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Page 102: Last Words

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Addison’s last words directly relate to the first sequel, which will follow along with the current characters while also featuring “Lost” style flashbacks to past events, focusing on the origin of The First Zombie (s) from a certain character’s point of view who we haven’t yet met (but will very soon). There’s a 97% chance now that the second graphic novel will begin within two months, hopefully by Christmas.

CLICK HERE to see my mouse drawn MS Paint sketch of this page!

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  1. Genya Arikado Says:

    And to clarify: ‘no clear frontal shot of where AFP has been stabbed’ = obviously he has been stabbed in his chest…

    Plus the biggest clue would of course be Bobby posting above:

    ‘Oh, and there’s zero hope for Addison. He will only ever appear in flashbacks/prequels from now on. He’s dead. ‘

  2. David Kastrup Says:

    AFP was asking for it. Should be obvious to anybody without a rotting brain that he needed to get staked at that point.

  3. Kamatu Says:

    “Also, vampires die from any piece of wood going through their heart, through one side and out the other. I don’t care to go into any more detail than that for now.”

    Besides the detail that TFZ/WLB now has his back to darling April the unchained while facing the vamps and quite likely will also be doing the same when Sullivan makes his appearance? Saw that one coming a few pages ago when the scene was set up.

    I’m figuring you need Sullivan and zombies on hand, otherwise Francis’ zombies will start attacking again after he dies. Sullivan’s can defend against the “local” uncontrolled zombies while the ones further away shamble randomly about.

  4. Silvier Says:

    “This is our last look at Val’s breasts for the whole comic!”

    The paint sketch makes me sad :'(

  5. Owen Says:

    Finished the next page, it’ll go up when Chris and Bobby wake up ( all 3 of us are nocturnal), maybe around 3-4 PM pacific time. TFZ is an extra WLB in it, you guys will love it (and hate him).

  6. sco3tt Says:

    The first thing I did was try and figure out how AFP isn’t really dead. Did the stake go in high and to the right, is WLB that much of a spaz, can AFP come back when the stake is removed, blah blah blah…

    …then I caught myself. One of the things I like about this story and the style it’s told in is that you’re not using cheap hollywood “feel good” techniques. Dead is dead. We may all want AFP alive, he’s a badass and in an apparently hopeless situation, though somehow he still seemed in control of it. He’ll be missed but I’m sure we won’t have his sacrifice and our feeling of loss diminished by him coming back.

    Suck it up and bow your heads, lesser beings. Addison Fucking Payne died fine. Rest In Peace, #1 well dressed badass.

    That being said, any plans for a prequel? It sure would be nice to see AFP as a younger vampire, any or all of the main characters really.

  7. Krasno Says:

    “# Jae Says:
    November 23rd, 2007 at 12:14 am

    maybe Payne has his heart on his right side, there are rare occasion I think one out of 100,000 or a million I forget that people are born with hearts on their right side instead of left”

    You are talking about conjointed twins, one has the heart on the left side, the other one on the right one. BUT BOBBY SAID A GAZILLION TIMES THAT AFP IS DEAD AND WON’T COME BACK EXCEPT IN FLASHBACKS. LIKE DUMBLEDORE.

  8. Sim^moN Says:

    Thats excelent news Owen – I was just about to become a whiny little bitch and ask about the next update again (You probably noticed that I whine about it every once in a while.. you know… without a comic for 64 hours… i change! =P )
    And just to be a little bit encouraging – keep up the excelent work drawing the comic, Owen =)

  9. Mitch Says:

    where is rage during all this?

  10. Krasno Says:

    “where is rage during all this?”

    Chained from toes to neck.

  11. TheLodger Says:

    R.I.P. Addison etc, its all been said already 😛

    “That being said, any plans for a prequel? It sure would be nice to see AFP as a younger vampire, any or all of the main characters really.”

    I realise that James above mentioned a similar idea for one of the kids, but wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Addison with an Afro in ’70s ish flashback, if any. I realise it wouldn’t really work, but if everybody just thinks about it right now… shaking the head… priceless… 😀

  12. Snake Says:

    He is most likley chained so much he is nothing more than a bundle of chains. You can’t even see his face he is chained so much.

  13. Tegu Says:

    I’m betting barbed wired was used. He’s do busy enjoying the pain to notice anything else.

  14. Snake Says:

    actually krasno, there are rare cases where all the bodies organs are flipped to the oppisite side

    heres a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dextrocardia

    ya for wikipedia

  15. Northstar Says:

    You may have killed him Frances but Addison Fucking Payne is still more badass than you!

  16. Dan Says:

    If Rage and Francis got into a brawl would Francis destroy Rage since you told us that he is pretty much all powerful and stuff?

  17. Skiptag Says:

    Rage cannot lose! He is Rage! And he’s angry! Excuse the horrible pun.

  18. Anko Says:

    If Francis would lose a one-on-one duel with AFP (as Bobby said) then Rage would certainly beat Francis IMHO.

  19. Altair Says:

    After I read this, I ran around the house several times in disbelief, re-opened the page, and then checked again.

    Well, i wasn’t hallucinating, I guess.

    RIP, AFP.


    Well, at least he made some extremely ‘cryptic’ reference to Sofia… whoever she is. Mmmmmmmmmmm Cliffies!

    Can’t wait ’till monday.

  20. Dylan Says:

    Aw damnit, of COURSE the coolest one has to die.


    Great work as always, Bobby and Owen.


  21. Tom Says:


    Someone better kill that little bitch REAL soon

  22. Rose Says:

    You killed Addison. I hate you.

  23. Tegu Says:


  24. ahaha Says:

    go Frank!!!! you kick all those vampire’s ass and have an new infected world domination!!!

    Ok, would you like an teeth scratch or an bite mark?

  25. Trilbydude Says:

    oh. well that was anticlimatic…

  26. Pandora Says:

    Nooo, Addison can’t die! He’s AFP!!! (Still a great comic, that part just sucks)

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