Says:

    I know I have already commented, but it was almost a year ago and here I am, still checking to see if there are any updates…
    Please, bring it back, we have been waiting for years and we are still here!

  48. Isaac Says:

    Oh man, over a year since the last comic update! Serious cliffhanger there too. πŸ™ I just introduced a close friend to this comic, she’s a big zombie and vampire fan and this hits both spots. Help me impress da ladies, do more comics! Heh, I know, easier said than done. If I ever hit the lottery I’ll hook you up with some funds to make it your day job. πŸ˜‰

  49. tori Says:


  50. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “After few years without new page, nobody thinks you’re serious about your last sentence.”

    Another comic that I write, “Marry Me,” also went years without a new page and now it’s had over 50 new pages in the past year because enough fans demanded it, so it’s dumb to say that no one thinks we’re serious. We need to see the interest to see if it’s worth the effort or not. Nobody wants to waste their time and effort on something that no one reads.

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