Page 1: Breaking Free

Monday, December 25th, 2006

I’m very excited about this project and it feels great to start running the comics online, the first step in a long process. I plan to direct an independent film of Last Blood in 2007, with shooting currently scheduled for September. This comic is a graphic novel of the film’s story, which will run for about 100 pages. Sequels and prequels are planned as well, so this site will be up for a long time. New pages will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This blog will serve as a pre-production diary for the film as well, and it will probably contain a good deal of spoilers as I talk about future plans. This first page shows a zombie breaking out of his coffin at the bottom of the ocean. He’s a very important character, as you’ll discover later. This opening scene will be animated in the film for a creepy credits sequence with spooky music to set the tone. We’re going to cut to live action the moment the zombie comes out of the water on the beach, which you’ll see in a couple pages.

I have to thank Owen Gieni for the great artwork he’s providing on this project. He also draws Sore Thumbs and Wicked Powered.

32 Responses to “Page 1: Breaking Free”

  1. Sean Says:

    An auspicious start, christmas day and all. Also the zombie looks like Corben.

  2. KAK Says:

    I just read the issue I was lucky enough to pick up at free comic book day. And I must say that not only was the art wonderful but the story line was very well done. I look forward to picking up later issues.

  3. Ilpillazzo Says:

    This is what I’m talking about!! Zombies, vampires, guns, and swords?!? Why wasn’t this done long ago?? I know the answer to that: it’s because pure geniuos only comes along once in awhile!

    Awesome job guys(and girls if it applies, haha!)! you just hooked yourself a permanent reader of this series.

  4. Joshua Says:

    I picked up this little gem on the weekend, and I must say, you didn’t wast any time! Right into the action! I love it. Also, my girlfriend and I agreed that one of the characters actually looks like me, so I’m very flattered. Thanks guys! 😛

    I’ll definently be picking up the next issue..

    Well done, and take care..

  5. doctor-x Says:

    Kick ass concept and I love the black and white approach. Can’t wait for the upcomming issues! Keep the blood a spilling, the guns a blasting, and the heads a rolling!!!

  6. amor_fati Says:

    my boyfriend and i went to free comic day and grabbed every comic available. last blood, was by far our favorite read. can’t wait to read the next issue.

  7. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Awesome, thanks, everyone! Keep those comments rolling in!

  8. MentalPolyphonics.com :: Free Comic Books, Woo! Says:

    […] Vampires vs Zombies wasn’t available at my local store, so I had to read it online. The zombies are slow, and so I’m not sure that I buy their genocidal ability, but it also makes it believable that a couple of vampires could effectively protect a bunch of humans. The humans’ dilemma (blood vs brains) is framed as an amusingly simple choice. […]

  9. Shell Says:

    I have to tell you… this was a free comic, but what a way to get me addicted to it! Now I can’t wait for the 2nd issue to come out! And the whole concept of how the zombies really started, great imagination!

  10. Ben Says:

    Good work! Way to make it unique with the twist of the vamps requiring the humans. Keep it like this and I’ll keep reading!

  11. CrystalJ Says:

    Picked this up at free comic book day and I was very impressed with the premise. My first reaction was “ho-hum, another book about zombies, yawn…” but I found the vampire/zombie concept very original and instantly made me want to read more! Thanks for sharing your creation for free! Can’t wait for more!

  12. Silent Jay Says:

    This is fucking awesome!

  13. Rune Says:

    What jay said.

  14. Brin T Fist Says:

    I agree with CrystalJ, of all the Free Comic Book Day comics, only this one hooked me…and the #1 is not for sale! The concept of vampires becoming zombies and protecting humanity just to survive is wild…the fact this is to be a movie is cool too. I just need to know HOW to order number 2, too late for previews and the July 4th release. I WANT THIS!

  15. Mikeroe Says:

    Great comic folks! I picked it up at FCBD and it’s circulated through the office and everyone who’s read it really likes it. Great art, great concept and great story writing. Keep it up! You’ve won more than a few fans here in Ottawa, ON, Can.

  16. Joshua Redmond Says:

    I just finished reading the issue and was fascinated with the story. It had a plot that forces the reader to guess what will happen next. Can’t wait for the next one.

  17. The_freak Says:

    This is a really good comic I really cant wait to read more

  18. Buffy Says:

    Issue # 1… Great!
    Very good idea. Very good story (love the beginning), like the characters, like the art, looking forward to more issues as well as the movie.
    Cheers for you!

  19. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks, guys! Loving all the new comments on Page 1.

  20. Vegeta Says:

    Hey, great comic. Art was good, and story was good. Only one complaint, and I hope you consider this. I didn’t like the pages. Ink was on my fingers by the end of the comic, it was like reading a newspaper. I didn’t like that, but everything else, awesome.

  21. Kevo Says:

    man you guys aaalllllmmmoooosssssttttt stole my idea for something i’m working on, chance favors the prepared mind so good luck. oh and props to you all for not holding back the content.

  22. Starwolf1001 Says:

    just read the free comic book day comic and i must now seek out and devour everything that comes next

  23. Cassandra Says:

    How do u get #2?

  24. Bobby Crosby Says:

    If you mean Page 2, click on “Page 2: A Long Walk” under the page, or click on the arrow to the top right of the page, or click on the 27th of December on the calendar to the right of the blog post. If you’re talking about the second issue, click here for ordering info —


  25. brianna! Says:

    i do believe i have fallen i love..awesome!!!!!!!1

  26. Pugunjusy Says:

    good site 🙂 Whish you good luck!

  27. Jim roger Says:

    wow who is the artist on this? really great work (y)

  28. Skott Jimenez Says:

    I grabbed the first issue as part of FCBD 2007. I had some hopes for it but tried not to get to excited, not an easy things to do ’cause I LOVE zombie comics!
    I gotta say that this book blew me away! More zerious than Marvel Zombies and definatly on par with The Walking Dead!

    It’s on my pull list and I’m passing the word around, this book is top notch! Keep up the GREAT work!

  29. Altair Says:

    I agree with everyone who says that this is effing brilliant.

    I also picked this up on free comic day, and it was one of my favs as soon as I started reading it.
    (and, being the idiot I am, I took this long to figure out that it was online. Genius points to me!)

    You people are complete geniuses, without a doubt.

  30. Maedis Says:

    Great job on the comic!

  31. Tegu Says:


  32. Altair Says:

    I just came back to the beginning to read the whole thing over again. Yes, all of you newbies. It’s that good.

    And in case you wanted to know, ***** dies on page ***, and then ***** goes to ***** with a giant ***** and saves ***** from **** and *****. And then they die. On page ***

    🙂 I’m not that mean.

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