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Page 25: Favor

Monday, February 19th, 2007

I’ve been thinking of April as Miss Davis for many months and now we finally see it in the comic.  I originally planned to have an early scene of her teaching, but the comic was moving too slowly, so I decided to cut it out.  The screenplay will include it, though, along with a lot of other changes.  I’ve struggled with the comic book, partly because it seems like it takes forever to get anything done in them.  A normal screenplay page translates to one minute of screen time, but I think a normal comic book page is only about 30 seconds.  I’ve had to cut out many little character and story moments in an attempt to hurry things along, especially with the 32-page limit on the Free Comic Book Day book, since I want to hit certain points before that’s done.  After that, things should go a lot more smoothly.

24 Responses to “Page 25: Favor”

  1. Alex Says:

    Very nicely done comic this. April looks really cute with her hair down 🙂 She should keep it that way.

  2. Lydia Says:

    Hm, I have a bit more appreciation for her now, I must say. As always, love Math’s eyes.

    Happy new year, good luck with production. Also trying to make a movie at the moment out a short story. >

  3. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Also trying to make a movie at the moment out a short story.”

    Cool. I’d like to hear more about that.

  4. eFFeeMMe Says:

    Go vampires! =P

    Characters always look a bit odd when drawn from the side. Apart from this I think the art is great, as is the story turning out to be.

  5. Mewt Says:

    And suddenly Math almost goes through an entire page without sarcasm.

    Damn you, first panel. Screwing up his almost perfect record…

    Hah, really, though. I adore Math. He honestly looks like me ‘cept with black eyes. Even the personality is relatively the same, what with a constant stream of saracasm.

    You better pick someone good to be my VampireDoppleGanger in the actual movie! Gotta make us look good, man!

  6. Tzion Says:

    Math should show that he’s a genius with numbers at some point, and then say something like, “Well, where do you think I got this name?”

  7. OLLLIe Says:

    hahah, tzion, thats amusingly cheesy

    im pretty pumped to see math in full vamp form
    ownin some zombies though
    itll be sweet

    ya bobby, i can imagine the frustration in writing a comic
    where you only get 6 panels to try and say everything you want to say.

  8. Tzion Says:

    I try. And who knows, maybe Math is a “Count.”


    Yeah, that was too much.

  9. Nara Says:

    so no humans survived in europe? id figure there would be alot of vamps there. Dawn of the Dead (the new one) really creeped me out because the idea of FAST zombies is horrible. my favourite zombies are the Shaun of The Dead ones that you can walk safely past while pretending to be one yourself 😀 i once found a thread that was “what would you do if zombies took over the world” or something, some veeeery good ideas there. hey do these zombies eat animals? can you get zombie birds? April looks so cute in panel 3!

  10. Bobby Crosby Says:

    One thing to keep in mind is that there are only hundreds left in the whole world at this point (that will change as the story progresses), and that’s such a small number overall that a discussion about “Why didn’t any survive in [wherever]?” is kind of pointless, since there’s almost NONE left anywhere. The same type of question could be asked of “Why are there less than 40 Americans left?” When you’re starting with hundreds of millions, there’s basically no difference between 40 and zero. Either way, they got their asses kicked pretty bad!

    There are specific reasons for why there are survivors in certain areas, and all of this will be explained later in the story.

  11. ashuri Says:

    man i hope the vamps decide to round up all the humans over wise the gene pool is going to pretty shallow and then what will the eat/drink? Also if there ever was a zombie attack i would got to the nearest Meijer that was close to a home depot and a sporting goods store with hunting equipment. 🙂 (yeah my friends and i have had a lot of screwed up conversations)

  12. Vo Says:

    *begin non-sequitar*
    The best zombie books I’ve ever seen are the Monster books. Monster Island, and Monster nation. The hypothesize that zombies are essentially mindless due to brain damage caused by lack of oxygen during the inert death phase before re-animation. I a zombie could stay on life support during it’s death and re=birth, it would be as smart as when it was alive.

    What about your feelings on other undead creatures (e.g. mummies, ghosts) appearing?
    *end non-sequitar*

    Sorry, had to re-post my comment. Can’t remember which date it was under originally. I am a genius!

  13. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Vo is a genius. He successfully guessed a major spoiler, so I had to remove his comment and ask him to repost it without the spoiler.

    Interesting theories about zombie life support.

    My feelings about other undead creatures are that they won’t appear in this book, so I don’t have to think about them! There will be a mention of them later, though, where people wonder why other things like that aren’t showing up, in a world where zombies and vampires are now discovered to be real.

  14. Mewt Says:

    Damnit! I’m curious now! What was the spoiler?! *Bounces up and down like an excited Japanese schoolgirl*

    ;-; Damn you, Bobby! You and your refusing to let details out in the fear that it might reduce interest in the comic at a further date!

  15. Schon R Boll Says:

    mmmmmmmm spoiler…… Makes the mind wander….. And April is almost as hot as Val. But Val wins right now with the whole vampire thing going for her……… But that could be fix for April………

  16. Nara Says:

    would a zombie that went through death – re-birth on life support maintain its personality/memories as well as intelligence then? Question for Bobby: dont give away any spoilers, but will you be exploring a cause for zombies in this story or will this go the same way as most zombie flicks and never explain how or why it happened? it would be really interesting to see what you would come up with 🙂

  17. Nara Says:

    oh! i think i know what the spoiler was! mwahahahaha, i will reveal if i was right when it happens!

  18. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Question for Bobby: dont give away any spoilers, but will you be exploring a cause for zombies in this story or will this go the same way as most zombie flicks and never explain how or why it happened?”

    That’s the spoiler, the explanation for how zombies began, and it’s a very original, integral one for this story. By the way, e-mail me and tell me what you think it is: bobbyc512@gmail.com

  19. Rune Says:

    Just a thought.

    Actually, a pretty good start – or scene – would be a classroom scene that starts out normal, but then you notice all the oddities. Either signs that read ‘Curfew after dark’, the books are kind of a lot shabbier than usual, the broken windows.

    I’m thinking very-very close shot of a student, then going from detail to detail, then zooming out a bit, showing April lecturing, then finally showing the outside view, the apocalyptic landscape, possibly a few zombies.

    It could actually be a good start for the movie as an option to ‘zombie walking under the ocean’ – or after that one. It needs slow, nonconfrontational bits that tells you something about who is there too. Depends how long you want the film to be of course.

  20. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Well, there wouldn’t be any curfew signs in this town and there’s no reason for the books to be shabbier than usual, or for there to be any broken windows. It’s only been a month since the outbreak began and no zombies have ever entered the school and the children know nothing about the zombies, so they couldn’t be in a position to see any. Also, if I end up filming it myself, the movie will be as short as possible (for various reasons), probably around 75 minutes.

    Thanks for the ideas! And I’ve already planned to add a classroom scene earlier in the movie, just to let you know.

  21. Tegu Says:


  22. Mark Harrison Says:

    Nice – this page has the best dialogue so far! I just came across this comic, and now I’m all excited and late. I feel like the slow kid who’s picked last for kickball, but is pleased nonetheless to play.

  23. Johnine Says:

    Hey I just found this story, I really like it!
    I would never have guessed this artist is the same as Sore Thumbs, it’s a different drawing style of course.
    This page is my favorive one so far, I love the rain and the close-ups.

  24. Nathan Says:

    Wow i have to admit this is pretty damn good.The movie might pretty awesome if it gets made.Who would you cast as the characters?I think Milo Ventimiglia would make a good Math.

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