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Screenplay Page 1

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Her what?! I want to know what happens to Wendy, my favorite character!

As a reminder, I’m going to be posting selected screenplay pages on days when there isn’t a new comic. The script is not done yet and it’s just the first draft. There is already guaranteed to be lots of significant changes from the graphic novel, though, many of which I knew of while writing the comic, like things that were cut for time (112-page maximum for the GN, which translates to far less pages of a screenplay). I won’t be posting every page and I plan to finish the screenplay in 3-4 weeks.

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Vicky Says:

    Guys its coming for certain soon. Be patient. I know its hard. 😉

  2. Rollo Says:

    I think this is very interesting for those who like Last Blood:

    Have fun. 🙂

  3. Swag Says:

    More comics plz, ty.

  4. Jesse Says:

    Okay, Ashrael left! Now let’s break out second gn we were hiding from him!
    And the good wine!

  5. sco3tt Says:

    “…and before she can scream her…”

    …fool head off at the zombie closing in on her, a Big Fucking Shark breaks the waters surface, grabbing the decaying body and dragging it under. The BFS and TFZ churn the water to foam with their epic struggle as the three young girls run screaming onto the beach as others in the area take notice. Those in the water leave it quickly, those on the beach run towards the water to see what’s happening. As quickly as it began, the fight is over.

    (BFS swims slowly away from the area, fin above water. camera follows a short time then stops, BFS swims off screen left)

    (camera sweeps back towards beach, a single scrap of cloth is the only evidence that the zombie ever existed)

    fade out

    Ok, so that’s not as good as I’m sure the real one will be, but there’s nothing new posted and Scrubs reruns aren’t on for another twenty minutes and I’m bored.

  6. Altair Says:

    This is a long ‘couple of days’ 🙂
    Just kidding–Two major holidays in the same week, you can’t be expected to post the (sighs) first page of LB GN 2 right away…. BUT YOUR FANS ARE GOING INSANE!! POST SOON PLEASE!!

  7. Kitey Says:

    ACK im going into shock. no new last blood stuff in ages whether its screenplay or gn i just need something

    cmon anything plz anything at all i need my webcomics

  8. Owen Says:

    I’m about 95% finished the 1st page of the new GN. I suspect it will be up early tomorrow night. It’s a good one I think.

  9. jon Says:


  10. Vicky Says:


  11. Sean Says:

    I don’t know if this matters to you, but technically your screenplay is out of format.

    The following words: SCATTER, HATCH OPENS, OCCUPENT, COFFIN, HALF ROTTED, CREDITS, SHARK, TEENAGE GIRLS, and GASPS should not be captilized. Names i’m a little unsure on – I think they are only in caps the first time they appear, and when it’s designating who is speaking – but that issue doesent come up on this page.

    Addionally, it’s considered out of format to specify in the “scene line” to describe the time as anything but “Day” or “Night,” dawn TECHNICALLY should be in the description of what the scene looks like/where it is. Cueing the credits is also something that is not typically done in the screenplay. There are also too many spaces in the intial description – “HATCH OPENS” should not be in it’s own line.

    Of course, this is according to “textbook” rules according to the text of my screenwriting course last semester. (We had to write the first 60 pages of a feature STRICTLY to format, and we werent allowed to write about anything interesting, so I have sixty generic pages about a guy working in a comic store.We were encoraged to copy “the odd couple,” as a type of storyline because it’s basic and it’s an easy first right. It’s sarcasticly riviting.)

    Considering you’ve said several times that you will may wind up shooting this movie yourself, none of this may matter to you – if you DID plan on pitching it to a studio, please invest in a detailed book on screenwriting and formatting. A screenplay is like a resume, they only look at it for a minute or two tops before deciding if it’s worth picking up. Often having “too many” or “too few” pages is enough to put you out. (This is on account of the assumption that one page=one minute, and long movies are expensive, short movies don’t make enough money)
    Sometimes scripts get rejected for having the wrong color card-stock on the cover.
    You have the font right though.

    Studios are absurdly picky about screenplay format.
    Just in case you wanted to know.

  12. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Sean: Absolutely everything you just said is wrong. You know absolutely nothing about screenplays and how they’re written. You should get your money back from that class. I’ve read over 30 screenwriting books and I’m basically an expert on the subject. I bought six more last week. I suggest reading the columns at wordplayer.com, like this one —


    You’ll also find examples of almost everything you criticized in this script —


    And in basically all scripts, except maybe “The Odd Couple” apparently!

  13. Sean Says:

    Huh. I could have sworn the rules on caps were more specific then that, but it was a few semesters ago – i’ll have to dig up my old text and see what I can find.
    I would have to disagree that my comment was “absolutely” wrong in every way – It IS true that one of the first thing a studio looks at is length, and many scripts are tossed out for being too long, and although it may not be technically against format, producers dislike writers “directing” from the script (cueing the credits in your case,) because it upsets Directors and all that heiarchy nonsense. Still, neither of those are technically format points, so I’m still wrong – I guess I didn’t retain as much from that class as I thought.

    Universitys don’t typically issue refunds for classes completed, and it’s irrelevent anyway screenwriting was just a neccissary credit I need for my major – I don’t intend to be a writer, I’m focusing mostly on post-production. Regardless of that, errors in this post or my last post are more a likely more of a result of my faulty memory rather than poor instruction. My faith in my instructors knowledge over my memory holds on account that I know he has sold screenplays that have seen production and distribution, and I have no doubt that experience often wins over the well read. (Not tha I am suggesting that you do not have experience and have not sold screenplays. I have no idea what you have or have not done.)
    Apparently i’m neither very expereinced nor well read in this subject. (Good thing I don’t intend to be a screenwriter.)

    Eh, I guess the short version of this is NEVERMIND, I screwed up.

  14. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Once again you just said a bunch of insanely retarded crap. I’m not gonna waste time going over every fucking point right now — I suggest reading all the columns at wordplayer.com, which I’ve read more than five times each in the past decade. They’re the best screenwriting (and writing in general) resource in the world. Also, you’re a disgustingly horrible person and if you want to try to become a better person I suggest not insanely telling people that they definitely screwed something up when you’re 100% wrong about it and have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about. Again, you’re disgusting and you’re banned for a third time now (this one will stick).

  15. Carpe Cerevisi Says:


    Must have thought you were going at this blind to post such things. I find the layout “odd” for leisurely reading purposes, but I know nothing about the process anyway.

    In case you don’t hear it enough: Amazing job gentlemen! Keep up the fantastic work. (yea yea… posting way the hell after everyone else. I read the content right after Xmas and only now read all the comments).

  16. Tegu Says:


  17. KaptainKrunch Says:

    Wow! I’ve been reading the First Blood comic from beginning to here in one day, and I love it!
    I’ve always wanted to write screenplays, and seeing this renews it. Hope to see it when/if it become a movie. Keep up the great work.

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