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Page 68: Cave-In

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

I wonder if Mustache Man is all right.

CLICK HERE to see my mouse-drawn MS Paint sketch of today’s page!

41 Responses to “Page 68: Cave-In”

  1. Conor Says:

    I’ll bet Mustache Man will complain about the destruction of school grounds before he dies.

  2. Amy Says:

    He seemed too cowardly to have volunteered for the service and he’s too young for the draft so I doubt he even knows about it…

  3. PZenteno Says:

    where’s the mustache man? i liked when all the tunnel collapsed xD

  4. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Amy: Correct, he wouldn’t have known about it, but I think Conor was just joking about how if Mustache Man sees that part of the school grounds were caved in like that, he would complain about it, as principal, and as a stupid jerk.

  5. Chris Says:

    That’s a lot of destruction with one blow.

    Math’s expression in the second panel for some reason confuses me. it looks like its completely neutral but something in his eyes throws it off.

    Also how Murdo is holding the shovel to swing it in the third looks wrong, rather than how a guy would swing a sword over his head he’s holding it like he’s pulling himself up a chinup bar..

  6. Brellchild Says:


    Murdo had a cunning plan. Very nice.

    I admit I was wondering why he was digging in that specific spot, but this works nicely. Notice how the section that collapses is only the part between the trigger and the school. Good engineering on someone’s part.

  7. MaxwellEdison Says:

    Math seems stunned to me. It looks like he didn’t know the identity of TFZ before but with the recent information brought to light for him about Sully he’s figured it out. He just has a bit of a shell shocked look in this page that might be making me look a bit too deep though. Also, Murdo still rocks.

  8. Darius Says:

    Chris: I think the way he’s holding it looks funny because he’s twisting it as he swings for more force. There’s more momentum in the swing that way.

  9. Nico Says:

    The way he’s holding the shovel would be wrong.. except, If you figure he’s exhausted from fighting and digging, then his body was probably doing all it could do to keep the shovel from pulling him over backwards on the swing. The grip he has actually cuts the strength he can put in it. But if tired, he may not have had a choice, as his body wasn’t wanting to cooperate.

    As for the second frame.. The look in his eyes seems distant, like he is focusing on his senses to tell where the zombies are. And perhapse betrays that he no longer trusts his senses.

    I would point out though, that the shovel looks alfully shallow, and would be ill suited to digging. It almost appears as an axe. Did he sharpen it for chopping?

  10. aquamage Says:

    Zombies with shovels =) that would be funny!

  11. Lydia Says:

    They can do ANYTHING if TFZ wills it!

  12. Penguin Says:

    …she is totally busting a groove in that last panel. Where’s the disco ball to go with those bell bottoms? =D

  13. Penguin Says:

    …errr, third to last panel. Damn, ruined my own joke.

  14. Stine Says:

    You know, when he was first introduced, I failed to recognize the awesomeness incarnate that is Murdo. He just gets cooler and cooler!

  15. JoshZ Says:

    “Only way they’re getting in from underground now is if they can dig their own tunnels.”

    I smell a plot twist, wah wah wah

    Nice comic btw

  16. Javin Says:

    It looks like she’s got her left arm up (normal) but all the flesh and meat have fallen off of her right arm leaving nothing but bone. (Third to last panel.)

  17. vo Says:

    Big Panel only: A haiku.

    Murdo crashed at Math’s feet.
    Dancing April got Photoshopped.
    TFZ eats Braaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnsssssssss.

    I’m going to go beat myself with a rusty whisk now.

  18. Will Says:

    Hey Bobby, hope you don’t mind if I ask a follow up from the previous page’s comments. So if TFZ dug this tunnel, and it had something to do with vampires, but TFZ never came here after he was turned until now… does that mean TFZ knew about Vampires before he left for the war?

  19. Bobby Crosby Says:


  20. Rena Says:

    Ah, the plot thickens…I have a feeling those damn, dirty zombies will find a way to dig a new tunnel…

    Now I wonder what Val and Mac are up to…Hopefully, they’ve found a way out of the tree they were stuck in.

  21. Brellchild Says:

    I detect a prequel.

    Question probably got asked before, but:

    Aside from Math killing Hitler how many vampires actively took sides in the various wars in the last hundred years or so?

    From what we have seen and heard of Val so far I wouldn’t be suprised to hear she was deliberately prolonging he war in the South Pacific because she was bored. Whatever happened must have been spectacular in any case if TFZ decided to wipe out the whole human race because of it.

    Still guessing in the dark in any case. How long is the current schedule re: when we can start seeing the prequel story?

  22. Necavi Omnes Says:

    I love Math’s look in the second panel. He’s all like, “… What the hell, are you crazy?”

    Then he’s like, “…Oooooh.”

    … Yeah, no real witty comments on this one.



  23. achrin Says:

    sure…the tunnel is collapsed … from that point onwards TO the school
    so they have a smell decreased path up to that point .. it still makes a good staging area .. mustache man is under an arms length watch … uhhh they chopped that off … i wonder if the “tfz” is going to make a “mustache man call” through him before or as he turns …. “collect” of course

  24. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “I detect a prequel.”

    I think I’ve mentioned prequels about twice per comments page in the last few months.

    “Aside from Math killing Hitler how many vampires actively took sides in the various wars in the last hundred years or so?”


    “How long is the current schedule re: when we can start seeing the prequel story?”

    Very possibly never. The comic will have to start making more money in order for that to happen. Even then, though, probably wouldn’t happen for a long time, unless I come into a lot of money and can hire an additional artist or two and start doing multiple “Last Blood” comics simultaneously, like the ongoing story and also a prequel. I’d also need to start writing a ton faster and stop being so lazy. Anyway, with only doing one “Last Blood” comic at a time, the current plan would be to do two more graphic novels of the ongoing story for a nice little trilogy, each around 100 pages probably, then starting with prequels, with “The First Zombie” being the first one most likely. So if the comics continue and if only one is done at a time, probably won’t be seeing any prequels until mid-2009 or so, which is sad. I’d currently only put it at about a 40% chance of the comic continuing at all past this first graphic novel, though. The possibility of movies will also play a large role in this. All kinds of stuff could happen that could change plans in various ways.

  25. Panur Says:

    I’ve been going through LB since the fist volume (LOVED the odl zombie flick effect of the first three pages, could actually SEE them in my head)

    It’s very good… and sorry I say it like this, I don’t speak English and I’m bad at leaving comments. I still need to point something wrong with her arm… look at the right one, and then at the left one.

  26. Katticus Says:

    yeah, April’s flesh must’ve teleported to her other arm in the big panel, or else something is seriously wrong with her.
    ….. hmmm….
    She must be made of rubbery elastic goo! She can morph and twist her shape! THAT’s why her boobs get bigger when under stress and her waist thinner, the goop from her midsection is moving up into her chest to better protect her heart and lungs! It’s a survival instinct! And she just moved the flesh from one arm to the other to make a wider, more stable shield for her head! *duh, self!*
    heh, just messin’ with y’all. 😉

  27. aquamage Says:

    zombies + tunnel = bad, zombies + pretty flowers = good =)

  28. Vo Says:

    Holy crap, April is really Mr. Fantastic in disguise!

  29. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I think April’s right arm is partially obscured by the dust clouds rising up from the cave-in, that’s all.

  30. Necavi Omnes Says:

    Yeah, I can see that, now that you’ve pointed it out…

    But I still say that chicks with small chests are hotter— It’s not very fun when you cant cup your hands over them*. Sooooo… Please ask the wonderful Owen to change her back.
    Please? =D


    *By ‘them’, I mean boobs. I give permission to giggle.

  31. Lydia Says:

    I think the biggest topic of discussion for this page has been the arms.

  32. vo Says:

    I agree Lydia. It’s a sad state of affairs when a hot chick’s arm become the most talked about part of her. It’s like, eh, who cares if she’s got a huge rack that she can inflate and deflate at will, did you see how freaky her arm looks? Well, at least we know where the excess breast came from.

    PS. Neca, I totally agree.

  33. Owen Says:

    Wow, you guys can be real assholes. I’ll fix the arm for the print version.


    I’m not sure if I’ll change the way I draw April though. We’ll see, it’s all sort of progressive.

  34. Oraxia Says:

    Sorry Owen 🙁 I think it’s just that you usually do such a fantastic job that we’ve come to expect perfection from you…

  35. Vo Says:

    Owen, I actually didn’t notice anything until someone else pointed it out. I’m sorry if anything I said upset you. I actually have great respect and admiration for the work you do and your ability to do it. I couldn’t draw a stick figure to save my life. I am in awe and envy of anyone who can draw. I just like to make jokes. And I’m not so good at them. Kinda like the Primus fans who chant “Primus Sucks!” at their concerts. I joke because I love the work you do.

  36. michael derner Says:

    i have just started 2 read last blood and i think it is an awsome comic with some of the best artwork ive seen in a web comick (not sure if its 1 or 2 words) or online graphic novel whatever u want 2 call it and id love 2 see a prequel and a film of last blood so i hope u get enough money 2 make a movie and/or prequel

  37. kero Says:

    I dissagree with Vo and Neca! Big boobs are more fun cuz you can bury your face in them and make motorboat sounds XD

  38. aquamage Says:

    I wonder if the zombies can still think about what they are doing? I know this sounds really lame but maybe the zombies are still alive in some way that they know whats going on but can’t cntrol themselves…just throwen it out there =)

  39. Vo Says:

    Aquamage: You mean like 28 Days Later, Cell, or Dead City?

  40. Tegu Says:


  41. Atan Says:

    why do I have the feeling that sullivan is the evil guy…. he has dogtags, died in WW II, and knows the tunnel

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