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Page 5: Murdo and Grady

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

I like their names so much that I decided to put them in the title of this page, especially since their names don’t get mentioned for several pages to come. Murdo’s young and Grady’s old! This is the first scene at the school in South Dakota, with two of the survivors carrying a dead zombie (and not just ANY dead zombie — and he may not actually be “dead”) towards a dumpster (spoiler for the next page, you’ll see a DUMPSTER!).

Murdo’s the main sniper who keeps watch from the tower rooms of the school building and takes out the small groups of approaching zombies from a distance with head shots. He used to be a Marine and he knows his stuff. Grady’s just the unlucky guy who had to help Murdo carry the dead on this particular morning. I played poker with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes recently, and I’m thinking Jay would be a good option to play Murdo. And if I had to pick a Grady? Hmm . . . John Ratzenberger!

15 Responses to “Page 5: Murdo and Grady”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Hey, it’s me again. I love how the mood and setting in this scene has been carried out, especially in the second last panel, where you can see two swings, abandoned, alone. It kinda strikes a symbolism to me, how the humans in the world are now so isolated… As i said before, kudos to the small details!

    Oh, and what will your budget be for your film, if it doesn’t get picked up?

  2. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks, Jeff. The budget will be as much as possible! Looking for a bare minimum of like $15,000, but that would be to shoot it digitally and not on film. Would be great to get it up around $100,000 and be able to get SAG actors and an experienced DOP, and pay everyone, and shoot it on film, and get some cool special effets, among other nice things that money allows. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Selina Says:

    New reader. Just found this comic, like, five minutes ago. Love it! ^_^ I’ll be checking back here.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Heck, i just realised, this work is far off from what Owen usually draws. Heh, i’m just imagining this in a manga style now… o.O manga zombies with pink hair… I better stop thinking now.

  5. Brian Says:

    Pink haired zombies… hmm.. I like. LOL

    I like the direction that this story is heading. It feels gritty and tangeable. I’ll have to check on it more often.

    Good job.

  6. Grogo67 Says:

    I’m trying to imagine Cecania as a zombie lol…She would probably be the worlds’ first, only, & last hot undead!

  7. Rawr Says:

    NO BOBBY NO Jay wouldnt work as murdo

  8. RegularJoe5 Says:

    “I played poker with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes recently”

    I’m sorry, you did WHAT? an example of the art of name-dropping casually perfected.


  9. Sakimori Says:

    Grady = Ron Glass

    Hells yeah!

  10. lakorp Says:

    wait…THAT’S the first zombieeeee!!

  11. lakorp Says:

    the friend of sullivan!

  12. Arilean Says:

    Ok i love how few coments these pages have! and the absence of dumb is pretty nice too.
    Now, the reason i am commenting onthis page is that in going back and re-reading one goes “oh damn, if they had only known”

  13. Tegu Says:


  14. Megz Says:

    South Dakota? O.o

    There are zombies here?! O.O I’m so dead then…

  15. Atan Says:

    if this was how it started, it could have ended SO fast too… just some baseballbats, maybe even some guns, that is if it isn’t some kind of zombo apocalypse where they are fast and dont die of trauma to the brain (he looks kinda fast but not too super-human fast), and if they are really strong, that could be a problem too… other than that ^_^ pure pwnge could be applied to remove the threat

    anyway, awesome art!!!

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