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Page 99: Whiny Little Bitch

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

I hate Francis.

CLICK HERE to see my mouse drawn MS Paint sketch of this page!

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    “I think Addison Payne would have turned a few people to ensure that his enhanced intelligence would not be lost if he were to die. ”

    He turned sullivan! maybe I dont think its been decided yet.

    fun Possibilities with that notion:

    “be-cause..I.. am..Ste-phen…fuck-ing…hawk-ings”
    “Cause im CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS!” (that one sounds odd to me like maybe it wouldn’t happen cause chuck would just roundhouse kick him to the face and kill all the zombies with his left pinky)

  2. JT Cool Says:

    Wow. MOHAWK VAMPIRE IS BACK!!!With a nice amount of chains.

    It’s funny that AFP is so badass. Unfortunately he has to die and that brings horribleness to me.

  3. Desiree Says:

    Should be a Addison payne T-shirt, he’s an amazing character on so many levels.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    I cant think of an actor awesome enough to play AFP in a movie. Denzel washington I think might do a good job were AFP black…

    Kianu Reeves as the whiney little bitch

    Shia lebouf as timmy

    Chuck Norris as Rage or Mack

    I cant think of anyone snazzy to play murdo either.

  5. KayRis Says:

    First off, I’m really surprised that so many people were surprised at TFZ being Murdo’s granddad. Hasn’t it been mentioned in, like, almost every page posted?

    Now I understand more about the tunnel. If Francis hated vampires before he ever even saw one, it would make sense that the tunnel is coated in garlic! He was trying to protect his town against vampires (I think)! Irony anyone?

  6. Kai Says:

    A.F.P. says he was a whiny bitch, therefore it must be true! Tho’ the reason he has bad breath is…no sorry… WAS probably because he WAS a zombie.

  7. Kai Says:

    Also, I love the way the zombies are looking at the humans: O_O. I’m not sure why I love that look, but I do!

  8. Bobby Crosby Says:

    The bullet hole is now in TFZ’s head in Panel 4. Thanks to the people who pointed it out.

    Page 100 up in about an hour.

  9. Jonathan Says:

    I hate Francis
    But I love Parker!

  10. Jesse Says:

    Forehead bullet hole FTW. BTW, to the guy whose name I don’t consider worth looking back at, who posted that this story was “ruined” by a twist M. Night Shyamalan would have been embarrassed to use:
    What twist would that be? And just out of curiosity, do you realize you’re the only one who feels this way?

  11. meh Says:

    i love parker too. yay parker. also… rather dissapointed with the motivation… was good up till there.

  12. Jonathan Says:

    Meh, you would be surprised how petty some people can be. Wars have started over something as silly as an insult, it doesnt surprise me to find that someone who was envious of pretty much everything someone else had who was a “friend” would cause the end of the world. Or some other totaly idiotic thing.

  13. Micah Says:

    First: In response to your comment (on my comment) 2 pages ago… sorry, obviously I missed your later post. I usually read fairly carefully, but I seem to have missed it and the topic seemed rather foolish even before your comment. So, I’m sorry if I offended you. I missed the “joke”.

    Second: Even if I had read it I’m not sure, “Er…not sure what my point was with that last line…so…yeah.” got that point across. And the period is right next to the question mark on the key board… it’s called a typo. I’m pretty sure your grammar hasn’t been perfect every page.

    Third: “Are you the kind of person who asks questions that have been answered multiple times on the very page you are currently reading?” I have tried to be very careful about not doing that. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t asked a repeated question yet, (at least not on from the last 50 or so pages of comments I’ve read, and not about comic content.) Plus, it was more of a comment than a question. You know rhetorical like.

  14. David Kastrup Says:

    I’d go for three days between Francis and Sullivan rising. Makes for some sort of Christian symbolism: the world dies, and three days later rises again.

    Sort of, yes. But then three is not worse than any other number.

  15. FFXI Puppetmaster Says:

    ““Long distances seems to dull it, while going underground (or obscuring with garlic?) seems to defeat it.”

    No, going underground does not seem to defeat it in any way, and how do long distances seem to dull it?”

    Math mentions on page 45 that the smell of a small group of zombies became weaker, probably because they went underground. (Sullivan’s Tunnel) And the zombies weren’t detected until they were about to burst into the school through the tunnel. Although, now that I think about it, Math had succumbed to the lure of some shut-eye, and Val was… busy…

    Math also indicates his range of detecting the zombies, and he didn’t know the mexican group was gone. That’s why I thought the blood sense weakened over a distance. Although the smell of millions of zombies probably had more to do it, I guess.

    ““Does that mean there could be survivors in remote regions that share similar conditions?”

    There are no more humans as a fact, no matter what, and I swear that if this goes 700 issues there were still NEVER be any more humans, other than the offspring of the current ones in that library right now.”

    No Umbrella Corporation in Last Blood then? *evil grin*

    ““Bomb shelters would be zombie proof, since I doubt zombies or TFZ know anything about using demolition explosives or a tunnel boring machine…”

    I suggest reading through the comments. He dropped thousands of bombs and they had no problem whatsoever getting inside any bomb shelters anywhere.”

    Hmm… I’d have to be a schaemiac to be able to read all those comments, lol… unless I turned all posters into zombies… (hmmm…)

    Is that how TFZ got to everyone? His zombies retained their memories and skills, so TFZ could use their knowledge to learn about the world 65 years later? Then using these zombies he could infiltrate every military installation, cripple any defences (like ordering all planes and ships back to base), and specifically nuke any sites that already went into isolation (using his bloodsense to detect them) or that would take too much time to take over (large cities).

    Hmm.. no wonder AFP got outmatched by the Whiney Little Bitch… WLB had the entire zombie army acting as a single organisation…

  16. Tegu Says:


  17. Jennifer Says:

    …Okay, new favorite comic page. Addison owns, it’s hard to argue with. I’ve been giggling for almost a minute straight and it starts up again every time I think of any sentence he said on this page. He just called the comic/ film’s big baddie a whiny little bitch to his face! I’m full of so much love for him.

    Excellent job with creating likeable characters!

  18. Trilbydude Says:


    Addison fucking rocks! ^_^

  19. Tranquil Says:

    Yeah, I’m sorry. Zombie apocalypse/impending death or not, I would NOT have been able to keep a straight face upon hearing Addison F. Payne call ‘Francis’ a whiny little bitch.
    I’d probably collapse laughing and promptly get my throat torn out.

  20. Pandora Says:

    I love Addison Fucking Payne. He has that “fuck you, I’m AFP” quality that I just adore.

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