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Page 30: Addison Payne

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I’d like to thank Addison Payne for saving my life countless times. He looks pretty cool too. Even more cool than the horrible mustache man (still unnamed), who makes another appearance in the first panel today. My description of his facial expression for Owen was that he looks like he has to poop. Monday’s page finally reveals a HUGE thing, a spoiler that two people have now guessed from all the hints I’ve given in the comments.

Click here to see my funny MS Paint sketch for today’s page. Along with the scripts, which average somewhere around a billion words each, lately I’ve been doing sketches too, at Owen’s request. Drawing with a mouse sucks! But I can’t draw anyway.

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  1. Schon R Boll Says:

    Right on first to comment about comic………. I would like to thank Addison Payne also for keeping the human race going and state also he looks very cool.. keep the comic comin.

  2. Lydia Says:

    Grr… I don’t like the mustache man. But I heart Math. Yes, I HEART him. I imagine the mustache man as Hitler, and Math owning him with that very same sword.

    Apparently one of us is working on the script of the story (not much dialogue though.. the original is a short story I wrote that’s only 5 pages). Just a whole lot of description. She’s using a program called Final Draft. Do you know of it? ^^

  3. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’ve been using Final Draft for about 10 years, yeah. Good program. And hey, Math can’t kill the mustache man! He needs his blood! But the mustache man will probably die anyway.

  4. Addie (Addison) Says:

    Hey, I saved the world! =]

  5. Lydia Says:

    10 years? I’m so out of the loop. I can keep you posted as long as you keep making great comics (and hopefully, movies).

    Yeah, I guess he can’t really kill him. It wouldn’t be sensible. And I look forward to seeing what happens to him even though he’s a total ass. Also, I had completely forgotten about how this zombie problem all began! Was so caught up in the vampires and Hitler and Math….

  6. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “10 years?”

    In 1999 I quit college (after one year) to write screenplays. Finished the first one (sports drama) in February of 2000 and since then I’ve had writer’s block for about seven years basically. Still trying to re-write that first script (ugh), and I’ve started several others since then, never getting very far.

    Doing the comics has been great, because it forces me to just get anything out on the page to meet the deadlines. I’ve been too much of a perfectionist for the past decade with my writing and I just haven’t been able to break out of that, but the comics have been helping. I hate most of “Last Blood” so far, but I know that it’s not as bad as I think, and that the screenplay/movie will be better.

    I’ve just needed to finally start getting my ideas out in some form, instead of just letting them sit for ages. I first started writing the screenplay for “Marry Me” in 2003, and that’s one of my NEWEST ideas. I only wrote a few pages back then, and the singer was a guy instead of a girl. I have a million more film concepts (about a dozen solid ones) and I plan on starting up several more graphic novels as well, but it’s been tough to find good artists.

    And yeah, tell me more about your project.

  7. Alex Says:

    Spoiler Guess….

    I think that doctor in WW2 tried to bring the dead back to life so the vamps could use them as blood banks – Blade 3 style.

    It failed and they tossed the body into the sea… 30 or 40 years liker Zombie WW2 guy cames to life and this is how it all started.

  8. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Alex is incorrect! Addison has nothing to do with how the zombies started. And just to throw this out there, I’ve never seen any of the “Blade” movies, and I’ve seen very few zombie or vampire films in general.

  9. Mewt Says:

    Die, pooping man, die!

    *Singysong voice* I know Monday spoiiiiilerrrrrrrrr… :3

    *Dances and begins to try to figure out more spoilers*

    I’m the kind of person that goes and reads the strategy guide in a video game, just to know how the story goes before I get to it… πŸ˜€

  10. MaxwellEdison Says:

    I think Math is only keeping Senior Mustachio around for a last extreme blood source. His blood is probably the culinary equivalent of rotten bean curd. Now me…I’d start with the kiddies. They look delicious.

  11. OLLLIe Says:

    anyone with the word pain in their name totally rocks
    even if its spelt differently

    so will we ever see Addison Payne fight sometime in distant future?
    how many vamps will actually be introduced in this story?

  12. Markisa Says:

    Please don’t give the mustache man a name..

    We hate him too much for him to have a name.

  13. Grogo67 Says:

    Give the moustache man a red shirt. The red shirts always die…at least in the original Star Trek episodes LOL.

  14. Paralda Says:

    I still think that Murdo’s new sword looks like the sword that Math killed Hitler with.

  15. Bumtown Says:

    Alright, no question, Vampires are the cause of zombie outbreak.

  16. Weebo Says:

    Total shot in the dark, but I’d bet the zombies WERE vampires at one point. The similarities between the two ‘species’ are rather comprable. Both require sustinence from the human populace, both have the ability to turn humans into a new vampire/zombie, both are immortal, both can succumb to ‘the hunger,’ both have a variation of ‘the beast,’ both are undead, technically, rotting corpses.

    Really the only differences are cognative capabilities and vampires can regenerate. Mind you this is all assuming Bobby’s using anything standard to traditional occult mythos. Totally out of left field, I know, it’s just something that always caught my attention.

    – Weebo

  17. Reaver6 Says:

    Nah, it’s some third as-yet-unnamed party who’s fighting a war against the vampires. They trying to win by going for the food supply πŸ˜‰

  18. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Just want to say that I’m now leaving correct guesses up, but not saying which one is right yet, and none of the ones that I’ve left up go into any detail on exactly how it happens. So far only the very first guess from a week ago got it right with some actual specifics.

  19. Vo Says:

    Did i get another one right or what? Should I stop guessing cuz I’m too close to the truth?

  20. Bobby Crosby Says:

    No reason to stop guessing, since I’m now “leaving correct guesses up,” as I said, or at least about the spoiler that’s being revealed in Monday’s strip. Some people have already guessed the truth (or part of it at least) in comments that I’m keeping up.

  21. Redrover Says:

    Anybody else find it kinda amusing that Addison Payne looks stunningly like [url=http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=710#comic]this guy[/url]?

  22. Redrover Says:

    D’oh. No bbcode in the comments box…

  23. Cthulhu Says:

    anyone knows what happened to last page? It’s 5th and there is no new page πŸ™

  24. Bobby Crosby Says:

    It will be up today.

  25. Mewt Says:

    Meh, no need to complain about pages being late. More often than not, it’s out of Bobby’s hands.

    Now, on the other hand, if it isn’t up by -tomorrow-, then we can totally do to him what Math did to Hitler.

    With something slightly duller than a sword. Like a lead pipe.


  26. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’ve been extremely sick for the past few days and wasn’t awake last night to make sure the page got done properly. Owen finished the art last night, but my brother does the lettering and he screwed something up on that, so I’ve gotta wait for him to wake up now to correct it, then the page goes up (within a few hours).

  27. Carrin Says:

    “Now, on the other hand, if it isnÒ€ℒt up by -tomorrow-, then we can totally do to him what Math did to Hitler.”


    Wow, someone less patient than me. πŸ˜›

  28. Nara Says:

    maybe zombies are what happen to vampires that dont get to eat blood after too long? or maybe vampires that eat dead blood rather than living blood.. they are always very particular about drinking the blood from living beings… maybe dead blood freaks out th ebio-system of a vamp. man the guessing is almost as fun as eventually finding out the truth!

  29. doctor-x Says:

    I always said “If ever a zombie apocolypse I’m going to move into the country and eat alot of peaches”.

  30. heyfoureyes Says:

    I like the story so far . . . just started reading it today. But to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t seen any nonwhite characters in the first 30 pages of the comic. Is this also some kind of strange alternate earth where everyone is white? Just a thought for you . . .

  31. Monk Says:

    I can see John Malkovich as Addison. It’d be awesome if you could get him.

  32. Tegu Says:


  33. ModdyPride Says:

    Am I the only one who wants to beat the mustach glasses guy with a stick?

  34. Toraush Naull Says:

    why cant a zombie come back as a zombie after you kill them
    and why havent wny of the people who died come back as zombies
    and do the zombies bodies still decay like normal bodies
    and if they do then eventually wouldnt they rot down to a skeleton
    and if they did would they still be undead or just dead dead

    man I feel like I’m four years old all of a sudden

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