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Page 60: Heart Attack

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007


Check out this nice review of Last Blood by the guy who makes Home on the Strange.

45 Responses to “Page 60: Heart Attack”

  1. Jordyn Says:

    Murdo… is a trooper of epic proportions. After taking one emotional bullet after another, he still is iron-willed enough to do and say what he has to.


  2. Marta Says:

    I think Math needs a hug.

  3. Bumtown Says:

    Is his sister the one that was on the ground with Jimmy?

    Also, good post-battle dealy. Bravo Murdo for taking one for the team.

  4. Edward Says:

    Bad. Ass.

    Best effing strip to date. You can see the guy’s heart shattering in his eyes.

  5. Steve Says:

    heh took me a bit to realize that was a tear in the second panel i was like wait when did murdo get a piercing just below his eye?

  6. Violinagin Says:

    Hmm. Why did they ignore them? Odd. And there’s that bloody hand print… Really creepy and sad.

  7. Kristen Says:

    Poor Murdo…

  8. Nick Says:

    The zombies ignored them because the girl was dead, I think. Doesn’t quite explain why they didn’t attack Murdo but meh.

  9. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Pretty sure I already spoiled this, but anyway, minor spoiler: They ignored them because their mission had nothing to do with killing humans. All will be explained in the comic in due time.

  10. Chris Says:

    Brave Murdo, he know the survivors would probably kill Math after all this.
    If the zombies were supposed to ignore the humans why did they kill Jimmy, self defense? why did he kill his mom then after he was infected?

  11. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Said this three weeks ago.

    And Jimmy killed his mom after he was infected because he wasn’t under TFZ’s mind control yet like the others were.

  12. Brellchild Says:

    Murdo deserves (and probably got when he was in the service) several medals.

    I almost hope that he is the rumored (spoiler!) last living descendant of TFZ – the pride that his (great?) grandson is such a badass true-blooded marine might be just the thing that makes TFZ hesitate long enough for Math to get the killing shot.

    Kinda weird that there is all that carnage in the room and none of it touches Murdo as he sits there. Done right that is going to be such a beautiful shot when you get around to filming it.

  13. Tim Says:

    I just finished reading this right from the beginning in pretty much one sitting. It was so easy to be hooked just from the idea! The idea this graphic novel is based on is fantastic and all the way through I was thinking how it would make a great film! (And thus I’m glad you are making it into one!)

    Bobby you have a gift at writing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I eagerly anticipate every M, F & W’s now. Owen your illustrations are simply amazing and make this graphic novel just that more enjoyable!

    Thank you for entertaining me this boring Sunday!

    As an Aussie living in Bangkok it’s a pity I won’t be able to buy this in a Comic Book store such as you guys can in the USA, so maybe I’ll save up and buy all four, signed when they’re finished!


  14. Nara Says:

    I AM SO SAD. Murdo is awesome, really. It must have been really freaky doing CPR with all those zombies around. Fantastic page you two!!

  15. ShinoTenshi Says:

    I imagine Murdo’s desperate attempts to revive his mother were more frantic and much more stressful/suspensful than Math slaughtering a room full of zombies…

    And yes, Murdo is a trooper for sure. Murdo has just taken his spot as my favorite human (Sorry, ol’ Grizzly)

  16. Northstar Says:

    Sad scene… Both Math and Murdo need a hug. I guess the zombies ignored him because he was too close to a person that was already dead? I know why they ignored her. lol there’s probably an explanation in the comments for why they ignored him too that I missed in the comments.

    random aside: I had a dream last night about the last blood zombies. that was like the weirdest zombie fight ever. lol

  17. Cecilia Says:

    This is far one of the best webcomics I’ve ever read in a long time. The illustrations and story is just perfect. Oh, And I have voted on the webcomic. You should too!

    I will sit on the edge of my chair and wait for the next page.

    Do you accept Fanart? Is there any site/forum where you recive fanart?

  18. bobby Says:

    this is awesome

  19. Paralda Says:

    In the new world the vampires are going to create, I vote Murdo lead the training of their human military.

    (Assuming everyone doesn’t die out)

  20. Balal Says:

    I just clicked the link to this site, from SE. And thank you for improving my crappy Sunday tenfold. At least tenfold. Great comic, keep it going.

  21. Mewt Says:

    Poor Murdo…

    Lost his mother, his sister, and his Nephew all in one… Effin’ zombies!

  22. Amy Says:

    Val still hasn’t made an appearance yet… I get the feeling she’s totally going to ruin the moment.

  23. Red Lich Says:

    Math is a bad a** and Murdo is the man. This is an awsome graphic novel.

  24. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Amy: You are correct.

    Minor spoiler: Paralda, perhaps he will train a human army at some point, but he may not be human at the time.

    Cecilia: We definitely accept fanart — just link to it in the comments or e-mail it to bobbyc512@gmail.com and I’ll probably mention it in my blog post for the next page that goes up after receiving it.

    Tim: Very soon the comics will be available to purchase directly from this site through PayPal. More info on that when the next page goes up probably.

  25. knight who says NI! Says:

    i think everyone there needss a nice hug and maybe a kitten to cuddle 🙁

  26. Medea Says:

    You have very nearly made me cry. Several people have said they need a hug; I do not think they would like to be hugged right now. I think what they need is to be left alone… or if I was in this liknd of situation that’s what I would want anyhow.

  27. Medea Says:

    ** I mean “in this kind of situation”. Sorry for typing mistake.

  28. Johnny Spectre Says:

    I must say, every page of this comic impresses me greatly, and this page is no exception. there is just so much emotion in those panels. i really feel for murdo, and can feel Math’s remorse for having to do what he did.

    excellent page, excellent comic. you guys have a level of talent i rarely see. keep up the good work!

  29. spacklegeek Says:

    Aw, man! Good page! I love how much more I know about Murdo as a character after seeing this page. I knew he was alright before, but now he’s somebody I can really root for. Awesome, awesome.

  30. Kate Says:

    The only thing I can say that hasn’t been said…

    Math looks damn emo in the first panel.

    and Murdo needs a cuddle.

  31. Violinagin Says:

    “Pretty sure I already spoiled this” Ah, sorry, I don’t read through the comments as I should I guess. Just every once in awhile.

  32. Jade Says:


    I think what moves me most about this isn’t the obvious- Murdo’s lost his family, he’s upset and it’s well-portrayed. That ISN’T what brings a tear for me.

    First thing that does is Math’s empathy. It’s a little unexpected; but that third panel… Wow. He looks uncomfortable, like he’d intruding on Murdo’s grief; but he also looks genuinely saddened by the loss.

    Fifth panel, as well; Math’s wording. I can almost hear it in my mind; as if he were trying to conceal how he is feeling, but it’s still there and still clear- and still heart-rending.

    Fifth and sixth panel… I think my respect for Murdo- like most other people who have commented- just increased by a decent percentage. He instantly understands the situation; accepts it despite the pain it causes him; and offers to shoulder the burden, knowing once more what’s important- to keep everyone together.

    First off, I take my metaphorical hat off to you, Bobby- this is perfectly written. And secondly, kudos to you as well Owen- your drawing, as ever, perfectly compliments Bobby’s writing.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have something in my eye.

  33. Buck Says:

    i wonder if tfz sniped val ^_^

  34. Nara Says:

    Murdo as a vamp.. will he be the one to get Val feeling again? will they be together forever and always smoochy koochie?? *swoon* jes kidding!! I think Murdo will make an awesome vamp though. hes badass already!!!

  35. Brellchild Says:

    Assuming the humans survive the zombie plague I am more worried about where they will live than who trains the army. Dakota country has this small problem called ‘Winter’.

    Anyone who has had to live through a really bad upper midwest blizzard knows what I mean…

    Hawaii might work. Once the vamps clear out the zombies it’s pretty darn nice climate and even better it’s really freaking far away from anywhere radioactive and/or infested with zombies. Anything coming out of the water smelling like zombie easily gets mobbed by vampires while the humans run for the bomb shelters.

    A couple other places come to mind, but Hawaii on the surface looks like one of the best. But I am sure the author already has something in mind, Mr Payne surely has put some thought to the matter.

    Can’t wait till we get to meet him.

    Casting Murdo looks like it might get tricky. Takes some talent as an actor to be that tough while simultaneously being that vulnerable.

  36. Enrique Says:

    I wish Murdo was the descendant, but I’m sure it’s Amy~

  37. Katy Says:

    Wow – just, wow. This was beautifully done. Murdo is a terrific character and it is amazing how you have created such a heart-rending affect (that isn’t a typo – I mean affect, not effect) with your drawing. Like another commenter says, you can literally see Murdo’s heart breaking, yet he forgives Math and volunteers to take the burden of the death of his sister and nephew upon himself in order to prevent the rest of the survivors from making Math a scapegoat. Beautifully done. I love it.

  38. achrin Says:

    math Would know cardiac arrest when he sees it ..the mirror is a face plant smash .. probably the mothers … and all that untainted blood laying there while those 2 are counting their losses … one wonders where the female vampire is at this moment

  39. Bobby Crosby Says:

    achrin: Murdo’s mom died in the gym, nowhere near the mirror, which is in a different room. Jimmy and Jimmy’s mom (Murdo’s sister) died by the mirror.

  40. Courtney Says:

    Why is Murdo sitting on the bleachers while he’s holding his mom? If you do CPR, I would think it would be much easier on the floor (especially since that’s where she already was), and even after he realized there wasn’t anything he could do to save her, why would he pick her up and lift her up onto the bleachers? I would just have sat where I was with her – grief and the struggle to lift a body outweigh any good reason to get up on a bleacher, in my opinion. But then maybe I’m just too lazy…

    In the movie, while Math fights/massacres the zombies, will we see any snapshots of Murdo trying to save his mom, or will you just focus on Math and the zombies until their fight’s over? I think it would be really cool to see both at the same time, it would totally have me crying, but maybe that wouldn’t be the direction you wanted the emotions to go during the fight.

  41. Christine Says:

    O_O Murdo…you make me cry. You and Math both need hugs TT_TT

  42. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Courtney: There was zombie blood spilling/spraying towards her body on the floor after CPR failed and he knew she was dead, and he had to move her away from that. When Math cuts off a head, it goes a long way sometimes. All of that will be made clear in the movie. Not sure yet about how that scene will go in the movie, but possibly a slow motion thing with dramatic music over it and cutting back and forth between Murdo and Math, yeah.

  43. Tegu Says:


  44. Peter Says:

    Man, I’m really glad you didn’t have another “GODDAMNIT NO YOU COULD HAVE SAVED THEM I’M GOING TO KILL YOU” scene like every zombie movie does.

  45. PJ Says:

    Why is there zombie blood spraying around in the first place? Do their little zombie hearts beat? Why doesn’t it pool in their legs and clot up? Chopping up zombies should be like chopping cooked sausage.

    Am I the only one that thinks, “It was cardiac arrest,” just plain sounds weird?

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